Yoga at Pálacio Belmonte in Lisbon - a unique experience!

Published 08.10.2015

For me yoga is a great way to keep in shape (in combination with regular gym workouts). I am far from being a "yogi" or an ascetic but I love to practise my "asanas" (excercises) three times a week, sometimes with a trainer (guess what, he is not the tiny ascetic you may have in mind but a muscular professional dancer and a very happy and balanced guy). Yoga is great to improve your flexibility and it reminds you to breathe well (don't we all run out of breath sometimes?).

In August I had the great pleasure of practising with Eduardo, a Portuguese yoga trainer at the outstanding Pálacio Belmonte in Lisbon. What a great place to forget about the noise of this world! And Maria, the director of this high-end guest palace, also joined us for a few asanas. Should you ever plan to stay at this guest palace in the middle of the historic Alfama neighbourhood you can book a yoga lesson, by the way - highly recommendable!

Here are our images taken by Gonçalo Barriga - enjoy!

  • Yes, some fun is important!

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  • With a little help from my friend...

    Picture 2 of 13

  • The "triangle" with a perfect background

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  • Yoga with a view

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  • Working on it!

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  • A classic asana - the "triangle"

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  • This is one of my favorites

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  • Maria, Eduardo and Karl-Heinz

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  • I wish I could do the same as Eduardo...

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  • So much to learn from Eduardo

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  • Open your breast

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  • The "tree" is great for your balance

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  • The "crow" - love it! This asana strengthens your arms and balance.

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