18 cool Instagram Sites in Düsseldorf

Very old and brand new, traditional and ultramodern - explore the most exciting Instagram locations in Düsseldorf for your next visit. A must-read for Instagrammers.


(Article updated in October 2023)

Two favorite Instagram landmarks in Düsseldorf
Gehry buidlings and Rhine Tower - very Instagrammable

Düsseldorf - a very instagrammable Boomtown!

Düsseldorf, my home city. Capital of North Rhine-Westphalia with approximately 646,000 inhabitants. More than 150 million people live within a radius of 500 kilometers, representing 31 % of the European Union's total population. Düsseldorf is a cosmopolitan city with a growing community. People from around 180 nations live here. Düsseldorf has the best values on GDP, income, and purchasing power. And, above all, everything is within easy reach, and there are lots of green. You will find lots of Instagram sites in Düsseldorf. 

Skyline of the old town in Düsseldorf
Old town and Rhine river - Instagram hotsport - © Düsseldorf Tourismus / Photo: U. Otte

My favorite Instagram Locations in düsseldorf

It is evident that a city like Düsseldorf has very instagrammable locations. Old or new, urban or nature – the choice is yours. I am fascinated by ultramodern architecture, which is reflected in my selection of the most instagrammable sites in Düsseldorf. You may find other spots that you like, and that inspire you. Take your time to explore the city, and I hope you will find some inspiration in my selection. So, here we go. Happy Instagramming!

Instagram favorite!
City view from the Hyatt Regency Hotel

1) Königsallee

Let's start with downtown. The Königsallee ("Kö") is a street of one kilometer with a lovely canal in its middle, surrounded by trees. Many people identify Düsseldorf with this street where you find all the high-end designers. Still, it is only one face of this city. Take your photos from one of the bridges with old lanterns.  Consider the Triton statue at the end. After that, sit down for a coffee in one of the cafés (not too cheap) and watch the people go by. You may see a few lifted faces and big lips. The Königsallee is home to a few popular plastic surgeries. And by the way – Claudia Schiffer was discovered in a Düsseldorf club when she was 17, so – you never know!

High-end shopping and a canal in the middle
The famous Königsallee in Düsseldorf - not too miss for your Instagram shots

2) Kö-Bogen 1

The Düsseldorf downtown area has changed a lot over the past years. Walking along the Königsallee to the Hofgarten, a vast city park, you will see an example of ultramodern architecture. The Kö-Bogen is a fancy building designed by Daniel Libeskind, with sharp diagonal cuts, built-in hanging gardens, and a mix of glass and white stones. Just walk over the little bridge to the park to get the best angle. A must for your Düsseldorf Instagram shots! 

Instagram hotspot in Düsseldorf
Kö-Bogen 1 and the famous "Dreischeibenhaus" (Three-Disk-Skyscraper) in the background
The luxury shop Breuninger - Instagram is calling
High-end shopping at Kö-Bogen1 - a must for Instagrammers

3) Kö-Bogen 2

Just a stone's throw away is the new Kö-Bogen 2 – an ultramodern eco-building with 30,000 hornbeams.  These trees should provide fresh air, and a natural air-condition on hot summer days. It looks like a giant green wall and is Düsseldorf's most ambitious environmental project. Most of the shops in this stunning building will open until the year-end 2020. A brand new Düsseldorf landmark and a must for Instagrammers!

Düsseldorf´s latest Instagram landmark
Trees and glass in perfect harmony - Kö-Bogen 2, a new Instagram spot

4) Stahlhof

Not far away from Königsallee (when walking towards the old town and Rhine river), you will find this beautiful old building. I have never seen it in any standard guide books or websites. This beautiful building from 1908 is under monument protection and now houses the administration court

A beautiful building from 1908
The Stahlhof in Düsseldorf

5) Graf-Adolf-Platz

This square at the end of Königsallee has a little architectural masterpiece – the modern skyscraper GAP 90 is connected to a beautiful old and renovated white building with a glass roof. I love contrasts like that!

Very Instagrammable
Old and new - the GAP 90 building

6) K21 Kunstsammlung – Ständehaus

If you walk down the Königsallee towards the Intercontinental Hotel, you will see a majestic building in a little park. It is one of the most beautiful museums in Düsseldorf – and there are many. Until the end of 2021, you can actively participate in the "in an orbit art installation," which hangs more than 25 meters above the ground and is made of a multi-layered steel mesh. You can crawl like spiderman in this giant net or just watch people doing that. Even if you miss this installation, the K21 is worth a visit. Admire modern art, a glass roof, and stroll through the lovely little park with a pond. Tons of instagrammable photo motives!

