K21 Museum in Düsseldorf - How about climbing like Spiderman?

Get to know a spectacular interactive exhibition at the K 21in Düsseldorf , one of the most beautiful museums in Germany. It`s all about s spider net.


One of Düsseldorf´s best museums
This beautiful historic building houses the K 21 museum - ©Kunstsammlung NRW / Heike Rodermeier

A spectacular Installation at the K21 Museum in Düsseldorf

Museums are boring? Not necessarily. I have had the awesome opportunity to experience an interactive exhibition in the lovely K21 museum in my home city Düsseldorf, located in the middle of a park just next to the famous Königsallee right downtown. The space installation „in orbit“ of the Argentinian artist Tomás Saraceno is a very creative copy of a spider net which is … 25m above the ground and right under the glass dome of the museum! The almost transparent structure made of steel nets on different levels covers an area of 2,500 sqm. Why not crawl through this giant net like spiderman – if you are not suffering from vertigo …

Installation at the K21 Museum in Düsseldorf
A first look into the spider net - KHL

Crawling like Spiderman

At the entrance on the highest floor of the K21 you get an overall and trecking shoes as well as a short introduction. Then you climb a staircase and just look down on this giant net made out of steel – wow! A few cowardly steps – finding out the best way to move forward. At the beginning, it is almost impossible to walk upstanding, better to crawl like a spider even if you don´t have eight legs. Have a cautious look downwards where museum visitors are staring at you, wondering what crazy things you are doing. 10 persons are allowed to be in the net at a time. You will feel the vibrations of your net buddies like a spider that is waiting for its prey. I layawayed through all the levels, passing giant transparent balloons. I even managed to walk for while which is quite relieving after all the crawling and climbing. And to be honest – after those 10 minutes that you are allowed to be in the net you feel a bit like after a workout. Art and fitness – how cool!

Breathtaking art at the K21 Museum in Düsseldorf
My first "steps" in the spider net - KHL

"In Orbit"

The installation „in orbit“ is one of the most sumptuous of this creative artist. Saraceno is inspired by the fascinating world of spiders and has translated their spider construction in a very unique way. Daniel, a young tourist from Panama, is very enthusiastic about it: „I have found this masterpiece here while visiting Düsseldorf and really fell in love with this city and its many facets.” What a nice compliment for Düsseldorf! Not to miss are the real spider nets that are not protected by glass. A natural piece of art in a dark room where you do not always get sight of the little spiders – but that´s ok, right?

Have a look at a short video about "in orbit"

Woohoo - lots of fun in the spider net! - KHL
"In orbit" at the K21 Museum in Düsseldorf


K21 Museum in Düsseldorf
The real spider net - what a masterpiece! - KHL

K21 - always worth a visit

It would be a shame not to have a look at all the other exhibitions on your way down. Modern art at its best – surprising, sometimes scary and, of course, provoking. I had a look on each floor and discovered legs in jeans, a giant black mouse and other interesting stuff.

Modern art at its best
Exhibition of Lutz Bacher at the K 21 - ©Kunstsammlung NRW

Decision made: I will visit this museum more often!

Have a look here to get an idea of all the art pieces at the K21.

On top of the K21 Museum in Düsseldorf
The view from the K 21 is likewise spectacular - KHL


Düsseldorf´s finest museum
Photo: K 21, a symphony in white - KHL

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