The Kranzbach - a hidden Gem in the Bavarian Alps

Located in pristine, breathtaking nature, the Kranzbach is the perfect place to get away from it all. Wellness, an excellent gastronomy and very friendly staff.


Bavarian Winter Wonderland

There are some hotels that you have to visit a few times. The Kranzbach Hotel in the picturesque Bavarian Alps is one of them, with all its natural wonders in all seasons. After having visited the Kranzbach in July 2017, I wanted to experience this awesome wellness hotel in winter. So, off we go to snowy Bavaria in January!

Despite loads of snow, we manage to reach the Kranzbach close to Krün in two hours by car from Munich Airport, including a short coffee break in Garmisch, Germany´s top alpine resort. The drive is like a winter fairytale – snow-covered trees, meadows and the picturesque Bavarian houses. In winter, the Kranzbach seems almost even more quaint than in summer.

The Kranzbach Hotel
What a backdrop - the historic Mary Portman House - KHL/Daniel Antonio Sanchez

Take a hot Bath and meditate

What is new since my last visit? Quite a few things. The reception is now located in the historic Mary Portman House to make a place for another (very cozy) restaurant. Gastronomy is a big issue at the Kranzbach Hotel, I will get back to that. Another novelty is the hot pool, a so-called „onsen“, as well as an impressive meditation house right in the woods. In other words, there are quite a few things to explore!

My highlight - the onsen pool
Relax, meditate, enjoy - the "onsen" at the Kranzbach Hotel - KHL/Daniel Antonio Sanchez

Discreet Elegance at the Kranzbach Hotel

Host Klaus King manages the hotel with a lot of charm and meets and greets his guests for dinner. The restaurant with a view of the snowy mountains is elegant but not stiff. „Our guests should feel well without any constraints,“ says King. No swank and pomp, simply a tasteful design with discreet elegance.

a Paradise for Gourmets

Without any exaggeration – the gastronomy at the Kranzbach Hotel is just wonderful.You can choose your five courses from a menu with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, along with a great selection of international wines. My highlight: a crème brulée made of mountain cheese and rocket, what a special treat (any diet plans need to be postponed…)! Same applies for the big variety of homemade chocolate that smiles at me when leaving the restaurant. Do I go for it or not? Come on, just enjoy and forget about love handles. You can get rid of the pounds by exercising – be it on long hikes in impressive nature, in the cross-country ski runs, while swimming in the outdoor pool or during a workout in the gym with mountain views.Wellness at its best. And a little tip: a walk through the crunching snow after dinner to digest and watch the sky. Due to the remote location of the Kranzbach, you will see plenty of stars, pure romance.

Restaurant at the Kranzbach Hotel
Dinner with a view! - KHL


Restaurant at the Kranzbach Hotel
Sweet treats - KHL

Champagne or Juice?

Breakfast at the Kranzbach Hotel does not leave any desires open. „Our employees start to bake bread at 1 am,“ says Klaus King proudly. The result is a wonderfully smelling selection of bakery goods in the morning. The variety of cheese is so tempting, where to begin? I particularly like the herb garden in the restaurant, you can pick your favorite leaves to taste them. If you even like it healthier, do without the champagne for breakfast and prepare your favorite juice with fruits and veggies. A lovely coffee on top and your start of the day is just perfect.

Restaurant garden at the Kranzbach Hotel
Fresh herbs anyone? - KHL

Meditation à la Kranzbach

After that hearty breakfast, it´s time to enjoy nature. It continues to snow, lots of the white stuff is wonderfully crunching under your boots. Due to the fog, you cannot see the majestic mountains - but the fresh air makes up for that.

Kranzbach Hotel
A wooden masterpiece - the meditation house - KHL

Leaving the street (with hardly any traffic) we reach a small path leading to the yoga platform in the forest. From there you walk to the new meditation house in the forest, created by the renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. Light timber and an interesting construction which perfectly matches the landscape. No knick-knack but just puristic Japanese design. Perfect to disconnect, to slow down and to meditate in breathtaking nature. Ommmmmmm! Some special offers at the Kranzbach include meditation programs. A Zen saying comes to mind: „You should meditate 20 minutes per day in nature – if you are not too busy. In that case, you should meditate for an hour.“ Nothing to add, right?

