Water Is Life

My dear friend Michaela Merten, a German actress, singer, bestseller author and motivation coach, has written a great article on water for Huffington Post which I would like to reproduce here in parts.

Try to drink 2 liters of water per day - on hot days even more!

  • GOOD FOR YOUR CELLS - Water takes oxygen to your cells, collects used gases and transports them into your lung in order to be breathed out.
  • GOOD FOR YOUR JOINTS - Our synovial fluid gets less with time, water can keep them flexible.
  • GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN - You can use the most expensive lotions - if your skin does not get enough water from inside, you will see it!
  • GOOD FOR YOUR BLOOD - Water dilutes your blood which can prevent from thrombosis and possibly reduces your blood pressure.
  • GOOD FOR YOUR HEART - Sufficient water consumption relieves your heart!
  • GOOD FOR YOUR KIDNEYS AND LIVER - Water helps both organs to fulfill their function: to detox your body!
  • GOOD FOR YOUR BRAIN - Sufficient water keeps up your concetration and prevents from fatigue.
  • GOOD FOR YOUR EYES - Too much computer work dries out your eyes! Drinking water can help to clean them wet.
  • GOOD FOR YOUR BONES - If you do not drink enough water, your body tries to get liquid from your bones. Therefore you can reduce the risk of osteoporisis by drinking enough water.
  • GOOD FOR YOUR METABOLISM - Water helps all metabolism processes in your body and can prevent from fatigue,heartburn, lack of concentration and other disturbances.


So drink 2 liters of water a day instead of sweet lemonades, Coke and other harmful drinks. It makes you feel and look better!


Published 07.06.2015

Michaela Merten

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