25hours Hotel Das Tour – a little bit of France in Düsseldorf

The very edge chain of the 25hours hotels has finally opened a property in Düsseldorf. Flashy as usual and with the probably best view you can get of Düsseldorf.




The amazing 25hours hotel Das Tour in Düsseldorf

The very edgy chain of 25hours hotels has finally opened a property in Düsseldorf. Flashy as usual and with probably the best view you can get of Düsseldorf – from the bar and restaurant on floors 16 and 17. And on top, you get a taste of France. „Tour" means „tower – and that`s what this hotel is with its 18 floors.

25hours hotel in Düsseldorf
Quite an impressive building!

The „tower" opened its doors end of May 2018, right in a brand new neighborhood of Düsseldorf, le Quartier Central (vive la France ... here we go again). And the name 25hours Hotel Das Tour is a funny mix of French, English, and German.

A very edgy place
Lobby of the 25hours hotel Düsseldorf

The ambiance in the lobby is very casual – a small coffee-shop, lots of colorful flowers and a bike on the wall (no kidding). Mostly young people are lounging on the comfy sofas, working on their laptops or smartphones. Antoine, a very smart Frenchman in a cool suite, white shirt with a bow tie and head of the restaurant, takes us to the bar on the 17th floor. „ I am part of the brand", says the charming Monsieur with a big smile on his face. Oui, monsieur!

Cheers to a great view of Düsseldorf
A votre santé! - With Antoine, the chef of the Paris Club - KHL

Breathtaking Views of Düsseldorf

The bar is pretty full of people on this wonderful Thursday evening in early October – no wonder considering the stunning view of Düsseldorf. No doubt that you will find all the beautiful people of my city right here. And the view is priceless! I have never seen Düsseldorf from such a great perspective. Although the city does not have too many skyscrapers, it looks very cosmopolitan from the deck. And the „Rheinturm" with its 240 m overlooks everything. You can view as far as to the airport and watch an awesome sunset – just WOW! No better way to celebrate this wonderful day and France with a glass of champagne, what a great start of the evening. „À votre santé" – doesn`t this sound much more charming than simply „cheers" or „Prost"? Mais oui!

The cool bar of the 25hours hotel Düsseldorf
Let`s do it the French way - with a glass of champagne!


Tip: particularly nice at sunset
Can`t get enough of the view from the bar at the 25hours Hotel Das Tour

Bon appétit at the Paris Club

The restaurant Paris Club is located on the 16th floor. Book a table just next to the tall windows to enjoy again that breathtaking view over the city. Love it! The menu is „très français", very French. Starters are served on cute tiered plate stands.

For the main course, I order a vegetarian tajine which tastes fantastic, along with a glass of Shiraz red wine and a lovely smile from Mary. Her original name is Maryam and she was born in Afghanistan. The service is fantastic – good looking guys and gals in French casual chic and French electronic pop music on top. „Living like God in France" – oh yes, you can enjoy this in Düsseldorf as well! I will come back here for breakfast, probably with friends from abroad who love Düsseldorf. Once they have seen the 25hours Hotel Das Tour, they will love my city, even more, I am pretty sure about this.

Restaurant Paris Club, Düsseldorf
What a nice way to serve starters...


25hours hotel Düsseldorf
Still enjoying the view, this time from the Paris Club


Dessert at the Paris Club
I could not resist...

On my way to the washroom, I discover rather cheeky slogans on the wall. Oh la la, they will probably make non-French guests blush. Sample: „Soumissions perverses". No, I won`t translate this but maybe it`s not necessary at all. Pretty cool, these French people.

Oh la la ...
25hours style :-)

A bathtub on the balcony

Let`s have a quick look into a room and a suite (overall 198 units). „There are German and French rooms," says Antoine impishly. I can only guess – pretty boring the German ones and charming the French ones. Well, not totally. The French rooms have terra-cotta tiles and warm wooden colors, whereas the German ones have clear colors and a very straight-lined design. Fans of the 25hours hotels will not be disappointed – there is lots of frisky junk and ... hard to believe ... a bathtub on the balcony in some rooms! Mon dieu. Here you can clean your body above Düsseldorf under the stars, maybe a bit cold in winter. However, there is hot water. And beware of stalkers who may watch you from the street. Make sure you have towels and a bathrobe within reach at all times.

As edgy as the whole hotel
Sweet dreams guaranteed in the suite of the 25hours Hotel Das Tour


25hours hotel Düsseldorf
Bathtub "al fresco"

Edgy meeting rooms at the 25hours hotel

If you like that idea, make sure to book a „sky medium room" on floor 9 and higher. You will enjoy a fantastic view and you can rent the cool bikes at no charge. By the way, the famous Rhine River is not that far away.

The meeting rooms at the 25hours Hotel Das Tour are likewise pretty fancy. If you don`t get creative here, something is wrong. You can even cook your own food here (with some help from the chef) if you want. Boring meeting rooms and boring food? Not in a 25hours hotel. And cool slogans on top: „If you shut up, the meeting will end much faster." Oh yes. How often have I thought this during boring and endless meetings? I just kept my mouth shut.

Would you like to have a meeting here?
Creativity at its best - meeting room at the 25hours hotel Das Tour


Meeting room at the 25hours hotel Düsseldorf
I could not agree more!

Into some exercise? There is, apart from the bikes, a small gym with cool weights, a sauna, and a terrace. No worries, you can stay in shape here.

Let´s exercise
Even the gyms are different in the 25hours hotels

25hours hotel Düsseldorf - so different

My summary: another real blockbuster created by 25hours. Refreshingly different and comfortable at the same time. No stiff ambiance like in many other hotels where employees often look like flight attendants (hello, Intercontinental ;-)).

25hours Hotel Düsseldorf Das Tour
Louis-Pasteur-Platz 1
40211 Düsseldorf

General contact:
p +49 211 900 91 00

For direct bookings:
+49 211 900 910 255


Düsseldorf Pempelfort, S-Bahnhof (station) Wehrhahn (lines (S1, S6, S11)
From the S-Bahn, you can walk to the hotel.  
Old townt: 1.5 km
Düsseldorf Central Station: 1.5 km (just one station by S-Bahn) 
Fairgrounds: 6 km
Düsseldorf International Airport: 8 km (can be easily reached by S-Bahn in less than 10 minutes) 

198 rooms in 4 categories
Standard M as of EUR 139/room and night 
Standard SKY M as of EUR 154/room and night
Standard SKY L as of EUR 189/room and night
Standard SKY GIGA as of EUR 214/room and night
(All rates include VAT but no breakfast)
Breakfast buffet  EUR 21/person

(October 2019)


Most international visitors come by plane. Düsseldorf Airport (DUS) is Germany's third-largest airport, serving approximately 200 destinations worldwide. It only takes 10 minutes to go downtown by train (EUR 2.90 one trip). You can also get quickly to Düsseldorf from all major German cities by train and from some European cities such as Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and Zurich.

Two famous landmarks in Düsseldorf
Rhine Tower and Gehry buildings in Düsseldorf


Düsseldorf is a very walkable city with an excellent public service. The Düsseldorf Card (as of 10.00 EUR per person) allows you free rides on buses and streetcars, discounts in many museums, and guided tours

These are my favorite Instagram sites in Düsseldorf. 

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