How to benefit from a Shiatsu Massage

In this article, you will learn how a Shiatsu treatment works and how it can help you.


Shiatsu massage in Düsseldorf
Enjoying my Shiatsu massage - @KHLLIFESTYLE

Well-being with Asian Healing Methods

Asian healing methods have always fascinated me. They include Ayurveda, Reiki, Tuina massages, and especially Shiatsu, which I tried out many years ago and now regularly use. Working on the laptop and not always correct movements in the gym often make my body ache, which I hope is not due to advanced age. Very classic are the tensions in the neck, shoulder, and back area. Exercise often helps - even better when combined with Shiatsu massages

My flat in Düsseldorf's city centre is only a few minutes away from the Japanese quarter with countless Asian restaurants. Of course, you will also find a  Japanese Shiatsu massage centre here. Komei Kanai practices here together with his colleague Yukiko Takeyama. Both were trained as shiatsu masters in their home country of Japan. Komei has been working at the Aqua Wellness Centre since 2009; his colleague followed him four years later. 

Shiatsu Center in Düsseldorf
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Before I describe the beneficial treatment, I asked Komei two fundamental questions:

What is Shiatsu?

Komei: "Shiatsu" means finger pressure and refers to a traditional Japanese massage technique in which the "tsubo" (healing points) of the body is pressed with the fingers or the palm. For a moment, deep contact is established. Such deep connection has a special meaning for the effect of Shiatsu. Through this pressure technique and other principles of application, Shiatsu differs fundamentally from classical massage as we know it in Europe and North America.  

Shiatsu Master Komei Kanai
Komei, the man with the golden hands - @KHLLIFESTYLE

How does Shiatsu work?

Komei: A Shiatsu treatment influences a variety of physical processes and processes and increases mental well-being. I feel pleasantly relaxed after just a few strokes from my Japanese masseur Komei. The treatment supports the recovery and regeneration of the body. An essential effect is the activation of the autonomic nervous system, which is experienced as deep calm and relaxation and profoundly impacts the internal organs. 

A wide Array of excellent Effects

Shiatsu stimulates the metabolism and the immune system, and blood and lymph can flow better. The massage restores the inner balance. At the same time, Shiatsu also has an impressive effect on preventing various diseases and thus promotes your health. 

The "Shiatsu" massage has a significant effect on the following symptoms, among others:

- General stress symptoms
- Shoulder and neck pain
- Back problems and low back pain
- Muscle tension
- Posture problems
- Disturbed blood circulation
- Sleep disorders (permanent fatigue, insomnia, nightmares, etc.)
- Headaches, migraines

A professional Shiatsu master can influence physical processes through pressure techniques.
If you are agitated or feel very stressed, he can relieve your symptoms. On the other hand, if you feel weak, he can use appropriate techniques to have a stimulating effect.

Have a look at a little video. 

How does a Shiatsu treatment work?

First, you have to take off your shoes at Aqua Plus before entering the very puristic treatment room. The sound of birds chirping is pleasant from the tape. Then I tell Komei about my current condition. The treatment is done with clothes - I recommend a comfortable T-shirt and sweatpants provided by the studio if needed. The massage usually begins in the prone position, with gentle pressure applied to the points of most significant tension from the shoulders to the feet. The therapist may stretch arms and legs and massage problem areas at the same time. Depending on the complaints, the treatment continues in the lateral and/or prone positions. The treatment is concluded with an absolutely soothing treatment of the head and neck area. Head massages have been practiced in Japan for over a thousand years. It releases tension, stimulates the nervous system, and stimulates blood circulation. Supposedly it also slows down the aging process - that's a winning argument.

I will continue to treat myself to Shiatsu treatments as soon as I feel a twinge somewhere. Maybe that's something for you too?

Shiatsu massage
Just relax! - Shiatsu massage with master Komein - @KHLLIFESTYLE

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