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Photo: I could not resist to take this selfie :-)! - KHL

Let`s spend the Night together – at the 25 Hours Hotel

„Here you will find everything – including drugs and prostitutes“, says my cab driver (sort of an old hippy with an indefinable accent) on my way from Zurich Central Station to the 25 Hours Hotel. Wow! Do I look as if I needed such things? At first sight, this street looks pretty normal – and I am happy to see a few coffee shops. After a long train trip, I am in deep need of some caffeine. After a short trip, we arrive at our destination – the recently opened 25 Hours Hotel. Mostly young people are chilling in deckchairs in front of the building, pretty cool. The lobby does not look at all like a usual hotel lobby – lots of hotchpotch on the walls and even under the ceiling. At a with small countera nice young lady is waiting for me. „Tomorrow you can have breakfast until 2 pm (it`s a Sunday)", says the girl by using the word „Du“ which you usually just do when talking to young people or those you know very well. Maybe she says this to all clients here unless they arrive with a walker (but I would not expect senior people to stay at this hip place). Over the next two days, I will learn that I am sort of destroying the age average of guests here – so what, I feel like 29 ;-). My room is as flashy as the entrance of the 25 Hours Hotel … curtains in gaudy green and blue, a cushion with the label „Let`s spend the night together“ and all kind of toys of the 70s as well as … little colored pencils. Now I feel like a 9-year-old ;-). I am missing a place to work on a laptop but there is a so-called „Freiraum“ (free space), I will get back to that later.

Photo: Cool lobby - and there is something about bikes here... - KHL

Lots of free Space at the 25 Hours Hotel

Time for coffee. The 25 Hours Hotel is located in a trendy neighborhood with trendy shops and restaurants. There is a nice coffee shop/pastry called „Gustav“ just within walking distance. A great selection of creative sweet goodies, and the nice staff serve my little fruit tart and a double espresso on the patio. Zurich, I love you!! I have a look at all the hip shops in the area while enjoying the sun on this beautiful Saturday afternoon before having a close look at the 25 Hours Hotel. Everything in this place is so flashy, very retro – including the bar just next to the lobby and the so-called kiosk where you can buy all kind of stuff, useful and useless. On the first floor, there is the already mentioned „Freiraum“ with a few MacBooks where hipsters (and other guests ;-)) can work, chat and feed their social media channels. I am pretty sure that the inspiring design is great for any kind of creativity! There is also a cool chill-out area with record covers of German singers of the 70s – maybe I am the only one here who knows celebs like Peter Alexander.

Photo: Welcome to your free working and chill out space! - KHL

A little Workout and a cool Breakfast

There is a little gym with a sauna on the 7th floor. A lady only covered by a towel says hello before I walk a few km on the treadmill. For your workout, you only have so-called swing barbells at your disposal – enough to train most of the 600 muscles sitting in your body. Just next door there is a rooftop with a view on rail racks. Apparently, Zurich Main Station is rather close to the 25 Hours Hotel (and on my way back, I decide not to use a cab but walk to the station which only takes 15 minutes).

After a nice evening stroll, dinner and a calm night, breakfast is waiting at the 25 Hours. The buffet looks pretty good, there are exceptional and healthy things such as hummus with red beet. Does not taste bad at all. A young (what else) guy with a hat serves my double espresso and all the staff are smiling. Everything seems to be so laid back here, I like that!


Photo: Train spotting from the rooftop! - 25 Hours Hotels


Zurich – little big City


You can easily walk from the 25 Hours to downtown and the picturesque Zurich Lake (water is always attracting us, isn`t it). I remember the slogan „Little big city“ Zurich used years ago – and that nails it down. Everything seems so contemplative. At the same time you have almost all the amenities of a big city – and on top an awesome view. At the lake, you can get a first idea of the impressive Swiss mountains, so beautiful. I stroll along the famous Bahnhofstrasse, the city`s most elegant boulevard with high-end shops and many restaurants and enjoy an ice cream in a lovely café close to the lake. 17 Swiss Francs for my fruit cup … hmmm … but who said Zurich was a cheap city? On this gorgeous, sunny late-summer day everything is just so enjoyable and laid back, far away from the daily grind. On my way back to the 25 Hours I enjoy another espresso at „Gustav“ before having a look at the area on the other side oft he street. Now I finally know what my cab driver was talking about. Young (and not so young) girls are standing in front of bars, waiting for clients. I am in the middle of Zurich`s red light district! I just walk the street up and down before having another quick workout session at the 25 Hours. A shower, followed by dinner in one of those cool places next to the hotel and chatting with the charming staff. In the meantime, I got used again to the nice Swiss accent. Yes, Switzerland is a very special place with mostly nice people. And how can you be in a bad mood in such a fantastic landscape? Hard to imagine.

Photo: A city with lots of water - KHL


25 Hours Hotel – top or Flop?


Well, that`s it. My short city break has come to an end. I strongly recommend Zurich for a weekend (or longer), and why not staying at the 25 Hours Hotel if you want to experience a really different concept? I really loved this place which made me feel much younger – thanks so much!

Photo: How about a drink? - 25 Hours Hotels

What I liked in particular:

Friendly staff, flashy decoration, cool goodies for breakfast, hints to care for water consumption and many areas to chill out.

Room for improvement:

One of the hotel employees put cheese on the breakfast buffet with her bare hands. Next time please use plastic gloves.

Talking about plastic – jam in little plastic packages should be out – put the jam into a big glass. Anyways, just little things which can be easily fixed.

All in all: thumbs up for the 25 Hours Hotel!

For more information about wonderful Zurich, check this site.

Here are a few photos that I took during my walk:

The river that runs through the little big city is called Limmat - and is pretty clean!

Gorgeous architecture on the famous Bahnhofstrasse

Zurich Lake = Swan Lake!

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