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25hours Hotel The Trip in Frankfurt, Germany
Lobby of the 25hours Hotel the Trip - @KHLLIFESTYLE

25hours Hotel The Trip in Frankfurt - refreshingly different

I have been a big fan of the unusual and flashy 25hours hotels for some time now. For a weekend trip to the Main metropolis Frankfurt, I decided to stay at the 25hours Hotel The Trip in the area around Frankfurt's central station. You can find out everything you need to know about this hotel in this article.

25hours Hotel The Trip, Frankfurt
Flashy staircase at the 25hours hotel The Trip - @KHLLIFESTYLE

It takes just five minutes to walk from Frankfurt's central railway station to the 25hours Hotel The Trip. The hotel motto is emblazoned in large letters on the façade - "Around the World in a Day." Relics from all over the world can be found everywhere in The Trip - books, photos, newspaper cuttings, flags, props. Once again, one of the many good ideas!

25hours Hotel The Trip in Frankfurt, Germany

25hours Hotels - always full of surprises

The hotel lobby is refreshingly different from many comparable hotels. Flashy colours, a cosy lounge with casual sofas, and videos of people from all over the world talking about their lives and problems. Behind the reception, you can buy all kinds of things from all over the world in the shop. Postcards, books, cushions, and, above all, items that the world doesn't need but that are wonderful to rummage through. 

25hours Hotel The Trip in Frankfurt
Shopping at the 25hours Hotel The Trip - @KHLLIFESTYLE

The inner courtyard of the 25hours Hotel The Trip has an exceptional charm. On the façades, 250 residents of Frankfurt's railway station district can be seen, part of an international art project. Colourful clothes hung on a kind of clothesline convey something of Italian backyards. Pure multiculturalism!

25hours Hotel The Trip, Frankfurt
Colourful patio - @KHLLIFESTYLE

Airplanes and Snowshoes

In the lifts, airplanes and UFOs buzz over you in a projection.

The motto "Around the World in a Day" continues in the rooms. Mine has a Norwegian flag and a pair of snowshoes on the wall above the bed. Memories of my long-time employer, Destination Canada come to mind. A vintage telephone and many cheeky sayings are, of course, not to be missed - and the advice on the sustainable cosmetics to use water sparingly ("Stop the water while using me"). I am happy about the free goodies in the minibar - water, beer (of course untouched), and chocolate bars. The pillows with the inscription "Let's spend the night together" always amuse me.

25hours Hotel The Trip in Frankfurt, Germany
The nights at the 25hours Hotels are different... - @KHLLIFESTYLE

Each of the room floors has a different region as its theme. Furniture, lamps, and wallpaper in the rooms reflect the diversity of cultures on our planet. The whole hotel is an experience where you always discover something new - perfect for your Instagram photos. 

Breakfast is served at the table in the trendy bar Shuka with its flashy neon lights. You can choose between decadent sandwiches, egg dishes (organic!), fruit, and curd cheese and eat your fill. Oh yes, our waiter was extraordinarily charming and quick - thumbs up! A slight downer: I had to pay for my second espresso (although the 3 EUR is bearable), the filter coffee is, of course, available à gogo, but I don't really like drinking that.

The hip Shuka Bar, reminiscent of Tel Aviv, with its many oriental dishes, is a trendy meeting place for dinner in Frankfurt in the evening. Due to its popularity, a reservation is recommended.

Breakfast at the 25hours Hotel The Trip, Frankfurt
Waiting for breakfast in the Shuka Bar - @KHLLIFESTYLE

However, my absolute favourite place in the 25hours Hotel The Trip was the rooftop terrace on the 7th floor, even though it was hibernating during these cold and wet December days. Still, I couldn't resist doing a few pull-ups on the bright red bars, of course, with a view of Frankfurt's imposing skyscrapers. The chilled-out loungers give you an idea of how cool it must be here in summer.

Rooftop 25hours Hotel The Trip, Frankfurt
Let´s get physical! - @KHLLIFESTYLE

My conclusion

The 25hours Hotel The Trip is a lifestyle hotel of a different kind, ideal for working and chilling out. The central location in the station district is ideal, even though Niddastraße is a meeting place for homeless people and is almost in the middle of the red light district. On the other hand, you are only a few minutes away from the banking district with its imposing high-rise buildings (which are becoming more and more).The elegant Goethestrasse is also within easy walking distance. The same applies to the historic quarter at the Römer and the promenades along the Main river. The banking metropolis has developed a lot in recent years. This is not least because of the imposing Central Bank of Europe, which has its headquarters in one of Frankfurt's most spectacular high-rises.

25hours Hotel Frankfurt The Trip
Niddastraße 56-58
60329 Frankfurt am Main / GERMANY

General Contact:
+49 69 25 66 77 0

+49 69 25 66 77 2255

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25hours Hotel The Trip, Frankfurt
Ready for a chill?

So, off to Frankfurt and the 25hours Hotel The Trip!

Downtown Frankfurt, Germany
Rising high in Frankfurt - @KHLLIFESTYLE


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