Instagram Spot for sure
The "in orbit art installation" at the K21 museum - Instagram hotspot
My favorite museum in Düsseldorf
The historic K21 museum with the modern glass roof

6) Subway stations of the Wehrhahn-Linie

In 2016, a new 3.4 kilometers long subway line was opened, with six striking stations. Each station was individually designed by students of the Düsseldorf art academy and is worth visiting. Even the New York Times published an article about this subway line. If you are downtown, it is best to enter it at Schadowplatz. Just take a short ride (EUR 2.90) to see all the stations. Select your favorite station and take cool Instagram shots

Art in subway stations - perfect for Instagram
© Düsseldorf Tourismus – Photo: Markus Luigs

7) Medienhafen

We are not yet done with ultramodern architecture. The so-called "Medienhafen" (media harbor) is located on the Rhine river, a short drive away (approximately 10 minutes by cab or streetcar) from downtown. The view of the city with the Rhine Tower as a significant icon is merely breathtaking. The Medienhafen offers a wide array of Instagram sites. The most spectacular might be the famous three Gehry buildings in red, white, and silver. Take a shot from the water covering the white and silver building with the Rhine Tower and the award-winning city gate (Stadttor) in the middle – spectacular. Then walk over the little bridge to the Hyatt Regency Hotel. You will discover lots of stunning angles, including a shot towards the Rhine Tower next to the river up to the old town. The following are a few examples of the most instagrammable locations in the Medienhafen

One of the best Instagram spots in Düsseldorf
Two Gehry buildings with the Rhine tower and the city gate in the background
Instagrammable view from the Hyatt Regency Hotel Düsseldorf
Rhine Tower, Gehry buildings and city gate - Instagram is calling
A very popular location for Instagram photo shootings
In front of the Hyatt Regency Hotel Düsseldorf

8)Rhine waterfront with the Rhine tower

If you have taken all your shots at the Medienhafen, walk along the Rhine River. Take a snapshot of the Rhine Tower, Düsseldorf's tallest building with 240 m) up to the Schlossturm (castle tower). If you turn back, you will find another excellent angle for a city shot with the river, the "Rheinturm," parts of the old town, and the Medienhafen. My tip: on a beautiful day, sunsets are priceless here. For great city views from above, a lift takes you almost to the top of the Rhine Tower (EUR 9.00). In the center of all the action in the Altstadt (old town) is the Rheintreppe (stairs). This is also where you will find the beautiful "Rivertime" wall made up of thousands of tiny colorful ceramic tiles created by artist Hermann-Josef Kuhna.

Instagram hotspot
View of the city gate and the Rhine Tower with the colorful wall left
A great place in summer, Instagram is calling!
Mediterranean flair in Düsseldorf - so Instagrammable

9) Lambertus church

One of the most iconic buildings of the old town in Düsseldorf is the Lambertus church constructed in 1394. It has a strange, inclined church spire. I love the contrast with the modern advertising pillar next to it. If you like churches - have a look at the red one at Martin-Luther-Platz, opposite the commercial center Schadow Arkaden downtown.

Do you see the inclined tower?
St. Lambertus chruch and the cool advertising pillar

10) St. Andreas church and Andreas quarter 

Walking through the old town, you may find some fascinating spots (apart from cheap beer bars).  My favorite is another church called St. Andreas, painted in yellow. Take a shot from the brand new Andreasquartier, a very high-end residential area with some chic restaurants to cover the church and the adjacent Living Hotel De Medici (Instagram hotspot in Düsseldorf!), located in a historic building. The hotel is definitely one of the best in town. Opposite the church, you will find the K20, another modern museum with exciting angles. The Wellem, a new apartment hotel in a former court house, is a another highlight. Sip a drink in the lounge and look for your favourite Instagram spots. 

Old town of Düsseldorf - Instagram hotspot
St. Andreas church and the Living Hotel De Medici
A very instagrammable hotel in Düsseldorf
©Living Hotel De Medici - the very instagrammable hotel lobby
The Wellem in Düsseldorf, Germany
The impressive lobby at The Wellem - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

11) Kiefernstrasse

Are you into street art? Then Kiefernstrasse in Flingern-Süd (10-minute cab drive from downtown) is a must. Previously known as a squatters corner in the 1980s, this remarkable street has now turned into an artsy and alternative space for locals to express and explore. The colorful graffiti is fantastic and offers an excellent background for your personal Instagram Düsseldorf  shot

An Instagrammable must for street art fans
The colorful Kiefernstrasse in Düsseldorf - not to miss for Instagrammers

12) Benrath Castle

During your visit to Düsseldorf, I highly recommend two castles. Schloss Benrath (also known as the Pink Castle) is a little Versailles-type chateau in the South of Benrath (20 minutes by streetcar, train, or cab from downtown). Benrath Castle is surrounded by a beautiful park with a pond, leading up to the Rhine River. It is definitely one of the most popular sites in Düsseldorf. 

