Dream Holiday in the Lindos Hotels on the Island of Rhodes

A relaxing summer vacation on Rhodes in the middle of October


Dream Holiday in the Lindos Hotels on the Island of Rhodes

Beach at the Gennadi Grand Resort, Rhodes Island
Enjoying the beach close to the Gennadi Grand Resort - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

Summer in October

For me, October is the perfect month for a trip to the Mediterranean climes. The high season is over, but many attractive destinations are anything but extinct. In 2023, I opted for Rhodes, the fourth-largest Greek island. While autumn was slowly arriving in Germany, the thermometer on Rhodes still climbed to 30 degrees C at times. In the evenings, I could still enjoy the marvelous Greek cuisine in the open air!

Gennadi Grand Resort, Rhodes Island
Catching some sunrays in the early evening - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

I was looking forward to my stay in two luxurious hotels belonging to the Lindos Hotels Group, a family-run local hotel chain. Let's get straight to the point: I was delighted with the Gennadi Grand Resort and the Lindos Grand Resort & Spa, but first things first.

Off to Rhodes

I am on the island in the Dodecanese in just over three hours. I get my hire car in no time and set off southwards. The one-hour drive takes me along the sea for much of the way, with bizarre cliffs looming in front of me. Typical island products - honey and ceramics - are on sale at the roadside. My destination is the Gennadi Grand Resort, which opened in 2018. The 300 luxurious rooms are spread over a vast area, so you won't even notice the size of this modern purist resort. The warm welcome in the light-flooded lobby reveals the legendary Greek hospitality.

Gennadi Grand Resort, Rhodes Island
What a cool lobby! - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

Off to the Sea

A golf cart takes me to my stunning junior suite with a private pool. Now I treat myself to some of the welcome delicacies and an espresso - after all, I've been travelling since the early morning. Then it's time to unpack my suitcase and head to the nearby sea - I can hardly wait. The Aegean is still warm from the summer, and hotel guests are basking in the pleasantly warm sun. I crouch down on one of the rocks and take it all in - pure wellness!

Gennadi Grand Resort, Rhodes Island
Pure luxury - ©Gennadi Grand Resort

"Most of our guests come from Germany. Couples with small children feel particularly at home at the Gennadi Grand Resort," says Dimitra Grigoropoulou, Sales Director of the Lindos Group. "The connection to local traditions is vital to us, so our guests can learn the art of ceramic, for example. Our astronomy seminars are a particular highlight." I'm sure you'll agree, the starry sky in the evening is impressive. 

Rhodian Ceramic Classes
Rhodian ceramic classes - ©Lindos Hotel Group

Dinner at its very best

A culinary highlight awaits me in the evening. The seven-course menu in the Edesma restaurant is an unrivalled feast for the palate. The young chef Ioannis Kiaourtzis explains what is on the skilfully prepared plate for each course. There are also anecdotes about Greek food traditions - what a lovely idea! I was particularly impressed by a lollipop with a yogurt cream, garlic confit, and fresh herbs. You must develop an idea like that first - and it was delicious! I usually always skip dessert, especially in the evening. On this day, however, I made an exception. The desserts served by Patissier Lazaro are worth a sin. I resolved not to eat anything sweet the next day. However, with all the Greek temptations, I can't put my resolution into practice. Oh well, what the heck!

Dessert at Gennadi Grand Resort, Rhodes
What a nice presentation of a mouthwatering dessert - ©KHLLIFESTYLE
Gennadi Grand Chef Ioannis Kiaourtzis
Ioannis Kiaourtzis, the young chef at Gennadi Grand Resort - ©Lindos Hotel Group

It goes without saying that breakfast at the Gennadi Grand Resort leaves nothing to be desired - neither in the exclusive Level-Two Breakfast Restaurant nor at the highly generous buffet in the Filoxenia Restaurant with all kinds of Greek delicacies. What could be better than enjoying your morning coffee in pleasant temperatures on a terrace with a sea view?

Breakfast at the Gennadi Resort on Rhodes Island, Greece
Healthy start of the day - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

An exceptional Spa

After a quick sunbath on my terrace, I head to the Kozeen Spa. Here, the owner, Alexandros Barlavas, creates the finest massage oils, the recipes he keeps secret and only available to guests at the Gennadi Grand Resort. Even in a TV interview, the presenter could not coax the secrets out of him. He does at least reveal that the oils come from plants in his garden. "There is no waste. We use the olive stones for scrubs," says Alexandros. In general, local products are essential at the Gennadi Grand Resort. Alexandros rubs one of his signature oils on my hand, which immediately feels silky. "In 2024, I will introduce new oils exclusively for the hotel. Among other things, I'll be using Greek oregano and various local flowers," explains the charismatic, multi-award-winning wellness expert, who opened his first Greek spa back in 1991. Interestingly, Alexandros studied at the renowned McGill University in Montreal - which, of course, gives us another exciting topic of conversation. Tip: Enjoy the signature treatment, a skillful combination of revitalization and relaxation with Greek medicinal herbs; it is simply superb!

