Happy Birthday, Canada!

Canada will celebrate its 150th birthday in 2017.

A very young Country - and in XXL Size!

Canada will celebrate its 150th birthday in 2017. Below you will find 149 reasons to visit this awesome country. Feel free to put your personal reason as a comment on this blogpost. Have fun!

P.S. On a personal note - This big birthday goes along with my 25th anniversary of working for Canada, so proud of it!

Photo: KHL enjoying the Yukon - KHL/Helge Haus

Some general Reasons to visit Canada...

1) Cities close to nature. Canada is offering a perfect mix of nature and urban experiences.

2) Four seasons. You will have fun in all four seasons, promised!

3) Canadian hospitality - just legendary!

4) Breathtaking wide open spaces. 10 million square kilometers - hard to imagine for Europeans.

5) National parks. Currently there are 47 of them - plus many provincial parks.

6) First Nations. You can learn about their culture.

7) Bears. Do I have to say anything else?

8) Mounties. Maybe the only popular policemen and women in the world. Oh, the official term is "Royal Canadian Mounted Police."

9) Whales. Watch the giants of the sea - and also in the St. Lawrence River.

10) Cowboys. Legendary rodeos and authentic cowboy culture.

11) Moose. These gracious animals can be seen in many regions

12) Float planes. Simply Canadian!

13) Hiking. Canada is offering endless opportunities in pristine nature.

Photo: Canoeing in Quebec - Erwin Schneider

14) Indian Summer. Fall foliage at its best.

15) Canoes. Needless to say they were invented in Canada!

16) Icebergs. You will never forget these big white giants in the sea.

17) Motorhomes. The most popular means of transport for many tourists.

18) Northern Lights. Better than any movies.

19) Canadian cuisine. As diverse as the country`s people.

20) Untouched nature. Mountains, forests, lakes and wild animals.

21) A true melting pot. People from all over the world are living together.

22) Diverse landscapes. No surprise given the size of this country, right?

23) Hockey (on ice, of course). Canadian sports number 1.

24) Maple syrup. Simply delicious - and healthy!

25) Festivals and events. Canadians are true party animals!

26) The Trans Canada Highway. Over 7,800 km long, crossing the whole country.

27) Paddling. So many lakes and rivers to explore.

28) Remoteness (if you want...). Only 35.8 million people live in this vast country.

29) Coasts. Canada has over 202,000 km of coastlines - more than any other country.

30) Safety. Canada is one of the safest countries in the world.

31) Snowshoeing. Sooooo Canadian!

32) Rocky Mountaineer. The luxury panaroma train in Canada`s West.

33) Forests. And forests. And forests.

34) Unique lodges. Comfort in the wilderness.

Photo: The Wickanninish Inn in Tofino, BC - Chris Pouget

35) Flightseeing. Have a look from above.

36) Snow. Skiers from all over the world love the famous champagne powder snow.

37) Entertainment. Musicals, concerts, theater festivals and much more.

38) Rivers and lakes. 2 million lakes in one country. Any questions?

39) Golf. Canada has a few of the best courses worldwide.

40) Shopping malls. Shop until you drop.

41) Rafting. Just wet fun!

42) Tolerance. Canada is one of the most liberal countries in the world.

43) Great infrastructure. Excellent highways,hotels, eating places and so much more.

44) Canadian wines. YES! They come from British Columbia, Ontario, Québec and Nova Scotia.

45) Sports events. Hockey, baseball, tennis and the formula 1, of course.

46) Coffeeshops. Starbucks or smaller chains - coffeelovers`heaven!

47) VIA Rail. Travel with comfort - by train!

48) Dogsledding. You will love the cute huskies!

49) Inukshuks. Stone landmarks created by the Inuit.

50) What is your personal reason?

Photo: Whalewatching in the St. Lawrence River - Erwin Schneider


51) Vancouver. One of the most beautiful and liveable cities in the world.

52) Pacific Rim National Park. The magic of old rain forests.

53) Explore the coast with BC Ferries. Spectacular trips such as the famous inside passage.

54) Winter sports! Heli-skiing was invented in BC.

55) Great Bear Rainforest. Home of the rare Kermode bears.

56) Thompson Okanagan. So diverse: ski mountains, wine valleys and deserts.

57) Haida Gwaii. First Nation culture on the islands.

58) Victoria. Canada`s biking capital with British charme.

