NOUS Santorini - a new Star is born

In summer 2022, a chic new design hotel has opened its doors on the spectacular Greek island of Santorini.


Sunset on the island of Santorini, Greece
Magical sunset - @KHLLIFESTYLE

Santorini - simply magic

Santorini - the melodious name alone awakens the longing for holidays, crystal-clear sea, and Greek ambience. The much-vaunted beauty of this Cycladic island results from a volcanic eruption that left behind black and red sandy beaches and a vast crater. The Mediterranean backdrop of whitewashed houses and blue-domed churches in the towns of Fira, Oia, and Imerovigli is one of the most popular photo motifs on Instagram.

Santorini, Greece
Beautiful views all over the place - @KHLLIFESTYLE

The island is sitting on a huge, 400 m deep crater („caldera“), the second largest of its kind worldwide. The legendary island of Atlantis may just be under you – Santorini is one of five spots in the world where scientists suppose this sunken island.

Santorini, Greece
Can it get more romantic? - @KHLLIFESTYLE

Dramatic sunsets

During my short visit a few years ago, I immediately fell in love with the charming island's exceptional atmosphere. I remember the soft sounds of the street musicians in Oia as the sun set dramatically over the Aegean Sea. The view of the neighbouring islands from above is one of the most beautiful I have enjoyed. One downer was the still numerous tourists from all over the world who still crowded the alleys even at the beginning of October. I am afraid that's how it is with the most beautiful spots on our planet.

KHL on the island of Santorini, Greece
A happy man in Greece - @KHLLIFESTYLE

NOUS - a new hotel gem on the island of Santorini

Santorini has a whole range of chic luxury and design hotels. Since this summer, another jewel has been added - the NOŪS, a member of the DONKEY hotel group managed by YES!Hotels. 

Here, the robust nature of the island of Santorini has been translated into many decorative elements. The colours red, black, and white reflect the three most famous beaches of the island. International designers have given the resort clear structures in all rooms. Added to this is the contemporary art of young Greek artists, created especially for NOUS. Gastronomy is also based on the island's tradition; traditional Greek cuisine is refined here in a modern and creative way. 

NOUS Santorini, Greece
Bird´s eye view of the  NOUS Santorini  - ©NOUS SANTORINI


NOUS Santorini, Greece
A perfect place for gastronomic delights - @NOUS SANTORINI

"At NOŪS Santorini the setting combines great comfort within an authentic and original design. The name NOŪS defines the human mind's ability to understand what is true or real. Both these unique characteristics are found at NOŪS Santorini with our passion for detail and in delivering and satisfying each of our guest's needs," says Mike Metaxas, General Manager des NOÛS Santorini.

NOUS Santorini, Greece
Pool views - @NOUS SANTORINI
NOUS Santorini, Greece
Modern architecture at its best - @NOUS SANTORINI
NOUS Santorini, Greece
Right my style! - @NOUS SANTORINI

Unfortunately, my visit at the beginning of June had to be postponed due to the hotel opening a little later. Still, lifestyle blogger and photographer Alexandra Seifert told me about her stay and shared some of her photos with me. She can't stop raving about it:

"When the Nous Santorini asked if I wanted to be one of their first guests, I immediately said yes and was happy to experience the hotel before the opening in July. Located in the middle of the island, the Nous is a sanctuary you won't miss. We loved the privacy of the spacious villas and the calmness of relaxing from the busy towns Oia and Thira.

German blogger Alex Seifert
Perfect match  - Alex and the NOUS Santorini - ©Alexandra Seifert

We had the chance to stay for three nights in a one-bedroom villa with a pool and sunrise views over the ocean. Everything is very aesthetic and newly built. I suppose there are different artworks in every room, making it more homey and unique. My friend and I enjoyed sunbathing in the private garden the most. We also loved the food - they serve a mix of modern and Greek food. You can sit next to the pool for dinner and enjoy the sunset with a glass of Greek wine."

NOUS Santorini, Greece
Alex enjoying her private pool - @ALEXANDRA SEIFERT

It all makes you want to go on holiday to NOUS Santorini. Let's see if I can make up for my visit in spring 2023.

Recommendation for your visit: A dinner boat cruise around the island with spectacular views. 

NOUS Santorini, Greece
Love the design! - @NOUS SANTORINI

How to get to Santorini

The island has a small airport served by many international airlines. If you want to combine a visit to Santorini with a stay in Athens, you can use the ferry from Piräus to Santorini (4.5 to 6 hours by high-speed ferry). Upon arrival on the island, take a short bus or taxi ride to Fira, Oia, or whatever place. The island iss mall and all villages are less than 40 minutes from the airport or ferry port. 
Important: Don´t use the donkey rides that are offered between the port and the old town of Fira! These poor animals are forces to work all day long in the brutal summer heat of Greece. 

NOUS Santorini Contact Details

Mesaria Thiras, 84700 Santorini
T: + 30 210 3273200
T: +30 210 3273200

For a combination with Athens, I can highly recommend a stay at the NEW Hotel with its stunning views of the Acropolis. For more details, have a look at my article about this design hotel in the heart of the Greek capital. 

KHL on the rooftop of the NEW Hotel in Athens
Enjoying the view from the rooftop of the NEW!Hotel in Athens - @KHLLIFESTYLE

Greece has plenty of breathtaking islands. I also recommend the dazzling Mykonos - have a look! If you prefer a quiet vacation, the charming island of Spetses might be a great choice. 

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