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It`s all about Music - and so much more!

If you like music and wish to experience the comfort of a modern luxury hotel, I have something for you: the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife, located in the South of the largest Canary Island. From the airport Reina Sofia I reach the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife in less than 30 minutes by car. Tenerife has a very good road network. Bizarre rocks just next to the highway, sometimes you can even see the Teide, Spain`s highest mountain with 3,718 m. Playa Paraiso is a tourist urbanization with many boutiques, cafés and restaurants – and the two towers (not really beauties, but wait until you get inside…) which house the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife.

Photo: Palm trees all over the place - KHL

What a Welcome

The very warm welcome includes little edible pearls. „Just bite on them, but carefully,“ says Marta, the charming Guest Relations Manager. I follow her instructions and seconds later, I have a little load of gin in my mouth. How cool! Getting into the mood for the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife, one of only two in all of Spain. Marta ties a bracelet around my wrist, witha chip, serving as a door key. Songs of Bon Jovi boom in the elegant lobby. This place is full of music! My room is on the 15th floor, with a spectacular view. Mountains, pools and the Atlantic Ocean. I just ignore the construction sites. The hotel boom on Tenerife continues and I am wondering how all these beds can be filled. No problem for the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife. Due to the strong brand, this hotel is already very popular in many countries and often fully booked. And almost everything is branded here.

Photo: A stunning view from my room - KHL

Branded Sweets and Cushions - so very cool

As a nice welcome gesture, I have fruits and sweets in my room, with powder sugar … in form of a guitar. And the cushion on my bed also has a guitar on it – rock it, baby! I love the chic design of my room. Bed and washroom/shower are separated by two sinks with design lamps on the ceiling. Lights open automatically when opening the black doors. To complete a fancy stay, you can order a guitar with headphones to your room and rock as long as you want. Zero noise complaints! Or listen to iconic records in your room, compiled by the Hard Rock`s team of music experts. And no one will watch when you will try to dance like the pop kings and queens!

Photo: I really loved the design of my room - KHL

Beach or Pool?

After a quick lunch at the Lagoon pool I am walking through the vast hotel area with many palm trees and flowers. After all, Tenerife is called the island of eternal spring, with pleasant temperatures year round. The Playa Paraiso is rather small, with black sand (oh yes, we are so to say on a volcano). Good enough for a little swim in the refreshing Atlantic Ocean. My favorite though is the adults-only pool Eden. Don`t get me wrong, I love children but sometimes you just prefer a quiet atmosphere. And here the music is less loud. How about listening to the famous songs of the Pet Shop Boys? Memories, memories.

Photo: Nothing better than chilling at the Eden pool - KHL

Meeting all the Pop Stars and "Tapas deluxe"

Talking about music – there are 80 pieces of famous pop stars all over the place. A latex suit of Lady Gaga, a letter of Madonna, written to herself and Shakira`s tank top, just to name a few. She gave this to the Hard Rock Hotel in barter of a donation for her foundation. Cool! Dateless music of Bowie, Jackson, Prince and the unforgettable Amy Winehouse.

For dinner, I have to try the tapas restaurant „Aliole“. Colorful moving design lamps, a modern interior design, and a great service! Never ever have I eaten so exceptional tapas. Vegetarians will be more than ok here, for vegans it might be a bit challenging (they should be fine helping themselves at the buffet in the main restaurant). To be honest, I could hardly do without the fantastic local cheeses and the famous Spanish tortilla. Are you into Asian food? Then the NARUMI might be your first choice. This was my place for breakfast „al fresco“, with fresh sweet papayas and melon that grow on Tenerife Island. Energy boosters to start your day!

Photo: Sooooo tasty - breakfast at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife - KHL

Photo: Tapas and a very cool design - KHL

Sleeping like a Rock Star

I have a look at the Rock Spa (there you can enjoy „Sound Body“, a holistic approach to healthy living) with a private pool and have a little site inspection at the „Rock Royalty“ suites on the 15th floor, so to say a hotel within the hotel with a private reception, breakfast restaurant and a breathtaking view over the coast. I am sure you feel like a rock star here!

Photo: View from the Rock Royalty suites - KHL

Sundowner in the Sky

On the last evening of my short stay, two more highlights are waiting. First a sundowner in the SkyBar on the 16th floor, one of the nicest I have ever seen. Chilly live music, a cool design and a breathtaking sunset over the Atlantic Ocean with the neighboring island of La Gomera in the background.

Photo: Champagne and a glorious sunset at the SkyBar - KHL

Time for the 80s

However, this is not the end. On this mild evening in early December, the event „Children of the 80s“ will take place around the huge beach bar. Friends have already told me about it. „Tonight,, the bars and clubs in Playa de las Americas will be empty,“ says the friendly waiter in the Indian restaurant just opposite of the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife. „Everyone will come here.“ No wonder why. At 9 pm, the place is already rather packed with party people of almost all age groups. Hooray, I am probably not the oldest one! A giant stage with spectacular light shows and international DJs playing music of the 80s and 90s with today`s sound. The towers of the Hard Rock Hotel are illuminated in dazzling colours. Mostly locals continue to enter the place. Very good-looking „Canarias“ (and „Canarios“, of course) are getting into the dance mood. Various singers and dance groups remind me of the long club nights in the 80s … oh well. Cindy Lauper, Samantha Fox, Madonna and, and, and. Just missing Modern Talking (just kidding). Jocelyn Brown is the evening`s major show act, performing some of her songs of the 80s and 90s that have made it to the international charts. And all of that under the stars, so cool. Have a look at my little video.

Photo: Can this get any better? - Courtesy of the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

The „Children of the 80s“ event lasts until midnight. Many party people continue to celebrate in the roof top bar on this glorious Saturday evening. In 2019, one event per month will take place.

In summer, there will be one „Lagoon Party“ per month during the day. Watch out for the dates on the website of the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife. I may consider combining one of them with my next trip to the beloved Canary Islands.

As cool as the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife for sure is, don`t miss to see a bit of the island. Get a taste of the Canary lifestyle, away from the tourist places. In just 20 minutes you get to Los Gigantes, with impressive rocks that steep deeply into the blue sea. Amazing! The village is touristy but at least you can admire the beautiful Canary architecture with the wooden balconies. Have some tapas (or mussels) at KV Bar Gourmet just next to the marina. From Los Gigantes, drive up to Santiago del Teide to get to know a real local village with a breathtaking landscape. If you have time, drive up to the Valle de Arriba where you can hike in the middle of nowhere with gorgeous mountain views - a fantastic contrast to all the hustle and bustle in the resorts. You can even drive up to the Teide and take the cable car up to a height of 3,555 m. If you get a permit in advance, walk up to the crater and – weather permitting - view the neighboring islands of Gran Canaria, La Palma, El Hierro, and La Gomera. Out of this world! You will find more details on


Alternatively, you may wish to go on a great island tour by jeep, organized by the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife. Ask the staff for the „Ruta de la Anocheza“ – fun is guaranteed!

And why not combining Tenerife with La Gomera? Read more on the neighboring island here.


Photo: View of the Teide, Spain`s highest mountain - KHL

Photo: Tenerife, simply natural - KHL

Photo: So charming - Santiago del Teide - KHL

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