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During my stay at the awesome Villa St├ęphanie I got my fitness level checked - find out the results and how I got them.


Get your Fitness Analysis at Villa Stéphanie

Those who regularly read my blog may remember my post about Villa Stéphanie at Brenners Parkhotel, one of Germany`s best hotels. Apart from enjoying the outstanding services of this hotel, I had the opportunity to get my fitness level analysed, followed by a tailor-made personal training. As the results are not too bad, I have decided to share them on my blog (not sure if I would do the same in the opposite case ...).

The procedure is pretty easy - you just stand on a machine which looks like a balance and put your hands firmly on two grips, that`s it. The rest is done automatically. Your fitness results are available within a few minutes. Kevin, the young personal trainer at Villa Stéphanie, prints out the document and explains every item. First come the composition of your body - water, proteins, minerals and fat - my body has 12.6 kg of fat (and I know where for sure...) and 12.7 kg of proteins (I have no idea where...) - summary: all that is absolutely normal.

How is my Body Mass Index?

My weight is 77 kg ( I think I have had that for decades) and my skeleton has a muscle mass of 36.4 kg - all normal (ah, I am 1,85 m tall). My body mass index is 22.6 (normal range: 18.5 - 25) and my share of fat is 16.3% (normal range: 10 - 20). Hmmm, I believe this item was a bit lower years ago - anyways, everything is normal.

The segmental analysis reveals your arms, legs and your body - all normal in my case. My grade of obesity is 102.5 - normal range is 90 to 110. My weight target is 76.1 kg - should I care about this damn 900 g and do without chocolates? Not really sure. My arms have a volume of 31.7 cm, 27.7 cm out of that are muscles. I assume that`s quite ok. My body strength is normal, so is the result of the health/fitness analysis.

My future Fitness Plan ... and should I eat that Cake?

Well, all not too bad for a so-called "best ager". Trainer Kevin says he is proud of me, that`s good. During my personal training, he gets me to my limits - lifting weights, exercises with your own body weight and TRX. What insights do I take home? Well, I will just continue to do what I always do - gym three times a week, a bit of yoga and exercise at home, walk and walk and walk and try to eat healthy, with little sins (just to name cake!) here and there. After all, life is short! - However, I will try to challenge my body a bit - include some of Kevin`s exercises in my fitness training plan (in particular those which I don`t like at all) and slowly increase the weights to challenge my good old body. I perfectly know that I will never be Schwarzenegger (thanks God) and who knows, maybe I can turn this stupid 900 g into muscles. That would be cool.

This weekend I got a tough test. When working out at my gym in Düsseldorf, a trainer tells me that one of the cleaning ladies has brought cake since it is her birthday. He shows me a delicious tart with a diabolic grin on his face. Oh my gosh, that cake is smiling at me. I finish my fitness workout and decide to manly resist that stupid cake. As a reward, I order just a tiny little piece of chocolate in my favourite coffeeshop after the training. I must have saved many calories today, I am really proud of me. And next Monday I will work out even harder.

Interested in getting more tips? You may wish to read my interview with a pro:

The most important thing - have fun!

Photo: This was my reward after my workout - better than the big piece of cake! - KHL


Photo: The private gym at Villa Stéphanie - KHL


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