Photo: West Coast lifestyle in Vancouver - KHL


59) Kluane National Park. Mount Logan (5,959 m) is Canada`s highest mountain.

60) Chilkoot Trail. Follow the gold seekers.

61) Klondike National Historic Sites and Dawson City. This city has hardly changed over the past 120 years.

62) Alaska Highway. This legendary road will turn 75 in 2017 - as half as old as Canada.

63) Carcross at the South Klondike Highway. One of the oldest settlements in the Yukon.

64) The Sourtoe cocktail. World-famous and only available in Dawson City ;-)!

65) Truck camper`s paradise - 4.800 km of dreamlike roads.

66) Yukon Quest. The longest and toughest dogsledding race in the world.

Photo: Flightseeing over Kluane National Park - KHL

Northwest Territories

67) Nahanni National Park. Unique wilderness and the famous Virginia Falls.

68) Ice roads. Drive over thick ice like the legendary „Ice Road Trucker“.

69) Dempster Highway 740 km of pure adventure.

70) Wood Buffalo National Park. Largest national park with the worldwide largest beaver dike.

71) Route of waterfalls. Seven falls free of charge ;-).

72) Great Slave Lake. Explore Yellowknife from the deepest lake in North America.

73) Mackenzie Valley Highway. This new highway connects Inuvik with Tuktoyaktuk in the arctic.

74) Canol Heritage Trail. One of the most remote trails in all of Canada.

Photo: The Waterfall route - Ole Helmhausen


75) Calgary Stampede. The largest outdoor show on earth.

76) West Edmonton Mall. The largest shopping and entertainment complex in the world.

77) Rocky Mountains. Alberta is the home of the Canadian Rockies.

78) Bisons. You will find the worldwide largest herd of free-living bisons in the Wood Buffalo National Park

79) UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Waterton National Park, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump and the Dinosaur Provincial Park.

80) Dark Sky Preserve. The world`s second largest night sky protection area in the Jasper National Park.

81) Icefields Parkway. Said to be the world`s most beautiful panoramic highway.

82) World-class ski resorts. Banff/ Lake Louise, Jasper, Castle Mountain and Nakiska.


Photo: The greatest outdoor show on earth! - Courtesy of the Calgary Stampede


83) Baffin Island. Spectacular landscapes with glaciers, icebergs and tundra.

84) Iqaluit. This little capital is the gateway to tours through Nunavut.

85) Expeditions by boat. Follow the footprints of arctic explorers.

86) Pond Inlet. Popular place to watch narwhales and polar bears on the ice edge.

Photo: Nunavut cruise - Ole Helmhausen


87) RCMP Heritage Center in Regina. The "nursery" of the Mounties with the RCMP Educational and Heritage Centre.

88) Ranches. Cowboy feeling at its best – YEAHAW!

89) Saskatoon. The South Saskatchewan runs through the "pearl of the prairies".

92) Prince Albert National Park. Gateway to the wild North of Saskatchewan with its endless forests.

93) Fishing paradise North Saskatchewan. 100,000 lakes are waiting.

94) Great Sandhills. Desert-like dunes in the middle of the prairie.

Photo: RCMP Sunset Retreat Ceremony - Courtesy of Tourism Saskatchewan/Greg Huszar Photograpy


95) Winnipeg. Festivals, pow wows and concerts for urban explorers.

96) Canadian Museum for Human Rights. This National Museum is an architectural masterpiece.

97) Riding Mountain National Park. Eye to eye with bisons, moose and black bears.

98) Lake Winnipeg. Beach vacation, water sports and a maritime ambiance in the middle of the prairie.

99) Manitoba – paradise for canoers and fishermen. Dozens of picturesque canoe routes and giant fish.

100) Churchill. Thousands of white beluga whales and polar bears spending the summer at the banks of the Hudson Bay.

101) Churchill in fall. Every year hundreds of polar bears are waiting for the Hudson Bay to freeze.

102) Whiteshell Provincial Park. Log-cabin romance off the beaten tracks.

Photo: Stunning architecture - Courtesy of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights


103) Toronto. Canada`s largest city stands for shopping, entertainment, culture and culinary delights.

104) Ottawa. Canada`s capital unites modern times with the British and French heritage.

105) Niagara Falls. You should watch the fulminating water from every perspective.

