The Penthouse - Luxury high above the City of The Hague

What an exceptional accommodation in the Dutch metropolis, with breathtaking views!


The Hague Tower, Netherlands
Fascinating architecture mix - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

The Hague  ... again

Since my trip in April 2022 at the latest, The Hague has been one of my absolute favourite cities. So what could be more evident than to pay another visit to the royal city by the sea in July to escape the heat wave in my hometown of Düsseldorf? The heat escape didn't quite work out because the temperatures in The Hague also reached up to 36 degrees C on one day. But at least you can breathe easily by the sea in the Scheveningen district, and my chic flat in the Penthouse had air conditioning.

The Hague Tower, Netherlands
What a perspective!  - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

The imposing Hague Tower (Haagse Toren) has 42 floors and, at 132 metres, is the third tallest building in The Hague. In addition to offices and private flats, the penthouse resides here with studios on floors 29 and 30 and luxury flats at lofty heights on the 38th and 39th floors. The best views are thus guaranteed. 

The room key is on your smartphone

At the chic, red-tinted reception, you will not get a key or room card for check-in (from 3 pm). The doors to the building, corridor, and flat open with a swipe function on your smartphone after receiving an email from reception. Soon you won't be able to do anything without your smartphone. The lift takes you to the 39th floor in no time. A quick swipe - and the door to my luxury accommodation opens beautifully.

The Penthouse, The Hague / Netherlands
The colourful lobby  at the Penthouse  - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

FLATS with a view

Through the large windows in the living area, the view sweeps over the city to the Peace Palace and the North Sea. On the south side, the skyline and harbour of Rotterdam are visible; the view extends to 45 km. Crazy. Tip: Watching the sunset from the flat is worth it!

View from The Penthouse, The Hague  / Netherlands
That´s what I call a view! - ©KHLLIFESTYLE
View from The Penthouse, The Hague / Netherlands
Sunset view up to the North Sea - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

Sleep like a baby

The flats are modern and furnished without frills. I liked the work area with a desk and comfortable office chair. Bonus: No lights or noises at night like in many hotels. It was as quiet as a mouse, wonderful!

The Penthouse  The Hague, Netherlands
Perfect place to chill (and  work...) - ©KHLLIFESTYLE
The Penthouse  The Hague, Netherlands
I love my yellow bed! - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

The kitchen is fully equipped, so you can easily prepare breakfast and dinner. I received a fancy breakfast box as a welcome gift. You can order this every morning or go to the supermarket (Albert Heijn - what else in Holland), which is less than a five-minute walk away and get the ingredients there. A little further on, there is even a sizeable organic shop (Eko Plaza) with a great food selection.

The Penthouse The Hague, Netherlands
Yes, there is an espresso machine in the kitchen  - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

If you don't feel like cooking or going out (the centre of The Hague is only a few minutes walks away), you can also order your food and a massage. You can have breakfast or brunch at the charming Café Overkant, located in a small park about a 10-minute walk from the penthouse. The small garden is the best place to sit and enjoy when the weather is nice.

Overkant Café  The Hague, Netherlands
Breakfast / brunch place Overkant - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

Breathtaking views

It's a pity that the observation terrace on the 42nd floor is no longer open to visitors - unless you want to organise an event immediately. However, I was allowed to go to the top to take some incredible Instagram photos - it was more than worth it! - I should also mention the futuristic-looking gym on the 22nd floor. "It is hardly ever used,"  says Emma, the charming receptionist.  I didn't either feel like doing a workout in the summer temperatures. 

View from the top at The Penthouse, The Hague
Enjoying the breathtaking views from the top - ©KHLLIFESTYLE


Gym at The Penthouse, The Hague
Even the gym has some great views - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

A word about the location and how to get there: If, like me, you travel by train in an environmentally friendly way, book your ticket to Den Haag HS (Holland Spoor) and not to Den Haag Central station. From the chic old station building, it's only a few minutes walk to the tower, which you can't miss.

You will find more information about The Penthouse and its surroundings here. 

Den Haag HS Station, Netherlands
What a beautiful station! - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

The tram to the centre of The Hague and Scheveningen (North Beach) stops right outside the front door. A single ticket costs EUR 4 (as of July 2022), and it takes 15 minutes to get to the sea. I took an excursion to the picturesque town of Delft, famous for its blue porcelain. The tram ride takes about 20 minutes and costs 4 EUR (as of July 2022). 

Delft, Netherlands
Delft  - so charming! - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

Not to miss - the charming city of Delft

The best way to get there is to stroll through the town, which, with its canals lined with cafés, is almost a bit like Little Amsterdam. Here, the many churches are the tallest buildings. The Prinsenhof Delft Museum, with its pretty courtyard and garden, is worth a visit if you are interested in the eventful history of the former great power, the Netherlands. 

Delft, Netherlands
"Skyscrapers" in Delft - ©KHLLIFESTYLE
Prinsenhof in Delft, Netherlands
A lovely place to relax at the Prinsenhof in Delft  - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

You cannot miss the famous Delft porcelain

In the Royal Delft Museum, the world-famous blue porcelain is still made today as it was in the 17th century. Everywhere you go in the city, you will come across the blue treasure of Delft in some form or other.

The famous porcelaine of Delft, Netherlands
A modern version of the famous Delft porcelain   - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

Of course, a windmill is not to be missed - in the Molen de Roos, grain is still ground with the help of wind energy. There are beautiful views of Delft from the platform at the top of the mill.

Windmill in Delft, Netherlands
Molen de Roos - ©Visit Delft, Photographer: Michael Kooren

My tip for a snack after so much culture: the charming Café Bombina in the centre of Delft. Lovely service, delicious smoothies, snacks, and great coffee.

Café Bombina in Delft, Netherlands
Healthy food at Café Bombina  - @KHLLIFESTYLE

The ultra-modern railway station is an absolute contrast to Delft's historic architecture. Here Holland shows its innovative and creative side, which I admire so much. 

You can find more tips on the very well-done website of the city of Delft. Click here if you wish to go on a canal tour

Delft, Netherlands
Summer fun in Delft - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

The Hague and its surroundings fascinated me once again. Not even the pigeon that dropped its droppings on my smartphone when I left changed that. At least I got to know the most modern and cleanest station toilet I've ever seen (at Holland Spoor station) before heading back home by train. 

Have you got the urge to visit The Hague? Have fun! Here, you can find my tips on the most important sights in the royal metropolis.

The Hague, Netherlands
Art and nature in The Hague - ©KHLLIFESTYLE


The Hague, Netherlands
You cannot miss the Hague Tower  - ©KHLLIFESTYLE
The Hague, Netherlands
Top site in The Hague: Binnenhof - ©KHLLIFESTYLE
Sunset in  Scheveningen, Netherlands
Beach walk at sunset in Scheveningen - ©KHLLIFESTYLE


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