Coolness, Style, and Luxury at the Purohotel Palma de Mallorca

Discover one of Mallorca`s finest Design Hotels – an urban Oasis right in the Middle of its charming Capital.





Photo: Sipping an espresso with modern art around me - Soni Martinez

My cab driver (it took me just 15 minutes from the airport) stops right next to the Hugo Boss store on the elegant Borne, Palma`s most prestigious boulevard. “You just have to walk a few meters to get to the Purohotel, my car cannot enter the small alleys.” No wonder, this hotel is in the middle of Palma`s enchanting old town, with all its boutiques, restaurants and tapas bars. The Mediterranean ambiance at its best! After a short walk, I reach my little hideaway (only 51 rooms, all different – with air conditioning and free WiFi, of course) for the next days. Vanessa, a very friendly lady with a cool haircut, welcomes me in the lobby. Everything is white, full of modern art … just hip. Love at first sight! From my room, I look on a very tiny alley and right into a cool hairdresser shop, which is located in a historic building. Ah – the Purohotel also used to be one of these awesome city palaces of the 18th century in Palma before it was turned into a modern design hotel, without losing any of its ancient charms.

Photo: So cool - floor numbers at the Purohotel - Soni Martinez

I go for a quick dinner … delicious Spanish tapas and a good red Rioja wine just a few blocks from the hotel. The friendly owner serves a nice local digestive – the size could easily make two people happy. After all, we are in Spain – and I am happy that I don`t have to walk too long after this great dinner experience.

Breakfast is ready!

The breakfast buffet in the famous Opio Restaurant & Bar at the Purohotel is simply delicious. Yes, you can have the heavy choices with Spanish cakes, sausages, tortilla, and the tasty goat cheese … but there is also a “healthy corner” with fresh juices, lemon water, all kinds of nuts and chia seeds. I enjoy my beloved double espresso and admire all the modern art pieces around me. Not a bad way to start my – sunny – day! It is late April and the weather is just perfect – a clear blue sky and 20 degrees C.

Photo: Who can resist such a delicious breakfast?

So much to see at the Purohotel

Time to explore the Purohotel. In the patio, there is a huge palm tree that goes up six storeys. “It is over 100 years old and protected”, explains Colin, the Marketing Executive at Puro Group. Like all the (very international) staff, Colin is casually dressed and a very cool and relaxed guy. I am sure they all work hard but it does not show. This is so refreshing, given the rather stiff atmosphere in many hotels all over the world.

I imagine the patio (one of two) on a warm summer evening – sipping a cocktail, looking at the stars above the palm tree and listening to great music. The Puro Group has its own music label called Puro Music, mostly consisting of house music with modern electronic sounds. I love to listen to the CDs at home, remembering the cool ambiance at Purohotel. At night, local and international DJs are playing in the bar. Needless to say that this is one of THE meeting places in this stunning city. Don`t expect loud club music – rather cool sounds that even “older” people love. The guests at the Purohotel are of mixed ages – but I believe all of them are young at heart and enjoy life. With all the coolness of this place – there is nothing exaggerated, snobbish or whatsoever. The atmosphere is laid back, friendly … simply wellbeing for body and mind.

Photo: One of my favorite places - the patio

The Private Wing of the Purohotel

I have a look at the Private wing on the other side of the street. If you want to celebrate a special event, rent the show kitchen to impress your guests (this is, in my opinion, also ideal for corporate retreats). The various suites – some of them on two floors – are awesome. I notice a so-called “Mandala” in different forms - a circular figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. I even have a red mandala in my room – on the sliding door that separates my bedroom from the bath, very cool. The CEO of the Puro group, Beltran Alvarez de Estrada, is a global nomad and embodies the lifestyle and philosophy of the founder of Puro, Mats Wahlström. He has big plans for the Puro group – two to three openings per year, including projects in Greece, Morocco.

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