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Villa Stéphanie at Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden – the place to be for personal wellbeing in a luxury environment




Old, new and always classy

No doubt the internationally known Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa is one of Germany`s best hotels - located in the elegant city of Baden-Baden, the gateway to the mystic Black Forest. In early 2015 this luxury hotel was extended by the Villa Stéphanie – an establishment with a trend-setting wellness and health concept which I will talk about later. While the Brenners is furnished in a classic and traditional way, Villa Stéphanie captivates with a modern and very elegant interior. The facilities of both hotels can be used by all guests. And the spacious gardens stretch over the whole impressive terrain.


Photo: Park view from Villa Stéphanie

Culture, Nature and personal Wellbeing

„Our guests coming from international big cities are always surprised about the fresh air here“, says Bärbel Göhner, the charismatic PR manager of the Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa. So true – coming from Düsseldorf I feel the same. Take a deep breath and enjoy nature just next to the hotel. Ideal prerequisites for a stress-free vacation – even if it`s just for a weekend. For more than 140 years, the Brenners has been a synonym for luxury and excellent service. Located just next to the center of Baden-Baden, it is an ideal starting point to explore the city with all ist beautiful buildings of the belle époque and for excursions to the Black Forest. For sure, Baden-Baden has a reputation for being a city for well-off retirees – also because of the traditional health establishments and the internationally renowned horse races. „However, Baden-Baden has recently changed from an international spa town to a city known for culture“, says Bärbel Göhner. And Fabian Nusser, the charming young manager of Villa Stéphanie adds „ Even young people enjoy Baden-Baden. There are plenty of chic bars which target a younger crowd." Well - I make my own test during the splendid breakfast – apart from well-off older guests I also see good-looking people who obviously aim at doing something for their personal wellbeing. Apart from the delicious goodies on the breakfast buffet, I notice the wonderful service – no rattling of dishes and other disruptions you have in many hotels. Simply pure wellbeing! Ah – and when entering the restaurant in the morning I was asked if I would like to have a newspaper or an i-pad – how cool is that?

Photo: Villa Stéphanie with one of the awesome candy sculptures - KHL

Get in Shape!

Needless to say that I have not come just for lazing around. A body analysis and a tailor-made personal training are waiting for me. Kevin is a young personal trainer who is supposed to reveal my body weaknesses. Maybe you know that feeling – you meet a person and right from the beginning you are on the same wavelength. That`s how I felt when meeting Kevin, who started right away with my sports programme in the beautiful gym of Villa Stéphanie. Bar-bell training, TRX and body-weight exercises are part of it. I learn a lot and get inspired – there are always new ways to improve your performance. And Kevin knows a lot about the body and how to challenge it – from time to time he trains Hollywood celebs and politicians who use to stay at the Brenners (shsh - top secret!). The body analysis tells me a lot about the density of my bones, my share of fat and water, proteins and much more – highly interesting. Kevin`s summary makes me more than happy: „Great values, I am so proud of you.“ Wow! A perfect motivation to even increase my workouts and try to reduce my consumption of sweets (hmm, not so easy ... and we all know that our soul also needs to be happy). Thank you very much, Kevin! – For those who want to enjoy a real private training – there is a chic private gym at Villa Stéphanie for this purpose, just for yourself and your trainer.

Photo: Training with Kevin - hard work and lots of fun! - KHL

Photo: Welcome to the private gym at Villa Stéphanie!

Digital Detox and medical Care

If you intend to lose weight or to detox your body at Villa Stéphanie, you can avoid all temptations, get a personal meal plan and enjoy healthy delicacies in the parlor. Try the mint yogurt with fresh berries and other goodies which are at your disposal all day long. „We have many managers among our guests – after all, health is the most important asset“, explains Bärbel Göhner. „The best people also sleep long“ – and I totally agree with her. I don`t believe people who pretend to get along with a four or five-hour sleep per night. Impossible. By the way – I slept like a baby in my very elegant room – no noise at all and it was completely dark (important for a good deep sleep). For a real digital detox, you can deactivate your WiFi and get away from it all at Villa Stéphanie - if you wish. Prevention and improving your appearance without any kind of surgery are the pillars of the Medical Care at the Julius House just next door. I really hope to have more time when coming back to Villa Stéphanie and check out everything.

Photo: I had a wonderful sleep in this room.

A beautiful Pool and Candy Sculptures

When coming back to the Brenners I will definitely have a swim in one of the most beautiful hotel pools I have ever seen. And I will bring my jogging shoes for a run along the Lichtentaler Allee, just next to the hotel and in the midst of pristine nature. Spring must be spectacular here – „During that time of the year many Japanese cherry trees are blooming“, says Fabian Nusser. And there are many cozy places in the hotel garden for a perfect relax. Just put away your smart phone and enjoy the beauty of nature. And don`t miss to walk the hallway that connects Villa Stéphanie with the Brenners. You will see the cool candy sculptures of the French artist Laurence Jenkell which cost a little fortune. Have a look into the spa where you can enjoy numerous treatments after all your sports activities.

Photo: Ever seen such a nice hotel pool? - KHL

Awesome Dining Experiences

Needless to say that the gastronomy of the Brenners matches the hotel`s philosophy „Art of living. In harmony with nature.“ Are you vegetarian or even vegan? No problem at all. I have tasted two great dishes in the beautiful winter garden – a wonderful red cabbage soup followed by an Indian curry. I sipped an apple radish cocktail which tasted much better than it may sound. You can, of course, also enjoy meat and fish specialties. My dinner at Rive Gauche on the other side of the little river Oos was another highlight. Refined Italian and oriental cuisine, an excellent wine selection and a great service. Fabrice and Catline, a sommelier from Romania, care a lot for their guests. I even had the opportunity for a quick look at the beautiful historic board rooms – ideal for private or business events.

Photo: How about lunch in the winter garden?

Photo: Fabrice and Catlin - a great team at Rive Gauche! KHL

Awards, Awards, Awards ...

Now I know why the Brenners is among the 500 best hotels in Europe – according to Travel + Leisure. And why it is ranked number one among Germany`s top hotels rated by TripAdvisor`s Travellers`Choice. Condé Nast Traveler has awarded the spa at Villa Stéphanie as best medical spa 2017 – so well deserved! The Oetker Collection which includes 9 luxury hotels all over the world stands for absolute premium quality.

Sounds too good to be true? Maybe but during my stay, I could not find anything that really disturbed me. I can highly recommend this magic place to all who love luxury and who would like to do something for their personal health and wellness in awesome nature.

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Photo: I really loved all the different candy sculptures - so creative!

Photo: Parlour with healthy goodies at Villa Stéphanie

Photo: The elegant therms of Baden-Baden. - KHL

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