My personal Travel Review 2017

I am so grateful for this soon ending year 2017. Lots of travel, meeting interesting people, getting inspired ... here are some of my highlights.




New Year`s Eve in Istanbul! Lots of fun in an awesome city. However, my stay was certainly very much embittered by a terror attack in a popular club, just a few kilometres from our hotel. What a crazy world.

Photo: Welcome 2017- in Istanbul! - Photo by Kurban Tuncay



Two great trips that I gladly remember : I stayed at Villa Stéphanie at Brenner`s Park-Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden, one of Germany`s best hotels and probably the best medical wellness centre. Highlight: a tough personal training with Kevin.

Photo: This guy made me work very hard - thanks, Kevin! - Photo by Fabian Nusser


Shortly after that I spent a lovely weekend in Vienna, actually in one of the city`s best hotels: The Bristol. The location opposite the famous Vienna Opera could hardly be any better - and same refers to the Bristol Cake. I did not count the calories!

Photo: Yes, I ate it all. After all, it was Sunday ;-)! - Photo by hotel staff of The Bristol

Like every year, I am escaping Carnival in Düsseldorf. In 2017, I went again to Dubai. Crazy megalomania but also some interesting aspects ... and perfect weather in February!

Photo: The Dubai Marina on a gorgeous spring day - Photo by Alexander Lavradar


Well, March is ITB month. I have been attending the largest tourism trade show in the world in Berlin for over 30 years. Yes, I am a tourism dinosaur. I do not like trade shows too much but I love to moderate the Canada event at the stunning Embassy.

Photo: These two ladies are simply wonderful - Barbara and Nina are working with me to promote Canada in Germany. - Photo by Hans Ziertmann


Oh my gosh, I am going back to Palma de Mallorca! My career in tourism started in this beautiful city in ... well, let`s not mention years or numbers, it is just too scary. I still love the city ... and the Purohotel with its awesome beach clubs. Cool design at its best!

Photo: One of my favorite activities is ... chillin`! Even better if a good espresso is served, here at the Purohotel. - Photo by Soni Martinez


Canada is always calling in May when Rendezvous Canada, the country`s premier tourism marketplace, takes place. This year it happened in the boomtown Calgary. I really enjoyed my stay there with surprisingly warm temperatures in early May. And yes - this was RVC no. 25 for me ... and the last one!

Photo: In Calgary I got a stiff neck from admiring all those great skyscrapers! - Photo by KHL


London, UK! I could combine a business trip for Destination Canada with a short stay at the awesome Como Metropolitan. That`s my new favorite hotel in one of my favorite cities on this planet. By the way: it`s here where Boris Becker had a one-night stand, the result was his little daughter Erma.

Photo: The MET BAR at the Como Metropolitan London. On my blog I tell you which celebrities got drunk here. - Photo courtesy of the hotel management-


I combined another business trip with a private overnight - what a smart guy I am ;-)! This time it was Frankfurt. A city that I disliked years ago but things are changing as Frankfurt keeps changing. And the Villa Kennedy certainly helps to almost love Bankers`capital!

Photo: Chillin`at the Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt - Photo by Sebastian Schellewald


A short excursion to the Swiss mountains. The train trip to St. Moritz, one of the world`s most renowned alpine resorts, was simply breathtaking. And same applies to my stay at the Suvretta House - a castle-style luxury hotel overlooking lake and mountains. I took this opportunity to extend my stay in Zurich ... exploring the very cool 25hours hotel in the middle of the red-light district.

Photo: Yes, my home is my castle ... even if only for two nights! - Photo by Ella Grigorivici


I enjoyed my home city DÜSSELDORF. Have a look, it`s pretty cool:

Photo: Düsseldorf has become a hotspot for architecture aficionados - photo by KHL


I had neglected Greece for a long time - also because I do not speak the language. Shame on me! So happy that I changed this. A litte cruise on MS CELESTYAL OLYMPIA took me to a few of the finest spots in this beautiful country - the islands of Mykonos, Patmos, Santorini and Crete. So maybe I should finally learn Greek after all?

Pure happiness on the island of Patmos! - Photo by Eva Mayring

Going to the Canary Islands is almost like coming home. I have worked there and traveled to some of the islands for hotel contracting. This year I went to Fuerteventura, La Gomera and Tenerife. A private excursion on the Island of Fuerteventura was my absolute highlight. And I always love to stay at the Atlantis Hotels in Corralejo, very close to my favorite beaches!

Photo: Hooray, I am in Fuerteventura! - Photo by Ingrid Frühauf


I went there for our annual Canada media event which was lots of fun. And we stayed in a pop-up hotel, THE LOVELACE. Pretty fancy.

Photo: This is really happening - and KHL can hardly believe it! - Photo by Barbara Ackermann


Finally Christmas trees in the snow! And big mountains, a chic alpine hotel and ... James Bond! What a nice stay at DAS CENTRAL, the best hotel in Sölden, one of Austria`s best ski resorts. Parts of the 007 movie SPECTRE were shot here. And if you like James Bond, you may wish to go to Sölden as of summer 2018. Wanna know more? Go here.

Photo: Das Central in Sölden - a real gem! - Courtesy of the hotel management

Anything else? Yes. My last trip in 2017 will happen as of December 29 and take me to a destination where I have worked ages ago. Sure, you will know more about it on my blog. I wish you all a wonderful year 2018!



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