Maria Strati - Rendezvous with an exceptional Hospitality Pro

During my stay at JK Place, one of Rome´s finest luxury boutique hotels, I had the opportunity for a chat with hotel manager Maria Strati - an extraordinary, very dynamic woman.


Interview with Maria Strati, GENERAL Manager at JK Place RomA

From Greece to Italy

I met Maria Strati a few years ago when she was still the General Manager of the stunning Poseidonion Grand Hotel on the Greek island of Spetses. At that time, she impressed me with her professionalism, charisma, and hospitable attitude.

Maria Strati, JK Place Roma
Maria Strati, General Manager at JK Place Roma

In the meantime, Maria has moved to Italy and become the General Manager of JK Place Roma, one of the city's finest luxury boutique hotels. I was thrilled to meet this internationally recognized woman again. I had the opportunity for another interview with this dynamic lady who could easily be a model.

Maria Strati, Manager at JK Place Rome
Pure elegance - Maria Strati, Manager at JK Place Roma

KHL: As a Greek, how did you get to Italy?

MS: I used to live in Italy 20 years ago when I started my career in Rome working at the Hilton Cavalieri, now Waldorf Astoria, for 5 years. I love this city and being close to my country I always returned to visit, see friends, and do my shopping. It wasn't difficult for me to come back once I got the proposal from the iconic JK Place Capri! This brand was one of my favourites, and the Roman property is my best! After the fantastic experience at the JK Place Capri, the company asked me to join their Roman property, and I couldn't have been happier to come to manage my favourite hotel in Rome!

Maria Strati, Manager at JK Place Rome
Maria Strati in her "home", JK Place Roma

KHL: You are managing one of the finest boutique hotels in Rome. What is so remarkable about JK Place Roma?

MS: Everything!
First of all, the first impact! The energy of this place is magical, it just feels right! We all feel different at different locations, and JK Place Roma is one of the unique energy spots.

JK Place Rome
Welcome to one of Rome´s finest hotels! - @JK Place Roma

The sophisticated architecture and interior design giving the feeling of a luxurious home is another notable feature of the JK Place Roma. You fall in love at first sight. You get the feeling of being invited to the most amazing home in Rome's best location! Then the people! JK Place Roma has the most fantastic team of talented people working closely together as a family with one goal. To provide the most personalized service to our guests. Warm yet professional, we are all here to make our guests happy, anticipating their craziest requests and offering them the most memorable experience.

JK Place Rome
Style and elegance - @JK Place Roma

KHL: Apart from the usual sites in Rome, do you have any secret tips for my readers?

MS: We share our secret spots with our readers with our monthly newsletter, "30 days in Rome" written by a renowned local journalist and friend. By subscribing to our newsletter, our readers get every month the tips and secret addresses proposed by JK Place for the month to come. Take advantage of that!

Tevere, Rome
The magic of Rome - @KHLLIFESTYLE

KHL: You have a very demanding job. How do you keep in shape?

MS: Discipline! Wake up, go for a run before work in Villa Borghese weather permitting, and private training 2-3 times a week with an appointment. Diet is also essential as indulging in our Chef's inspirations is easy, so I keep it healthy and simple when I don't have to entertain.

KHL: As a Greek, what is your special tip for your home country? 

MS: My Greek paradise is Ios island in Greece, and now that my father has just opened his new property, "Ios Grand Suites" there is no other place on earth I would love to be this summer!

Ios Grand Pool Suites, Ios/Greece
@Ios Grand Suites

KHL: Do you already know where your career may take you next?

MS: I have faith in what life will bring next, at the moment I am happily enjoying my collaboration and professional growth within the JK Place

KHL: Thanks for the interview.

KHL and Maria Strati at JK Place Roma
Meeting at JK Place Roma - @KHLLIFESTYLE

I impartially share Maria's opinion about the JK Place Roma, where I enjoyed a few days before Christmas 2022. Let's see where I will meet this sophisticated world traveller again!  

Lobby at JK Place Rome
Pure luxury - @JK Place Rome


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