My References

what others say about me - A few Comments from Business Partners

During my long time working in the travel industry, I have met many brave people in many countries. People who inspired me. People I have learned from. And people I have enjoyed to work with. Some of them were kind enough to provide some comments about the collaboration with myself, have a look:

Carmen Götz, Switzerland Tourism

Carmen Götz, Key Media & Project Manager, Switzerland Tourism in Frankfurt/Germany:

"It is always a pleasure again to work with Karl-Heinz. His communication skills, his professionalism and his passion for tourism have resulted in many jointly planned blogger trips with beautiful, authentic articles."

Timo Kohlenberg, President & CEO America Unlimited

Timo Kohlenberg, President & CEO America Unlimited GmbH, Hannover/Germany:

"Working with Karl-Heinz always results in the best way thanks to his knowledge in tourism and marketing. We have realized great and very successful campaigns together. He is on the forefront of new marketing opportunities and knows how to work with new technologies. Obviously he is very well connected and a great character that many people like to spend time with. I’m glad to have worked with him from the beginning of my career."

Effie Moskofoglou

Effie Moskofoglou, Marketing Manager of the Kinsterna Hotel in Monemvasia, Greece:

"We have worked with Karl-Heinz for the past four years regarding Kinsterna's promotion in the German speaking countries. Despite the difficulties of the project, Karl-Heinz` professionalism, passion and consistency have helped us to quickly understand the mentality of German travelers. Throughout or cooperation, we have implemented successfully various promotional actions in order to bring the desired results. Karl-Heinz is considered to be one of our most valued partners and for that reason I hope our cooperation will develop even further and continue for more years to come!"

Anne Heußner

Anne Heußner M.A., CEO primo PR, Frankfurt/Germany:

"We have been working with Karl-Heinz for a few years already - he is a very engaged and always reliable blogger. What we like most about his blog is the fact that he is writing in two languages which is of great interest for our international clients."

Jonathan Cooksley.jpg

Jonathan Cooksley, Director Admaps, Cornwall/UK:

"We have been working with Karl-Heinz Limberg for a number of years. His excellent communication skills and extensive travel industry knowledge have helped us showcase Cornwall and our Tourist Maps in Europe and North America. Karl-Heinz can be relied upon to always deliver timely, engaging and first-class content."

Thanks to all partners for taking the time to provide a reference. I look forward to working with all of you again.