106) Ontario`s Provincial Parks. Endless diversity of flora and fauna.

107) Outdoor adventures in Ontario. Approximately 400,000 waters and many hiking and biking trails.

108) Manitoulin Island. The world`s largest fresh water island and home of the First Nations.

109) Icewine. Only one of many delights of Ontario.

110) The North of Ontario. Pure adventure: sailing, fishing lodges, float planes and the history of settlers.

Photo: Toronto`s landmark, the CN Tower (553 m) - KHL


111) Overnight in the ice hotel. North America`s only hotel of this kind - 2017 in Valcartier, open from January to March.

112) Swimming in a lake with seals. You can do this on the Gaspé peninsular in the Forillon National Park.

113) Honeymoon in a teepee! Tourisme Manawan is offering a wedding ceremony in the tradition of the Atikamekw.

114) Montreal - home of the Cirque du Soleil. Experience the world of circus during the circus festival in July.

115) Overnight in a lighthouse. Many of them serve as accommodation or museum.

116) Winter carnival in Québec City. Enjoy the world`s largest carnival during the cold season.

117) Gourmet parcours. Route to gastronomic artists who combine enjoyment wit culinaric competence.

118) Soar through the forest canopy on Vélovolant, a Canadian first!

Photo: Montreal skyline - KHL

Newfoundland and Labrador

119) Over 35 million seabirds. Newfoundland and Labrador is a paradise for birdwatchers.

120) Snorkelling with humpback whales. Newfoundland has the largest population of these impressive whales.

121) Gros Morne National Park. Take a boat tour in a million years old fjord.

122) Spectacular icebergs. Watch these giants which are more than 10,000 years old.

123) Fogo Island Inn. Spectacular hotel architecture at the edge of North America.

124) Quirpon Island Lighthouse. Watch whales and iceberts from a historic lighthouse.

125) Lighthouse picknick. Dinner under the stars.

126) Torngat Mountains. The legends of the Inuit in the far North.

Photo: Simply spectacular - the Fogo Island Inn. - Ole Helmhausen

New Brunswick

127) Hopewell Rocks. Explore the geological formation during low tide and six hours later by kayak.

128) Fundy National Park. The last piece of untouched nature in the South of New Brunswick with over 120 km of hiking trails.

129) Fundy Trail. This hiking trail leads over narrow paths to untouched beaches, waterfalls and cliffs.

130) Saint Andrews-by-the-Sea. One of the most popular resorts at the Bay of Fundy with a historical city centre.

131) Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival in Fredericton. Every September this capital is party city!

132) Shediac Bay Lobster Cruises. Learn everything about lobsters on a boat tour and enjoy a delicious dinner.

133) Kouchibouguac National Park. Beaches, biking trails, sand dunes and the highest water temperatures in Canada!

134) Cape Enrage. Enjoy a spectacular view on the Bay of Fundy while ziplining.

Photo: The spectacular Hopewell Rocks - Monika Fuchs

Prince Edward Island

135) Charlottetown. Canada`s birthplace!

136) Oysters! Prince Edward Island is world-famous for this specialty.

137) Beaches! The read cliffs are typical for the island, Canada`s smallest province by the way.

138) Kiteboarding. The shallow bays and the steady winds provide ideal conditions.

139) Prince Edward Island National Park. Explore the stunning nature in the North by bike.

140) Confederation Trail. Popular with runners and hikers due to the breathtaking scenery.

141) Mountainbiking. Various routes for beginners and pros.

142) Coastal roads. A great way to explore PEI.

Photo: Red rocks on Prince Edward Island - Monika Fuchs

Nova Scotia

143) Halifax. Cosy harbour city with lots of charme.

144) Peggy’s Cove. Canada`s best known lighthouse stands here.

145) Kejimkujik National Park. Hard to pronounce but easy to explore!

146) Cabot Cliffs. Currently the best golf course in Canada!

147) Bay of Fundy. Natural wonders with a tide difference of 16 m.

148) Cabot Trail. One of Canada`s dream highways.

149) Cape Breton Island Highlands. Kilts and bagpipes.

150) Lobster. Enjoy fresh seafood year round.

Photo: Seagull at Peggy`s Cove - Erwin Schneider

Needless to say that this list can never be complete. There is so much to explore in the second largest country in the world. So what are you waiting for? Visit Canada now. It`s about time!

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