No doubt there are already tons of blogs on travel, lifestyle, food, and ... and ... and.

I am perfectly aware of this. But – I still feel I can share a few things with the world – stuff that I have learned about over the past years, the many trips I have made almost all over the world and just a few thoughts to maybe make our lives more enjoyable. My focus will be on nutrition, sports (and I include yoga here), wellbeing (sounds better than wellness, right) and, of course, travel.

I will be blunt and open and only support things that I have seen myself and that I like. I hope you will enjoy reading my blogs and yes – share your opinion about them! English is not my mother language so my apologies in advance if my posts are not perfect. But believe me, even in my own language (which is German...) I have seen blogs with quite a few mistakes ;-)!

That`s me

KHL - that`s me (Karl-Heinz Limberg). I have been working in the tourism industry for many years. Tourguide, product manager for a tour operator, Director of a National Tourist Office and lately self-employed as a consultant for international destinations and hotels. I always loved to work in an international environment and I enjoy travelling (well, more for private reasons than for business ;-)). During my many trips to over 50 countries I have received many inspirations. At the same time, I have been keen on learning about other things such as nutrition, yoga, natural treatments and better aging - anti-aging is bullshit since it is impossible, there is no way to avoid aging (other than dying young) but we certainly have options to live a great life even without being young anymore. I take care for myself, try to be in shape and enjoy life. I am a wine and coffee (espresso to be more precise) lover. I am an „ovo-lacto-pesco“ vegetarian (oh my God!) which I will explain in my blogs – also why. I do not have the intention to teach anything or to convince anyone about anything – I just want to provide some food for thought and who knows ... maybe some people will find this useful.


President`s Team Award of the Canadian Tourism Commission in 2003

President`s Award of the Canadian Tourism Commission in 2004

Second Place Blog Award 2017, Category LIFESTYLE

Best Tourism Consultant 2017 - AI Media London, UK

Media Kit

Further information can be found in the KHL Media Kit. Please contact me at karl-heinz@khl-tourism-consulting.com for any kind of cooperations.


Ingrid Fruehauf, Marketing Coordinator of Atlantis Hotels & Resorts in Fuerteventura, Spain:

"I have been working with Karl-Heinz for the last six years and for me and for our hotel, the Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahía Real 5* G.L, it is a great pleasure to count with this exceptional professional. Personally, I consider Karl-Heinz to be a part of our team and during these years we have consolidated a fantastic and unique working team. I need to emphasize some of the features that I appreciate most about Karl-Heinz - the initiative, motivation and personal involvement that are reflected in each project. Thank you Karl-Heinz for being always here and I hope that we will continue working together for many more years!"

Effie Moskofoglou, Marketing Manager of Kinsterna Hotel in Monemvasia, Greece:

"We have worked with Karl-Heinz for the past four years regarding Kinsterna's promotion in the German speaking countries. Despite the difficulties of the project, Karl-Heinz` professionalism, passion and consistency have helped us to quickly understand the mentality of German travelers. Throughout or cooperation, we have implemented successfully various promotional actions in order to bring the desired results. Karl-Heinz is considered to be one of our most valued partners and for that reason I hope our cooperation will develop even further and continue for more years to come!"

Maria Strati, General Manager of the Poseidonion Grand Hotel in Spetses, Greece:

"As General Manager of the Poseidonion Grand Hotel in Spetses, I had the pleasure of the acquaintance with Karl-Heinz Limberg, who spent a few days at our hotel last October. From my in-depth conversations with Karl-Heinz, I was very impressed with his knowledge of the tourism sector and his experience in luxury destinations around the world. His extremely professional and thorough approach was apparent in the blog which he wrote on his experience at the Poseidonion Grand Hotel. He very accurately managed to capture the essence of our philosophy and it was my pleasure to meet Karl-Heinz, who I can certainly recommend as an excellent travel and lifestyle consultant."

Colin Peters, Marketing Executive Puro Group Palma de Mallorca, Spain:

"We started working with Karl-Heinz in 2017. He visited our Purohotel in Palma de Mallorca and we were most impressed with his interest in our various projects and concepts. It was a delight to show him around the hotel and we noted that he uploaded many posts about his stay through his various media channels. His blog is well written and full of interesting photos that showed off our establishment to the full. He interacts well with his audience and we believe it was a great choice to begin working with Karl-Heinz. We look forward to working with him once again in the near future."

Bärbel I. Göhner, PR Manager of Brenner`s Park-Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden, Germany:

"Great lifestyle, thank you for sharing your travel impressions with us. Always welcome in Baden-Baden!"


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