Get In Shape – The Ultimate Fitness Tips of a REAL Pro!

No time for sports, just too old or other excuses? Frustrated about lack of training results? Read what one of Germany`s best personal trainers has to say – it may change your life!




Get in Shape

No time for sports, just too old or other excuses? Frustrated about lack of training results? Read what one of Germany`s best personal trainers has to say – it may change your life!

I like people who inspire me. René Hebold is one of them. The 29 year old Düsseldorf based personal trainer for sports and health has finished an impressive career as soccer player and is now helping celebrities, top managers, lawyers, golfers and young talented soccer players to either get in shape or to improve their fitness level. I very much enjoy my personal training with him – not only because of his knowledge and skills but also because of his very positive attitude. This extremely well defined guy (his body fat share must be ZERO) has always a smile on his face, enjoys life and we share many values– I could not imagine anyone better to train with! I have met René recently at CAPHE, Düsseldorf`s latest (great) coffeeshop (we also share our love for espresso ;-)) for a little interview. Here`s what he has to say about a few issues you may be familiar with.

Having coffee while chatting
Interview with fitness coach René Hebold

KHL: How do you motivate people who find all kinds of excuses not to do any sports?

RH: Well, first of all they have to realize what their goals are and which challenges they are facing. What are their strengths and weaknesses? What do they really enjoy? Don`t aim for too much. A 20 to 30 min training can be very efficient. Develop routine through a plan and adapt it to your personal timing – can be your lunch break, right after getting up in the morning (hey, René, this one is not for me!!) or after work. Don`t give your inner temptation a chance to control you daily life – have your sports bag ready all the time! A training agenda helps to organize yourself and to motivate you. Write down your success – you will get additional motivation when you control your progress.

In action
René with one of his clients - ©René Hebold

No time for sports?

KHL: „I have no time“. I am sure you have heard this argument quite often. What is your answer to this (very poor) excuse?

RH: Principally, everyone should ask him/herself if they really want to exercise or prefer to use that lack of time excuse. Most of my clients do have a very limited time allotment. And these people succeed in planning their training around their very busy schedules. Training means time to do something for yourself, for your capacity and ultimately for your quality of life. And physical endurance also helps you to better armed to work under pressure. If a client cannot stick to a scheduled training, we find another time. If someone is convinced about the advantages of an efficient training, he or she will find the time for it. If someone is willing to do something for his/her health and fitness, he or she will find a way – for sure.

Here we go
Efficient tailor-made personal training - ©René Hebold

How to lose weight

KHL: Obesity is one of the big challenges in many societies. What are your tips to lose weight? And – what do you recommend to gain muscles?

RH: In order to lose weight, most people just have to change two essential habits: 1) more physical activity and a proper muscle training in order to boost their metabolism and to change their ratio between muscle mass and body fat. 2) A change of diet in line with your training and individual daily life, mostly with more proteins and less carbs. I really discourage people from drastic diets (apart from a few exceptions)! – This is just a very general guideline since individuals need to be considered and advised – we are all different. Don`t forget that you cannot substantially change habits over night and that your metabolism needs a certain time to change and to adapt to the new reality.

In order to gain muscles you have to workout harder (but in a correct way, please!) – and work in particular the big muscle groups such as your legs until you reach your personal limits. Many guys use to stay within their comfort zone. Gaining muscles means continuous work and can even hurt sometimes when reaching physical and mental limits – use your brain! Stick to your plan. Consume carbs and proteins as long-holding energy boosters. Proteins are the main parts of the muscle cells. Calories should be used wisely and increased with time. Ah – and this refers to both: in order to see rather fast results, do your workout at least 3 times a week!

And here`s a wonderful statement by Albert Einstein:

The definition of madness is to do the same thing over and over again and to expect different results.“ (So very true...)

Leg training
Personal training to gain muscles - ©René Hebold

KHL: Why should everyone practise sports within his/her own capacities? And – am I too old for sports at a certain age?

RH: Here is my answer to both. During my education as medical fitness trainer I have learned that it is not very professional to set up general training plans or provide general recommendations since we are all individuals (and that is good!).Therefore, it is not easy to make an overall statement. Every human being needs different instructions, based on the individual lifestyle, physical experience, level of activity and genetic conditions. Having said that it is important that everyone activitates his/her body within his/er personal possibilities.

Sports should be fun
Fitness coach René with a client - ©René Hebold

Thanks so much René. - So, what do we do first? A few push-ups, lifting some weights or just run along the Rhine river? Time to exercise. Right now!

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