Alexandros, Manager of the Kozeen Spas in Greece
Alexandros Barlavas - ©KHLLIFESTYLE
Spa - indoor pool Gennadi Grand Resort, Rhodes
Indoor pool at the spa - ©Lindos Hotel Group

Culinary Delights and plenty of Action at the Gennadi Grand Resort

Wellbeing and gastronomy are the absolute highlights at the Gennadi Grand Resort. Hotel guests can indulge in culinary delights in one of the five (!) restaurants and four bars. In addition to Greek specialties, there are delicacies from Italian and Nikkei cuisine. I enjoyed a Mediterranean (meatless) dinner with local wine in the casual Ouzo restaurant - living like God in Greece!

Alati Beach Deli at the Gennadi Grand Resort, Rhodes Island
Alati Beach Deli with sea view - ©Lindos Hotel Group

After all that fantastic food, there are plenty of activities to soothe a potentially guilty conscience. On my way to breakfast in the morning, I watched eager hotel guests taking part in an outdoor yoga class. Of course, I also had a look at the well-equipped gym, but my excursions were more important to me than exercising. At home, of course, it's back to the gym. Suppose more than yoga and fitness are needed. In that case, tennis, beach volleyball, guided mountain bike tours, and boccia are also available. 

Gym at the Gennadi Grand Resort, Rhodes Island
Muscle Factory - ©Lindos Hotel Group

Rhodes – much more than fine Beaches

As beautiful as the Gennadi Grand Resort is, you should definitely visit the island. To taste the Greek atmosphere, you can stroll from the hotel to the village of Gennadi, with its many tavernas and cafés in 15 minutes. I was very impressed by Prasonisi Beach in the south of Rhodes - surfers really get their money's worth here. You can reach this beautiful spot in around 30 minutes by car.

Prasonisi Beach on Rhodes Island, Greece
Prasonisi Beach - surfers´paradise - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

Enchanting Lindos and rhodes town

Take advantage of the charming village of Lindos (approximately 25 minutes drive from the hotel) with its imposing acropolis and Rhodes Town (about 45 minutes drive) with its picturesque old town. If you want to avoid traveling by hire car, you can explore both places by bus or, of course, on a guided excursion. You can learn more about this in my article about the island of Rhodes.

Lindos on Rhodes Island, Greece
View of Lindos with its acropolis - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

Lindos Grand Resort & Spa: a luxurious hideaway in a prime beach location

From the Gennadi Grand Resort, the journey continues to the Lindos Grand Resort & Spa (189 rooms and suites, adults only), very close to the idyllic village of Lindos mentioned above.

Lindos Grand Resort & Spa, Rhodes Island
Everything is so blue... - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

Deeply relaxed like the ancient Greeks

The first wow effect comes when you enter the lobby: the view is of the infinity pool with the sea and the picturesque Vlycha Bay. I would love to pull out my smartphone and start taking photos. Hold up a minute! My luggage is taken straight to my room, and I'm off to the spa. The "Ancient Greek Massage" is on the programme, which I'm really looking forward to. This type of treatment is based on the healing methods of Hippocrates, so it has been around for several centuries. Angeliki brushes my skin, which is supposed to stimulate microcirculation. The subsequent cupping on acupuncture points is also intended to stimulate. The whole treatment is aimed at psychosomatic complaints, among other things. I don't suffer from these, but I enjoy the entire thing, and my troubled back is happy too. To finish, I got a face mask at the indoor pool, the first in my long life. It's good that no other guests are in the spa now and see me wearing a mask - but it doesn't matter; I am intensely relaxed after all!

Spa at the Lindos Grand Resort, Rhodes Island
Spa moments - ©Lindos Hotel Group

I want the Sea!

Quickly unpack in the chic junior suite, enjoy an espresso, and head to the nearby beach. For sensitive feet like mine, bathing shoes should be present in your luggage, as this makes it easier to walk over the pebbles. I want to stay in the sea, enjoying the clear water, the cozy temperature, and the wonderful view of the bay with its rolling hills. Over the next few days, I'm spoilt for choice - do I go swimming in the sea or lazily in my private pool with a sea view?

Vlycha beach on Rhodes Island, Greece
Ready for a boat trip? - ©KHLLIFESTYLE
Deluxe Double Room with Private Pool at the Lindos Grand Resort, Rhodes Island
A pool all for myself! - ©Lindos Hotel Group

Culinary Delights at the Lindos Grand Resort & Spa

For gourmets, the Lindos Grand Resort & Spa is a pure paradise. Four (!) à la carte restaurants (Japanese, Italian, Mediterranean) are lined up on the lower floor - they all have a fantastic sea view in common. Stavros Manousakis, Executive Chef of the Lindos Grand Resort & Spa, is responsible for the exquisite, mostly sustainable gastronomy. "Simplification is the key," he explains, conjuring up the dressing for a delicious salad from olive oil, salt, pepper, and vinegar in just a few simple steps. "Every winter, we send Stavros abroad to learn from international chefs," says Kathy Minettos, the friendly hotel owner. "He has been working for us for 14 years and has become a true specialist in sushi."

