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Lean luxury, affordable rates and a location that is hard to beat – get to know the Ruby Coco Hotel in Düsseldorf.



Photo: Look at the old Singer sewing machine ... - KHL

Sometimes you find those little gems just by coincidence – this happened to me during a stroll in my home city Düsseldorf. Walking through the Kö-Galerie, the city´s most luxurious shopping mall, I´m spotting a little boutique hotel called Ruby Coco. I am getting curious, so let´s have a look. Where does the name come from? „Ruby“ is the name of the small hotel group and „Coco“ an homage to the legendary French fashion designer Coco Chanel. The whole hotel is fashion-themed – that makes sense in a city like Düsseldorf, which is one of Germany´s fashion capitals.

Photo: Madame Chanel would be delighted! - KHL

You are constantly reminded through old sewing machines, pictures, photos and style elements of the roaring 20s – pretty cool! Apart from that, the guests only pay for services they really need, according to the management´s philosophy. Which means there is no reception, just a self-check-in next to the stylish bar (which, by the way, is open 24 hours). In case you need help you will get it, of course. Concierge? No, but a mobile phone in your room with interactive city maps and tips. Alternatively, just have a look at my Düsseldorf blog. The 92 rooms do not have a mini bar, but guests can enjoy a “maxi bar” in a room where they will also find an iron and ironing board. Advantage: drinks can be offered at a much lower rate.

Photo: Worth while to spend a night ... or two! - Ruby Hotels

The bar with its cool and very colorful furniture invites you to chill out. I had an espresso which was simply perfect, so was the service. And on a warm day, there is nothing better than enjoying the patio with lots of plants, bar tables, stools and even a deckchair. You are right downtown, but hardly notice it since it is pretty quiet. Non-hotel guests are also welcome to the bar, so you will see me here more often. Who wants to join me to test the wine selection?

Photo: Sit down, relax and enjoy a drink - KHL

Breakfast can be taken in the bar or in the spacious lounge. Most products are local and organic – I love that! Vegans are also being looked after. Shouldn´t it be always like that (says the non-vegan)?

Photo: Breakfast delights - KHL

There are 5 different categories in the 92 rooms, the only difference is the size. The hotel-own design team looks after the interior – very well done in the case of the Ruby Coco.

I particularly liked the silver signature lamp and the paneling on the white walls. All rooms have air condition and WiFi. You can pamper yourself with products of an own cosmetic line. Bonus: the little plastic containers for your shower lotion are bio-degradable. Tons of good ideas, congratulations!

Photo: What a stylish bathroom - gotta love it. - Ruby Hotels

After all, I am now very curious to get to know more hotels of the increasing Ruby group. Currently, they are present in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, and Vienna. Further openings are planned in Cologne, Frankfurt, London and Zurich until 2021. In any case, the Ruby Coco is a very charming enrichment for the hotel landscape in Düsseldorf.

Photo: I really enjoyed my espresso at the Ruby Coco in Düsseldorf - KHL

Photo: "Hello gorgeous" - who does not like to be called like that? - KHL

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