René's cool Smoothie for hot Summer Days

How to produce healthy and yet tasty smoothies on your own - tipps from René Hebold, one of Germany`s best Personal Trainers.



A delicious Smoothie

Fitness-Coach René has already provided great tips for an efficient sports training on my blog. Just in time for the probably warmest month of the year in most regions of our planet, he recommends a cool smoothie for hot summer days. This drink is healthy and tasty at the same time – just perfect for all fitness freaks. Ah – don`t get irritated by the curly kale, together with the other ingredients it tastes quite well!




100 g fresh curly kale (green cabbage)

1 banana

3 limes

2 little mint branches

1 soup spoon of dried and ground blueberries

5 strawberries

1 soup spoon of pine nuts

1 lemon

Mix with still water (quantity according to the desired texture. Squeeze limes and lemon and proceed with the other ingredients in a mixer to get the smoothie. I have tried it right away – and really liked this refreshing smoothie. Let us know your opinion!

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