Here´s a little video clip about the meditation house

Kranzbach Hotel
No better place for meditation! - KHL

Winter Feelings of Happiness in Bavaria

We continue our walk through the winter wonderland. The clouds are opening up and yes, finally we can see the majestic peaks of the Karwendel range including the Zugspitze, Germany´s tallest mountain with 2,966 m – pure happiness! So some more hiking and looking forward to a pleasant bath in the outdoor pools – not to miss at all! Swim in the pool with a temperature between 25 and 30 degrees. If that is still too cold, try the „onsen“, inspired by Japanese bathhouses.

Winter wonderland in Bavaria
Let it snow, let it snow! - KHL

A shallow pool filled with warm water of 40 degrees C is the perfect place to relax while snowflakes are gently falling on your head. They recommend a 15-minute bath to stimulate your immune system and to relax your body. In my case, this has worked perfectly and I even sat in the snow for a photo after the bath. Oh yes, I have received many comments on that in my social media channels! And after all, the cold is supposed to be very healthy – if your circulation allows. And the Japanese always know what is good for your body. If you still don´t like the idea of an outdoor pool in winter, go indoors and enjoy a pleasant underwater massage. That´s how wellness works!

Onsen pool at the Kranzbach Hotel
Cold? No way! - KHL/Daniel Antonio Sanchez

Shhh – please don´t disturb!

And now? Off to the bistro in the bathhouse and try the pastries which you can enjoy free of charge. Most of the guests take advantage of this nice service in the fully booked hotel. Everyone seems to be looking just for tranquility and relaxation. You are continuously reminded to disregard your smartphone but to simply enjoy nature instead. In the „whisper zone“ you justonly see people in their white bathrobes, browsing in magazines instead of using technical gadgets. Almost nostalgic :-)!

What else did I like at the Kranzbach Hotel? The chic bar with all its cozy places, of course. The hotel guests of all age groups (children are allowed as of 12 years) prefer personal talks and games over a noisy bar with loud music.

Edgy design
Discreet elegance at the Kranzbach Hotel - KHL

Hiking and WiFi

A great idea: the interactive „Living Relief“with suggestions for hiking in the surroundings. And did I say how much I liked my room with a view on trees and mountains and – I hardly have the heart to say it – with WiFi free of charge. However, as a blogger, I need to go online from time to time, even in a digital detox place such as the Kranzbach. But I certainly got the message – turn off your mobile phone and just watch the scenery. Kind of meditation for sure!

Bavarian style
Rustic elegance in the rooms - ©Das Kranzbach

Before I forget – sustainability plays a major role at the Kranzbach Hotel.

Have a look at my short video clip:

Here´s what TV Host Stephanie Frohmann says about the Kranzbach HOTEL:

"One of the best hotels I know. If I could give 6 stars, I would do it. The location in the middle of nature is unique, so are the construction and the hospitality of Klaus King. And the Kranzbach is a great place for dogs! My tip: enjoy a „Kaiserschmarrn“ (cut-up and sugared pancake withr aisins) at the Ferchensee, visit the picturesque village of Mittenwald and enjoy the treetop sauna. Simply wonderful!“

Mary Portman building in the background
Yeah, it`s winter! - KHL/Daniel Antonio Sanchez


Kranzbach Hotel in Bavaria
Chilling at the bar - KHL/Daniel Antonio Sanchez


Kranzbach 1 · 82494 Krün · GERMANY

+49(0)882392 8000

Here is my little video clip about the Kranzbach.

How to get to the Kranzbach Hotel

Have a look at the route planner which provides information about arrival by car or public transport. Next airport: Munich.

Why not combining a visit to the Kranzbach Hotel with a city break in Munich? The Charles Hotel is my recommendation for Bavaria´s capital city. 


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