Move your Body!

Move your a...!

Sorry for this drastic expression but it nails it down! It is a fact that most of us are sitting to much - in the front of a computer, laptop, smartphone, TV, eating, drinking, chatting. Sitting too much is not only bad - it can also be dangerous for your health!

The positive effects of sports

The positive effect of sports

Practising sports makes you happy, yes! Regardless of which sports you decide to do, you will feel happy afterwards (unless you have overdone and outpowered your body completely which is not good either). A recent study in the US has revealed that probands with a higher fitness level have more so-called T killer cells in their blood which can help to avoid or to fight cancer!

How to begin?

For the past 30 years I have been going to the gym three times a week - the only excuses were sickness or very intense business trips but usually I book hotels with a gym on all my travel. And you also have the possibility to exercise in your room - even without machines or dumbbells (some people believe this is even better for your body). Begin with walking more - it is so easy! Make breaks at your computer - go and see a colleague instead of sending an e-mail. Put the printer far away from your desk. Use staircases instead of elevators (good for your a..!). Just don`t use your car, take a bike instead or walk whenever you can. A funny story: a few years ago I met an old friend who had put a lot of weight over the years. We spoke about how to get rid of a few kilos in excess. His excuse for not going to the gym was that "there were no parkings close to the gym"! - No comment!

It is never too late!

Did you know that you can build muscles at any age? This is the good news talking about better aging (I avoid the word "anti-aging" since this - in my opinion - is not possible). You just need to adapt your training to your personal skills and conditions. The best is to use a personal trainer. I do this from time to time just to get new inspirations and someone to control my movements. And a good personal trainer will always ask you about your lifestyle, eating habits and health problems you may have. So check him or her out carefully! Needless to say that you also have to like each other - then you will get the best motivation and have fun (and after all, that is the most important thing).

10,000 steps a day keep the doctor away!

This may be a bit too much but there is a certain truth in it. Moving is the best means to prevent from sickness (and to cure certain health problems). 10,000 steps a day activate your metabolism, new muscle cells are formed. These cells reduce sugar and therefore the risk of diabetes and arterisclerosis. You also reduce or control your weight and if on top you walk in the middle of nature, you will LOVE it!

Published 02.05.2015


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