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Therefore, COHOBA combines some of the most unique Lifestyle & Leisure Reports. Not only for you. But for a very british way of life. Simply magnificent. Absolutely stylish. And traditional, of course. Thus, we present you the most delicious cocktails, precious hotels, superb bars, and premium lifestyle products around the world..."

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Ole is a freelance journalist, author, photographer and VJ and has been travelling Canada and the US for the past 20 years. He writes for various German newspapers, magazines and publishers. His popular Canada blog is one of the best you can find. Ole lives in Montreal.


Abhishek Sen is a young book author and blogger from India. Abhishek and I share a lot of common interests such as fitness, yoga and nutrition. His blog sen8orial is a space where he shares his thoughts, his philosopies, ideologies and all things him.

He has published the novel „Transcending Parallels“ - a compelling compilation of four stories, with four women protagonist.