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No doubt there are already tons of blogs on travel, lifestyle, food, and ... and ... and. And the number of blogs keeps growing, worldwide. 

I am perfectly aware of this. But – I still feel I can share a few things with the world – stuff that I have learned about over the past years, the many trips I have made almost all over the world, and just a few thoughts to maybe make our lives more enjoyable. My focus will be on nutrition, sports (and I include yoga here), wellbeing (sounds better than wellness, right), and, of course, travel.

I will be blunt and open and only support things that I have seen myself and that I like. Since our world does not only consist of the good things in life, I will cover critical issues as well. I hope you will enjoy reading my blogs and yes – share your opinion about them! English is not my mother language, so my apologies in advance if my posts are not perfect. But believe me, even in my own language (which is German...) I have seen blogs with quite a few mistakes ;-)!

Workout completed!

That´s me

KHL - that`s me (Karl-Heinz Limberg). I have been working in the tourism industry for many years. Some people call me a "tourism dinosaur" - oh well. Tourguide, product manager for a tour operator, Director of a National Tourist Office and lately self-employed as a consultant for international destinations and hotels. I always loved to work in a global environment, and I enjoy traveling (well, more for personal reasons than for business ;-)). During my many trips to over 50 countries I have received many inspirations. Given the global challenges, I will reduce the number of travel by plane. Over and above, I have been keen on learning about other things such as nutrition, yoga, natural treatments, and better aging. Anti-aging is bullshit since it is impossible, there is no way to avoid aging (other than dying young). However, we certainly have options to live an extraordinary life even without being young anymore. I take care for myself, try to be in shape and enjoy life. I am a wine and coffee (espresso to be more precise) lover. I am an „ovo-lacto-pesco“ vegetarian (oh my God!), which I will explain in my blogs – also why. I do not have the intention to teach anything or to convince anyone about anything. I just want to provide some food for thought and who knows ... maybe some people will find this useful and be inspired. Judge for yourself and let me know!


  • President`s Team Award of the Canadian Tourism Commission in 2003
  • President`s Award of the Canadian Tourism Commission in 2004
  • Second Place Blog Award 2017, Category LIFESTYLE
  • Best Tourism Consultant 2017 - AI Media London, UK

Media Kit

Further information can be found in the KHL Media Kit. Please contact me at karl-heinz@khl-tourism-consulting.com for any kind of cooperations.