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I have already visited this magic place a few times. Every time I am raving again about the Kinsterna Hotel (and not only me). Following I am giving you seven very good reasons to visit this stunning place on the Peloponnese.

Photo: Natural and peaceful - the Kinsterna Hotel - KHL

1) A perfect Mix of History and today`s Comfort

A historic Byzantine-era mansion initially built in the 13th century turned into a luxury boutique hotel. The name Kinsterna derives from a cistern/natural spring, which is located in the middle of the property. Authentic, magical, surprising. You can get a taste of history and enjoy today's comfort of a luxury hotel at the same time. You can choose between rooms in the old building, new residences, and villas (some of them with private pools). Each accommodation combines history with a tasteful contemporary design. I have never seen anything comparable.

Photo: The magic of the Kinsterna Hotel when the sun goes down - KHL

2) Nature at its best

Relaxation and experiences in the middle of vineyards, olive trees and orange groves, overlooking the Aegean Sea. Far away from mass tourism. Quiet, natural, exceptional. Smell the flowers in the abundant garden. Sit back, enjoy the views and tranquility, and simply feel good.

Photo: History and nature at the Kinsterna Hotel - KHL

3) Supreme Greek Hospitality

Your welcome is with a big smile and local refreshments. The ever-friendly staff at the Kinsterna Hotel are so well trained. You will feel at home away from home during your entire stay. So much attention is given to detail. And which other hotel offers a full breakfast at 5 a.m. when you have to leave that early because of your flight? 

Photo: My breakfast favorite - jam with figs from the Kinsterna garden - KHL

4) Excellent Gastronomy

The famous Greek olive oil. Mouthwatering jam with figs and oranges from the hotel garden. Local bread to die for. Excellent wines. The legendary "Monemvasia Malvasia" has been produced since the year 1340. Chef George is proud to use mostly local products. In winter, he and his team collect herbs in the mountains nearby, which give his expertly prepared meals an exceptional touch. Dietary requirements? No issue at all. At the Kinsterna, you can celebrate your dinner in a grand style.

Photo: Having fun with George, the awesome chef at the Kinsterna Hotel - KHL/Eva Mayring

Photo: Let`s celebrate dinner! - Kinsterna Hotel

5) A wide Array of unusual Activities

Learn how to make soap, to help produce fine spirits, and to bake country bread. Participate in the wine and olive harvest. Learn about winegrowing during a vineyard tour.
Go on a bike tour to the castle of Monemvasia. Enjoy the stunning beaches of Elafonissos. Make sure to stay long enough to explore the mansion and its natural surroundings. Chill at the pool (built in the form of a river) and smell nature around you.

Photo: Awesome - a swim in the middle of pristine nature! - KHL/Eva Mayring

And yes, there is even a small gym! After your little workout, you may (should!) wish to get pampered by the awesome ladies in the hotel spa. Treatments include an ancient Greek music therapy relief, oligomer foam massages with natural sea sponges, and a veil of gold treatment. Enjoy mystical energy in a unique spa.

Photo: Result of our soap production - KHL

Photo: Alexandra shows how to make soap - KHL


Photo: Checking the grapes at the vineyard of the Kinsterna Hotel - KHL/Eva Mayring

6) The proximity of the historic village of Monemvasia

No cars can enter the village, which is sitting on a giant rock in the sea. You will find old cobblestones, little alleys with authentic boutiques, cafés, and restaurants. Make sure to wear comfy sneakers since you will be going up and down. Vistas over the Aegean Sea are second to none. Monemvasia still is a hidden gem. Mass tourism, Starbucks, McDonald's? I have never heard of that. Here you will find authenticity in a very charming and peaceful environment.

Photo: Make sure to wear comfy shoes when visiting historic Monemvasia - KHL

Photo: So very Greek - KHL


Photo: What a view from Monemvasia! - KHL/Eva Mayring

7) Excellent in Combination with a Stay in Athens

Only a three-hour drive away from Greece's exciting capital with all its architecture, history, shopping, and excellent gastronomy. Locals love to go out, despite the economic challenges in Greece. Athens is full of life. And the Kinsterna is the perfect place to unwind after a stay in the vibrant capital. You will find my tips for Athens here.

Photo: Simply WOW - sunset over Athens -kindly provided by Fly me to the Moon Travel

Photo: Niarchos Foundation in Athens - kindly provided by Fly me to the Moon Travel

My personal Summary

The Kinsterna is a perfect hideaway for those who wish to unwind in a very special, natural place. The mix of history, culture and today´s luxury will blow your mind. Gourmets will find their heaven on earth here. In short – simply unique!

Kinsterna Hotel  
TEL: +30 27320-66300   Fax: +30 27320-66116  Email: info@kinsternahotel.gr

Have a look at kinsternahotel.gr for more details!

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