Why I love Holzkern Bracelets and Watches

Holzkern bracelets and watches - unique eyecatchers. Find out more about this innovative company and its products.


Holzkern bracelets and watches
Simply classy and outstanding, my Holzkern bracelet

Holzkern - Quality at its Best!

That's the thing with product recommendations. Some bloggers and influencers promote almost everything. Some of them make a lot of money. That's ok but not my cup of tea (or better say coffee). I carefully choose a few partners, products must match my criteria. Sustainability, quality, and moderate consumption are essential for me. And I love bracelets! So it was evident to find the products of Holzkern, a young and very cool Austrian company. Exclusive watches and bracelets in very high quality! 

My Holzkern bracelet
I also like the bracelet in green

Social Engagement of holzkern

Love of nature and conscious handling of time are two of Holzkern's values. Wood and stones are the basis for most of their products. I particularly like their company symbol – a tree ring that reminds us to make the best out of our limited time. Collections are made in small quantities and are only disposable in limited numbers

Another aspect that I like a lot: Holzkern supports social and environmental projects. For every sold watch, Holzkern donates 1 EUR  for a reforestation project in Nicaragua or the employment of disabled persons. Kudos!

Holzkern produces elegant watches
Holzkern watches simply look fabulous!

Naturally unique!

In the meantime, I own two Holzkern bracelets, one in green and the second one in my favorite color, blue. Both bracelets have already caught a lot of attention – no wonder since they are pretty edgy but not exaggerated. The bracelets were delivered in a very cool wooden box with the label "naturally unique" – and isn't that what we all want ... be unique?

Holzkern Bracelet Fortissimo
What a stylish wooden Holzkern box
Holzkern bracelets and watches come with this nice piece
Wooden postcards - isn´t that smart? - ©Holzkern

In short: I have become a big fan of the Holzkern collection. Curious? Have a look at the  Holzkern website with unique bracelets and watches. You will also find gorgeous landscape photos of Holzkern photographers - stunning!

In the Holzkern news category, you will find all of their latest collections, current promotions and information regarding everything you might want to know. Have a look.

Holzkern Store Locator (Austria and Germany)

I love Holzkern bracelets and watches
Proudly wearing my Holzkern bracelet in Monaco

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