Lindos Grand Resort&Spa, Thalatta Rooftop
Gourmet heaven - ©Lindos Hotel Group

The highlight, however, is Thalatta Fine Dining, considered one of the best restaurants in Rhodes. It's worth dining here for the unrivalled view alone. You look out over the illuminated pool, the Sea illuminated by the moon, and Vlycha Bay with its lights - it doesn't get more romantic than this. Super-nice service and exquisite delicacies make for an extraordinary evening. Of course, fish and seafood are the menu's highlights, but vegetarians are also well catered to. I savoured a sophisticated risotto and couldn't get enough of the view. A large selection of local wines rounds off the overall experience.

Thalatta Restaurant at the Lindos Grand Resort, Rhodes Island
Exquisite food and wines, and a view second to none! - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

Active Holiday - of course

Of course, you don't have to miss out on your fitness programme at the Lindos Grand Resort & Spa. A well-equipped gym, yoga classes and various water sports are available. Hiking enthusiasts can join a guide and enjoy the marvelous surroundings on foot.

Lindos, Rhodes Island
Hiking with breathtaking views - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

Lindos - take it!

You can reach the picturesque Lindos, which has already been mentioned several times, in just over ten minutes by hiring a car or taxi. A visit to this small town with its imposing acropolis is a must! Please take a look at my article about Rhodes to find out more.

Lindos on Rhodes Island, Greece
Enjoying a smoothie on one of the many rooftops in Lindos - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

It's a shame that my five days on the island of Rhodes went by so quickly. I really liked the two hotels in the Lindos Group. The purist design without any frills is precise to my taste. The private pools are, of course, a particular highlight. The Gennadi Grand Resort can be booked "all-inclusive".

Gennadi Grand Resort, Rhodes Island
Magic ambiance at the Gennadi Grand Resort - ©KHLLIFESTYLE
Gennadi Grand Resort, Rhodes Island
Relaxing at the Gennadi Grand Resort - ©KHLLIFESTYLE

Lindos Hotels - a Family Business

The Lindos Hotels Group is owned by the Minettos family, who have many years of experience in the hotel industry and have internalised Greek hospitality in their DNA. "We attach great importance to the professionalism of our employees," explains Kathy Minettos, owner and CEO of the fine hotel chain. "The aim of my father Yiannis, the founder of Lindos Hotels, has always been to offer our guests outstanding holiday experiences and to promote the local culture." In my view, this has been very successful!

Gennadi Grand Resort Press Trip, Rhodes Island
Hotel owner Kathy Minettos (left) and Sales Director Dimitra Grigoropoulou (right) with a group of German-speaking journalists - ©Lobster Experience

Sustainability at the Lindos Hotels

Both hotels have the Travelife and Green Key certificates, which they have earned through modern technologies such as energy-efficient glass panels and LED lighting, as well as sustainable practices such as grey water management and reverse osmosis systems.

My Conclusion

The island of Rhodes offers a beautiful combination of beach, culture, and history. You can plan your Holiday here in a variety of ways. If you like modern hotels, the Lindos Resorts are suitable for you. They are characterized by a top location, excellent gastronomy, and fantastic wellness facilities. Greek hospitality is a way of life here. You can find more information on their website. 

Beach at the Gennadi Grand Resort on Rhodes Island, Greece
Enjoying a quiet moment on the beach of the Gennadi Grand Resort - ©KHLLIFESTYLE


Numerous flights from European airports, such as British Airways, Corendon, Easyjet, Edelweiss and Eurowings. The island's international airport is 16 km southwest of Rhodes town. The Rhodes Airport Bus connects the airport and Rhodes Town in 40 minutes several times daily (One-way-ticket EUR 2.50 per person as of October 2023).


Because of the many sights, I recommend a rental car. I booked mine through Hertz Greece and was very happy with the condition of the rental car. The road network on Rhodes is generally good; there is no motorway in that sense. Suppose you don't want to drive yourself. In that case, there is a relatively good bus network (although the buses are often overcrowded in high season). In the harbour of Mandraki, there are numerous boat tours, e.g., to Lindos.

Hertz rental car on Rhodes island, Greece
My loyal travel companion on the island - ©KHLLIFESTYLE
Mandraki, Rhodes Island
Windmills in the port of Mandraki - ©KHLLIFESTYLE


The sun shines on the island for about 300 days. In July and August, it is almost always over 30 degrees Celsius. In 2023, it was even 40 degrees C and more for weeks. In high summer, the water in the Aegean Sea is between 25 and 27 degrees. It hardly ever rains during this time. During my trip in mid-October, the temperatures were comfortable, and the sea was ideal for swimming. Even in winter, the temperatures on Rhodes are still pleasantly mild

Anthony Quinn Beach on Rhodes Island, Greece
One of the many wonderful beaches on Rhodes Island - ©Marketing Greece

My trip was supported by the Lindos Hotel Group and Marketing Greece. This has in no way influenced my evaluations of the hotels and the island.

The photos of myself were taken by Rodosart. I can highly recommend this photographer should you need any images during your vacation. 

Beach on Rhodes Island, Greece
Beach at the Gennadi Grand Resort - ©KHLLIFESTYLE


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