Who is khl?

Lango Beach Hotel & Resort, Kos
Lango Beach Hotel & Resort, Kos Island / Greece

KHL - that´s me, Karl-Heinz Limberg. A tourism professional with 40 years of experience and an international background. Tour guide, product manager for a tour operator, Director for a National Tourism Office (yes, Canada...) and consultant for destinations and luxury hotels. In 2015, I have started my blog, covering lifestyle and travel. Over all those years, I have visited over 50 countries worldwide. No doubt there are already tons of blogs on travel, lifestyle, food, and ... and ... and. And the number of blogs keeps growing, worldwide. However - I hope you will find some inspiration in my stories and interviews with experts (hotel managers, yoga instructors, fitness coaches and therapist).

Former General Manager of the Poseidonion Grand Hotel in Greece
Interview with hotel director Maria Strati for a blog post

Travel and Fitness

I blog in English and German, my mother language. Oh, I love languages. Over the past decades, I have also learned French, Spanish, Italian and some Portuguese. I tried to learn Arabic and Greek but boy, that´s a different story. What else? As you can imagine from the themes of my blog, I love to travel (surprise, surprise) and I am very much into fitness, well-being and environmental issues (which now means a different way of traveling) Enjoying a healthy lifestyle without sacrifying too much. After all, life is short. However, I intend to keep a certain level of fitness until I - hopefully - become a so-called superager. Curious? Have fun reading my articles. And yes - I am always happy about comments and inspiration. 

Let´s work together!

Interested in working with me to promote your product? There are various types of collaborations - media visits, Instagram posts and stories (over 18,400 followers with an engagement rate of 10%), campaigns and so on. Drop me a message at karl-heinz@khl-tourism-consulting.com. Fast response (including detailed media kit) guaranteed!

KHL in Alvor, Portugal


  • President`s Team Award of the Canadian Tourism Commission in 2003
  • President`s Award of the Canadian Tourism Commission in 2004
  • Second Place Blog Award 2017, Category LIFESTYLE
  • Best Tourism Consultant 2017 - AI Media London, UK
  • Best German Tourism Consultant 2022 - European Travel Awards