How to become a TV Star for a Day

I was given the opportunity to talk about Canada as a perfect travel destination on one of Germany┬┤s most popular TV sales channels - what a nice adventure!

Sonnenklar TV is calling – and KHL is coming. As part of a Canada promotion I have been invited as a studio guest to promote a roundtrip through Canada`s West – and the country as a whole, of course. They don`t need to invite me twice, I love stuff like this. I made my first TV experiences already in the 80s – during a travel show on RTL. Wondering if the moderators of those days are still alive ;-)?!

Munich – here I come!

Bavaria`s capital is always nice – in particular during these mild fall days. From my hotel room I can see the Alps – just awesome. Luckily I also have some time for a quick walk in the city under the blue Bavarian sky between my two "performances". However, big part of the day is dedicated to Sonnenklar TV, of course – that successful travel channel selling wonderful trips worldwide. And today it`s all about Canada! – I am ringing the bell at the very impressive building of the mother company FTI – no one to see, after all it`s Sunday. A nice gentleman feels with me and opens the door – now I will just have to wait for the gentleman who will look after me.. Sebastian is a real nice guy and we seem to be on the same wavelength, despite a „little“ difference in age. Well, I feel like 35 in any case ... so what.



Photo: A glorious fall day in Munich - KHL

No pain, no gain – makeup artist is waiting!

Prior to every TV appearance they make look you a bit better – at least on the screen. Martina, the very charming makeup artist, paints and powders like hell. And look – a few lines in my face have gone! Martina, may I come more often? Intractable hair is flattened with hairspray which I hate but today I will make an exception. My face is already itching because of all that stuff but hey, I want to be a TV star today so no complaints. And off I go to the studio!

It`s getting serious

Sebastian takes me from the makeup room to the yet closed studio door with the big letters „ON AIR“ on it. Shshsh! He cautiously asks if we may already enter – we may! Moderator Kai Pätzmann is in full swing. Boy, that guy can talk like a waterfall – and without getting muddled, chapeau. A friendly technician comes by to connect me to a microphone. The receiver disappears in my shirt and makes a few tours around my body. Then it is sitting on the right place, just above my butt. Hopefully no one will see it. Kai says hello – a nice and very open guy. We have hardly time for a briefing but hey, haven`t I been working for Canada for ages? Should be no problem to talk about the country, so let`s go.


Photo: Studios of Sonnenklar TV - KHL

On Air!

Ready, steady, go. I am introduced as „Karl-Heinz of Destination Canada“ and answer all the questions as best as I can. The travel package through Alberta and BC introduced in today`s show is great and luckily I almost know every place of this trip. So I keep talking! But then – Kai is asking what people take with them on a Canada trip. „You won`t believe it but quite a few people ask if they can take brown bread with them“. What? Kai is looking at me as if I had just come from mars. Oh boy, got it! He meant souvenirs, of course, and not what they take from Germany to Canada. I need to fix this and bubble about sports clothing, maple syrup and Canadian wines – a great opportunity to switch the subject. Seems like he loves wines, too! And then I can introduce all of Canada`s unique selling positions – awesome wilderness, cities close to nature, great people, cleanliness and safety, wining and dining. Boy, I know so much about this country – really impressive :-))). Kai seems to be happy and the TV spectators can already book the package – and they do! The first 10 bookings for the roundtrip have been made – yessss! It was so much fun, despite the brown bread (I really have to laugh about myself). Yes, Kai and I agree to continue our cooperation - where ever this may take us. My second part with the moderator Goofy (wondering if that is his real name ...) goes also well, luckily he does not ask about souvenirs. Done! Now getting rid of the little mike and ist cables and off to Munich airport. I decide to rinse all the glue in my face at home, so I may still look like a TV star on the plane (or ridiculous ).


Photo: Right after the show with Kai Pätzmann - KHL

You may see the video with my "performance" here:




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