My Interview with Marion Lichtenauer, one of Germany`s leading Bioresonance Therapists

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​Why Mindfulness can improve our Health

29.03.2018 |  12 comments

Being mindful has so many positive effects on our health and well-being - find some intereseting facts and thoughts here.

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Does aging automatically mean mental and physical decay, even at a very advanced age? Not necessarily. It is reassuring to see people of over 80, even 90 years who are still leading companies, teaching yoga and breaking records in athletics. Sure, your genes will help and so will a healthy lifestyle. However, recent research reveals that physical activity – including leaving your comfort zone – is the most efficient means for better again (as already mentioned in a previous blog post, I prefer this term rather than „anti-aging“).

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At the COMO Metropolitan London, you can perfectly combine hedonistic enjoyment and a healthy lifestyle. I really enjoyed the minimalist and cool style that embraces the needs of the modern traveler. The COMO Metropolitan London is a great alternative to all the traditional hotels in the neighborhood.

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Close to downtown of the bank metropolis Frankfurt – and yet far away from the city`s hustle and bustle. The Villa Kennedy belongs to the Rocco Forte Hotels and is a luxurious hideaway with an excellent service, an award-winning spa and a gastronomy second to none.

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How to improve your Fitness

01.04.2017 |  11 comments

During my stay at the awesome Villa Stéphanie I got my fitness level checked - find out the results and how I got them.

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Great fitness tips from the René Hebold, one of Germany`s best fitness coaches - learn more about the efficiency of smoothies

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Discover a stunning Hotel Gem in Germany

09.02.2017 |  3 comments

Villa Stéphanie at Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden – the place to be for personal wellbeing in a luxury environment

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My little Adventure in a Turkish Bath House

08.01.2017 |  5 comments

A visit to Istanbul`s most comfortable Hammam

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Amazing Facts you should know about Ayurveda

29.10.2016 |  11 comments

Interview with an Indian Therapist

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