The essence of partnerships

It´s all about partnerships - the right people to work with. After all, the international tourism industry is a "people´s business". Luckily, I have created a network over the past years. People that I trust (and they trust me!). Here are a few of them:

Heike Regina Nirschl

Heike Regina Nirschel

Heike is a renowned German business, career and life coach. From time to time, you will find some of her articles on my blog. Visit her website at

Dr. Jason Shamil

Dr. Jason Shamil is a PhD Sensory Perception Scientist and lifestyle blogger living in New York. His  blog offers a Holistic Solution to a smarter 21st century living involving healthy diet, exercise and personal grooming and style without breaking the bank or impacting the environment. You will find Jason´s articles on my blog from time to time. Visit his website at 

Dr. Jason Shamil

"A picture is worth a thousand words" - According to this motto, focus is on perspectives, motifs and photographs. The passion of travel, adventure and photography is building the basis of To always discover something new, explore unknown and expand horizon is giving incentive to explore foreign cultures, traditions and countries. True to the maxim “the journey is the reward”. - Rainer Bertl, Austrian photographer