Facts about Coffee!

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Germans consume up to half a liter per day on average! Ethiopia is the origin of coffee which was then cultivated by the Arabs before becoming fashionable in Europe in the 16th and 17th century. Coffee is a natural product made out of the beans of a shrub.

Me and coffee

Me and coffee!

I really enjoy a great cup of real Italian espresso (not the one you get at Starbuck`s ... sorry! - I am sure I have some Italian blood in my veines ... or even espresso...) which I would never drink out of a plastic cup! Coffee for me means to sit down for a few minutes and drink it out of white porcelaine cup - like the Italians and Spanish do. I try not do overdo - three espressi (correct Italian term for "espressos" ;-)) a day should suffice. And by the way - experts say that espresso contains less acid than filter coffee! And I enjoy it pure - no sugar, no milk. My favorite coffeeshops in my home city of Düsseldorf are Espresso Perfetto and Rösterei 4 in the old town. I also enjoy Einstein in Berlin and many individiual coffeeshops in other cities. I will recommend a few in upcoming travel blogs.


Coffee contains the so-called antioxidants which protect our cells from free radicals which trigger diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer and heart diseases. Coffee contains more antioxidants than green or herbal tea.

Health benefits of coffee

There are various studies on coffee with various results. It depends, of course, who has ordered the study. 5 studies about coffee and coronar diseases show that a moderate coffee consumption of up to 4 cups a day reduces the risk of heart failure by 11%. Also, there is a context between coffee and memory when aging - in a positive sense! Coffee can also reduce the risk of depression and may help if you are suffering from asthma. Moderate coffee consumption may also improve your enterobacteria and reduce the risk of gall stones. And it is obviously not true that coffee detracts liquid from your body.

Enjoy your coffee!

I found this funny signboard at "VILLAGE" - a great coffeeshop at the end of the world, in Canada`s Yukon! Find more about it in my Yukon blog and - enjoy your coffee!

Published 12.06.2015

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