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Stippvisite in Monaco
Karl-Heinz Limberg



KHL LIFESTYLE is an award-winning blog for high-end lifestyle and travel. Content is provided by Karl-Heinz Limberg (KHL), an award-winning tourism professional with an international background and guest bloggers. I publish blog posts in English and German.


I am offering co-operations with airlines, destinations, luxury hotels, fashion companies, yoga, and sports outfitters, and many more. I have been working with many luxury hotels in Europe. German is my mother language. I speak English, French, Spanish, Italian and some Portuguese

My blog (started in 2015) already has up to 500 unique visitors per day. I have a very international readership. Most blog followers come from Germany, the US, Canada, Greece, Portugal, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates.


Social media and online presence:

Facebook: over 4,400 friends and followers (personal and agency page)

TripAdvisor: over 27,300 readers, certified as "professional evaluator."

HolidayCheck: 4 out of 5 stars

Instagram: Over15,000 followers with an average of over 1,300 "likes" per image and an engagement rate of 12% (global average = 2%)

Twitter: over 2,000 followers

LinkedIn: over 1,400 contacts

Pinterest: over 9,900 monthly views

Klout Score: 46

GEO Travel Community: Twice selected as one of three best travel tips

"Silver blogger" on, one of Germany's leading travel portals

YouTube: over 1,500 views of my videos


All social media channels keep growing. Currently, I have almost 70,000 followers on my social media network. 



* Second Place Blog Award 2017, Category LIFESTYLE

* Best Tourism Consultant 2017 - AI Media London, UK