Hippocrates, stunning Beaches and Sunsets, and a brand new Boutique Hotel – my long Weekend on the Island of Kos (Part 1)

Published 14.06.2018

Photo: Entrance to a little paradise - Manolis Smalios

From very old to brand new - Contrasts on the Greek Island of Kos

Did you know that Hippocrates was born on this charming and very historic island? I will get back to this outstanding savant of the ancient Greek world and some interesting archeological sites. Talking about the opposite - the Lango Design Hotel & Spa is the newest accommodation on Kos – and a very special one! It belongs to the elite collection of Trésor Hotels & Resorts, consisting of 4 and 5 star very special boutique hotels in Greek destinations. I have already blogged about the Poseidonion Grand Hotel on Spetses Island and The Margi close to Athens.

Photo: Modern elegance at the Lango Design Hotel & Spa - Manolis Smalios

Over the past few years, I have become a real fan of Greece. Stunning landscapes, (mostly) friendly people and a very relaxed lifestyle. Not to forget the tasty Ouzo! A long weekend at the Lango Design Hotel & Spa on the island of Kos has again confirmed everything that I love about this country.

Photo: One of the many orthodox churches on the island - KHL

Get away from it all from the very first minute - the Lango Design Hotel & Spa

After a 30-minute cab ride (37 EUR – June 2018) from Kos International Airport (charm of the 70´s…) I reach my home for the next days – the Lango Design Hotel & Spa just next to Lambi Beach. What an awesome view to other Greek islands and the Turkish coastline. Everything is brand new (the hotel just opened a few days ago), cool and stylish. Eirini , the charming and likewise stylish PR lady, gives all guests a very warm welcome (and a cold drink). I am sitting down in the „living room“ (this place really deserves its name), while sipping a fresh lemon juice, nibbling some very sweet Greek candies and just watching the sea, what a great start to a holiday!

Photo: Just watching the sea from the living room at the Lango - Eirini Damani

Enjoying the Tranquility

My very comfy room is as puristic as the whole place. Mostly white, with fancy lamps and an awesome sea view from the balcony. I love the shower cubicle and the tiled floor which cools you down on hot days. Carpets in hotel rooms? A no-go in my opinion. It is late afternoon and I can´t wait to get outside. I am very good at unpacking a suitcase in just a few minutes – and off I go to the pool area! Absolute tranquility, it looks like all the guests here a just looking for a nice and relaxed time. The Lango Design Hotel & Spa is an adults-only hotel. Not that I have anything against kids (I love them, honestly!), but after all the crying on the airplane I really enjoy the serene ambiance here. Highlights: a hot tub and beautiful Balinese beds which seem to be popular among all those young couples (probably honeymooners). You are far away from crowds and noise.

Photo: Chillin` before dinner - Manolis Smalios

Honeymooners' Paradise

Talking about honeymooners – the Lango Design Hotel & Spa is offering suites of 45 to 50 sqm with a private pool. This may be an excellent recommendation if you just got married – or need to refresh your relation! And guys – I am sure your girlfriend or wife will love you even more when you buy them a fancy dress of a popular Greek designer in the WHITE boutique of the hotel.

Photo: From bed right into the private pool! - Courtesy of Trésor Hotels

Gastronomic Treats

The stylish Italian restaurant KOAN CUISINE is located just next to the pool, with a lovely terrace. From a few tables, you can see both the pool and the Mediterranean Sea on the other side. A breakfast buffet with many Greek (and international) goodies - lots of sweet cakes and the famous Greek yogurt and cheese, of course - is served here. No noise, no disturbing rattle of plates like in many big hotels. The Lango Design Hotel & Spa has only 55 rooms! Make sure to enjoy a dinner. The menu includes a few great options for vegetarians, the Greek salads are simply the best. Service is good and I am even getting a few free lessons in Greek. Sit down, relax and just enjoy, it can hardly get any better.

Photo: Enjoy the view while waiting for your lunch! - Manolis Smalios

Just opened - and already quite popular...

„We are very lucky“, says Hotel Manager Myrto Kasiakou. „We only opened very recently, but are almost fully booked until October.“ Well done! I am sure the Lango will be even more popular with all the photos which will certainly come up on social media (including mine…).

Photo: Enough space for a great swim! - Manolis Smalios

Keep fit

The hotel staff is very helpful to recommend great sites to visit if you have just a few days. However, I don´t want to miss my usual workout, so let´s have a quick session in the little gym. Well equipped with some of the latest machines, good enough to keep in shape after all the great food. Just next to it is the brand new spa „Kocoon“ on 300 sqm, which was only partly open during my visit. It looked very promising, with a decor that reminded me of a Turkish hamam. On the few rainy days, you can enjoy a heated indoor swimming-pool prior or after your detox massage (also available for couples).

Photo: I love the reception of the hotel spa - Courtesy of Trésor Hotels

Beach Fun

The Lango Design Hotel & Spa is just next to Lambi Beach (sandy with pebbles here and there) , only separated by a road. Swimming is good, the water is clean and you enjoy that wonderful view of Bodrum in Turkey on the horizon. There is a lot of seaweed which does not really disturb me, it´s natural. You may just have to rub your feet a bit to get rid of it. The hotel is offering beach sunbeds and umbrellas free of charge.

Photo: One of my favorite activities - watching the sunset! - Manolis Smalios

More Beaches!

Lambi Beach leads up all the way to Kos Town which is approximately 2.5 km away from the Lango Design Hotel & Spa. If you want to explore another beach close by, walk to Mylos in roughly 10 minutes. Bring some bathing shoes since there are many pebbles. Swimming is great and you can have snacks and drinks at a nice beach bar which, by the way, is also great in the evening (yes, there is a DJ). I am just trying to figure out why that Greek guy crossed himself when he came out of the water. Has he seen anything in the water that I had not seen ;-)? The reason might be the nice orthodox church close to the beach.

Photo: Beach with nice deck chairs - nothing else needed! - KHL

Not only Sun and Sea

I have to admit that the beach and the hotel pool may be hard to leave, but Kos is a great place for excursions. So – no excuse, get up and go! The lovely ladies in the hotel were very helpful to recommend the best sites. I will tell you more about them (the sites and the ladies) in the second part of my Kos blog.

Photo: Charming and very professional - Ismini and Eirini of the Lango Design Hotel & Spa - KHL

Photo: The Lango Design Hotel & Spa in all its glory - Manolis Smalios

Photo: Pool, restaurant and the sea - can it get any better? - Manolis Smalios

Photo: Sunset watching at Lambi Beach - Manolis Smalios

Photo: The charming harbour of Kos Town - KHL

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