Yoga - get to know the stunning Benefits

For me, yoga is the perfect way to improve my flexibility. Whether you intend to do yoga for spiritual reasons, for your fitness or to control your breath - set your own goals.

Yoga - get to know the stunning Benefits


Take a deep breath
An awesome place for yoga - the beaches of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands / Spain

Why i am practizing yoga

First of all, I am neither a yoga teacher nor a "guru". I can just talk from my own experience and classes I have had with different yoga teachers. Take this article as an inspiration, not as an instruction. Don´t aim for too much, you will most probably never reach the flexibility of one of those old Indian gurus whose photos you may have admired. Do yoga according to your own capabilities (I am doing the same!)

Do yoga according to your capabilities, don´t overdo. Enjoy the great feeling after a session (I do 45 minutes every second day). As one of my yoga teachers said: Put all your thoughts on a cloud and push that cloud away. So true! 
Yoga keeps you flexible (and sharp!) and is, therefore, one of the best ways to slow down the aging process. At an advanced age, it has become a routine for me to practice yoga. It is excellent if done in combination with workouts

Yoga with a view
Practicing the "tree" in Lisbon, Portugal


Most people don´t breathe deeply enough. I also tend to forget this in many situations. When practicing yoga, start with breathing exercises. Focus 100% on your breath - nothing in the world is more important in this specific moment. You will feel the positive effect right away. Yoga also helps when you have stressful times. Go outside and breathe deeply for a few minutes. It helps you to calm down and to clear your mind. If you can do this on a lonely beach with the sea close to you, even better! Nothing is more rewarding than the smell of seawater in the air. Concentrate on your breath. Imagine to soak up energy when breathing in and to get rid of all the toxins when breathing. out. Your breathing should control your movement. 


Regular practice is important
Yoga at home



  • The "Crow" - strengthens your balance and your arms. I love this exercise and try to hold it for ten breaths. 

  • The "Warrior" - a real classic! This asana strengthens the whole body, in particular your back and legs. There are various forms to exercise the "Warrior".
  • The "Tree" - excellent for your inner balance. If possible, close your eyes and think, for example, of a waterfall, leaving all thoughts apart. Try to focus on a particular point with your eyes (if you cannot close them). This will help to keep your balance. 
  • The "Cobra" - another classic! Great for your back. Don´t forget to do an exercise for your chest after this. Sit on on your knees and bend your body forward, stretching your arms. 

    The "Boat" - efficient exercise to strengthen your abdominals. Just keep your legs and back straight and breathe normally. 

  • Here is my little yoga video. Remember - it is not an instruction but rather an inspiration. Don´t forget to breathe and - enjoy! 



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