​How I define true luxury

No, it´s not the big car or the property with all kinds of amenities. Most luxury is not material at all. In this article, you will find my thoughts. Let me know what you think about luxury.




Living a good Life without overdoing

I cannot deny that I like the good things in life (and who does not?). Travel, nice hotels, a great dinner, a glass (or two) of good wine and so on. And I truly confess that I´d rather travel less before staying in a mediocre hotel. On the other hand, I have never been into what I call „over-consumption“. I do not have to have the latest electronic gadgets. I already sold my car years ago (when it was still frowned upon not to have one) since I don´t need it in Düsseldorf (and when I need one, there are rental cars…). I never liked the idea of buying a big apartment or house since I always wanted to remain flexible and sort of independent in my life. I am happy that at this stage I have reached a level where I can enjoy a few things that are very important to me.

Photo: I more and more appreciate being in splendid nature - like here at the Kinsterna Hotel in Greece

So here`s how I define true Luxury:

  • 1) Live in a country such as Germany.

Sure, nothing is perfect here and many things can drive me crazy at times. However, it is one the most democratic and liberal countries on our planet and you can, to a large extent, live the life you are aiming at. Democracy and liberality cannot be valued high enough in our crazy times.

2) Be my own time master.

No „9 to 5“ (or 6, 7, 8) job. Take time for breakfast. Go to the gym when it is not crowded. Go for a walk when the sun is shining. Sit down in a coffee shop and enjoy my caffeine shot without hurry. Downside: I sometimes do my work in the evening but honestly, I don´t mind.

3) Work from home.

True, this is not something for people who need to have colleagues around them. Apart from the points mentioned under 2), I am so happy about saving a lot of time (and sleep a bit longer…) when listening to all those traffic jam alerts on the radio (and there are many!) in the morning. Time-consuming and so very tiring.

4) Eliminate people from my (private) life who don´t do me well.

People who don´t appreciate you. Those who don´t stop talking and cannot listen. I really don´t need them. And who needs loads of „friends“?

5) Just do the things I want to do (well, almost…). 

I have worked for decades and sometimes my jobs were stressful for sure. I am now at a stage where I can select which projects I would like to do. This does not mean that there is no stress at all (and hey, after all, we need a bit of stress, it is even good for our health) but I have a certain control of my stress level. And don´t get me wrong, I am not saying that I no longer need challenges in my life. I just don´t need all that stuff that drove me crazy and that I hardly any control over.
I just attend events that I want to in my private and in my professional life. Sure, I may miss opportunities (as a blogger for example), but I don`t care. Time is so precious. How many events and trade shows did I have to do in my life? I have always tried to limit them to a minimum. Today, I am in a very comfortable situation that I just do what I want, a true privilege that I appreciate very much. I have always hated the big crowds – luncheons with 1,500 people at trade shows, endless small talk and eating and chatting at the same time during a reception. It is a true privilege to attend just those functions you really want to go to – and that also refers to my private life, by the way.

6) Go against the flow.

I have never cared too much about what „others“ are saying. The older I get, the stronger this attitude gets. You only have one life and you are the only person who should manage and control it, that´s at least my credo.

7) Enjoy nature.

Slow down. It´s often those simple things that are important in life. Nature is a very important component. It has positive effects on our well-being and even on our health. And it´s mostly free of charge. Just think about a sunset on the beach or a walk in the forest, breathing fresh air. Priceless. Read more about this here.

8) Be with young people.

Nothing against persons of my age (and here is an example of a great older lady), but when they just talk about their health problems and complain about this and that … hmmm. The business and private contact with young people keeps you alert and young. It can also challenge you, of course. I am so lucky to have young people around me in both, my personal and my professional life.

Photo: Nothing better than watching a sunset on a beach - like here in Fuerteventura

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