Discover a trendy pop-up Hotel - The Lovelace in Munich!

What a cool concept - a temporary hotel in a beautiful bank building. The Lovelace is loated right downtown in beautiful Munich.



Just poppin' up

Pop-up-stores, pop-up-events and now even hotels are popping up. Recently, I had the opportunity to stay in such a temporary place. The Lovelace in downtown Munich is a cultural experiment for two years, until the temporary usage of the former building of the Bavarian State Bank will end. A pretty new hotel experience for someone like me who has stayed at so many hotels all over the world.


The location of The Lovelace could hardly be any better. Just a few minutes away from the Marienplatz with the world-famous city hall, it is situated in a quiet, elegant side street with beautiful old buildings. The patriarchal entrance of this noble bank (I am sure you could only get in with a suit and tie ;-)) has been freed from dust with cool slogans in meter-high fluorescent letters („This is really happening" or „Everything is going to be amazing") and a bicycle under the ceiling. The reception is located in a giant lobby with a coffee shop … and again very brisk slogans in colorful neon writing.

Sleeping in the Secretary`s Office

My room 104 is a former secretary's office (there is still a small signage at the entrance) and I imagine how Frau Lehmann prepared coffee for her boss and got rid of annoying callers. I love this big room with its huge curtains and a bookshelf with cool literature. It takes a while until I have figured out all the lights, but this also happens to me in other hotels. The bathroom is pretty small but ok. As long as I can have a nice shower I am fine. And I really believe that most items have been installed in a way that they can easily be dismantled. Remember – this place is just temporary! The lease contract of The Lovelace, which opened its doors in September 2017, will end in 2019. There is organic shampoo, and the hairdryer has been placed in a bag that says „brainstorming". No idea what this means, but who cares? It is easier to figure out the meaning of the title on the shower curtain (see photo). I get an awesome sleep in my comfy bed. It is so nice that the room can be turned completely dark. And almost needless to say – WiFi works well and is free of charge.

Millennial`s Favorite

Breakfast in the huge coffee shop is fantastic. A friendly girl serves goodies such as mango with chia seeds, healthy smoothies and much more. You order everything from the menu. All kinds of coffee and cool music – love it! I am way above the average age of the hotel guests, but I can deal with that. I just get out my laptop and smartphone and pretend I am under 30. So easy ;-).

Later I have a quick look at the other highlights of The Lovelace. Looking up from the coffee shop in that huge lobby, you can see a few floors above, including a hairdresser who is just at work. I take the elevator to the top of the building and I am simply wowed. There is a „Street Kitchen" high above Munich and a really cool bar with a wonderful view from the deck. Perfect for the „jeunesse dorée" of Munich and definitely a new hotspot. There is no gym at The Lovelace but a room for boxing and yoga lessons. What a mix! I suggest starting with boxing and end with yoga.

There are lectures, concerts and movie evenings at The Lovelace, it reminds a bit of the Soho House concept. And sure, you can rent e-bikes here … By the way, Munich can easily be explored on two wheels.

My overnight during the week cost me 175 EUR, which is ok if you consider the amenities and the rather high hotel price level in Munich. Breakfast was not included, unfortunately.

In a nutshell: The bold slogan „Everything is going to be amazing" is not exaggerated. I would come back to The Lovelace during my next trip to Munich.

Photo: KHL is vowed :-)!

Photo: View of the coffee shop from Bove

Photo: Goodies in the coffee shop

Photo: Just cool - a bike hanging from the ceiling in an old bank

Photo: I loved this chair in my room

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