Düsseldorf´s most beautiful castle, Instagram spot
In the park of Benrath Castle

13) EL&N Coffeeshop

"The most instagrammable coffeeshop" opened its doors in Düsseldorf in September 2023. Due to the long waiting queues at the entrance, I have not yet tested this cool café which is definitely a must for an Insta photo. The EL&N is located on Schadowstrasse, one of Düsseldorf´s main shopping areas.

EL&N Coffeeshop, Düsseldorf / Germany
So pink - EL&N Coffeeshop - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

14) Kaiserswerth

Kaiserswerth is over 1,300 years old and offers plenty of Instagram opportunities with its historic buildings along the Rhine river. Take the streetcar or ferry from downtown (approximately 15 minutes) Düsseldorf or bike along the river. Don't miss Düsseldorf's oldest neighborhood!

Best views of the Rhine river in Düsseldorf, Instagram hotspot
Posing in the castle ruins in Kaiserswerth

15) The coolest rooftop

The 25hours Hotel Das Tour is one of the city's edgiest hotels and a must for those who love rooftops. On the 17th floor, you will find a very cool bar with a terrace, offering the best views of Düsseldorf. Have a drink at the 25hours hotel or even consider an overnight. The whole hotel is perfect for Instagram shots in Düsseldorf. 

Enjoying the Instagrammable view
Best rooftop in Düsseldorf - 17th floor of the 25hours Hotel Das Tour

16) Villa Hügel

This historic site is actually not in Düsseldorf but a 20-minute train ride (S-Bahn) away. The park that leads up to the glorious villa is just next to the train station, high above Lake Baldeney in Essen. At the park entrance, you have to pay EUR 5.00, which allows you to visit the villa inside. Villa Hügel used to be the residence for the famous Krupp family from 1873 to 1945. An exhibition provides excellent information about an exciting part of German history, the industrialization in the Ruhr area. Today Villa Hügel belongs to a foundation. When you have seen it all, go down to Lake Baldeney. Stroll along the lakeside or have a bite in one of the cafés. 

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 am. 

A perfect Instagram photo location
Impressive and lots of history - Villa Hügel in Essen, another Instagram hotspot

17) A Beach in the City

There are a few beaches in Düsseldorf. This one in Lörick is called "Little Hawaii" - a perfect place to relax on a summer day! From downtown Düsseldorf, take the streetcar to Oberkassel and have a nice walk along the Rhine river to reach this beach with a charming little port close by.

"Little Hawaii" beach in Düsseldorf
Beach fun in the city! - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

18) A hidden Gem - the Malkasten Park

The Malkasten is a 150 year old artist foundation. In the building just a few steps away from downtown Düsseldorf, you will find a chic restaurant and bar called LIDO as well  a lovely park with modern art. This is a true secret tip since many Düsseldorfers don´t know this place - highly recommendable! If you have a drink or meal in the restaurant, the park entry is free. Otherwise it costs 2 EUR per person to support the foundation. 

Park at the Malkasten, Düsseldorf
Lovely nature in the middle of the city - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

Did you like my Düsseldorf Instagram hotspots? If you are a local or already have visited the city, you may have identified more locations, of course. Let me know about them with a comment below.

How to get to Düsseldorf

Most international visitors come by plane. Düsseldorf Airport (DUS) is Germany's third-largest airport, serving approximately 200 destinations worldwide. It just takes 10 minutes to go downtown by train (EUR 2.90 one trip). You can also get quickly to Düsseldorf from all major German cities by train and from some European cities such as Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and Zurich.

How to get around in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is a very walkable city with an excellent public service. The Düsseldorf Card (as of 10.00 EUR per person) allows you free rides on buses and streetcars, discounts in many museums, and guided tours

The most modern eco-building in Germany, Instagram hotspot
The brand new Kö-Bogen 2 and the so-called "Three-disk-skyscraper" (Dreischeibenhaus)


One of Düsseldorf´s most popular icons
The red Gehry building in Düsseldorf - so very Instagrammable


Not to miss when visiting Düsseldorf
Rhine Tower and Government building

Where to sleep in Düsseldorf

Over the past years, many new hotels (from three to five stars) were built in Düsseldorf
I am recommending a few on my blog, have a look:

25hours Hotel Das Tour

Indigo Hotel (article in German)

Ruby Coco Hotel

All of these three hotels offer great Instagram spots

One of the coolest and most Instagrammable hotels in Düsseldorf
Lobby of the 25hours Hotel Das Tour


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