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My interview with Bernardo Fallas, a professional dancer and yoga teacher




My interview with Bernardo Fallas, a professional dancer and yoga teacher


Photo: Bernardo and myself in front of the Holmes Place gym in Düsseldorf where we practiced yoga together. 

A multitalent and a wonderful Yoga Teacher

What a cool guy! A hipster kind of beard, a well-trained body and always a smile on his face. 39 years old Bernardo Fallas seems to be as balanced as a buddha.

Born in Costa Rica where he studied at the Conservatorio de Música y Artes de la Universidad de Costa Rica, (and by the way – this beautiful country has some stunning places to practice yoga...), living in Germany since 1998 (his German is excellent!) with breaks in France where he studied contemporary dance and choreography before becoming a renowned dance trainer and dancer at the prestigious Deutsche Rhein Oper Düsseldorf/Duisburg. Bernardo performed with great success in quite a few European countries. A true multitalent and the best yoga teacher I can imagine!

Photo: How cool is this (water) performance in Düsseldorf? (Photo by Gregor Sticker)

Here`s what this remarkable guy has to say about yoga. Ah – and please don`t imitate the poses you see on his photos, unless you are a professional acrobat ;-).

KHL: When did you start to practice yoga?

BF: 10 years ago. („Oh my gosh, only 10 years ago? It looks like you have done this all your life.“). And I intend to practice it until I reach a very high age.

KHL: What is the most important aspect of yoga for you?

BF: Yoga gives me spiritual access to my body. I get to know my body`s limits and weaknesses („do you really have any, my dear friend“ ;-)) and try to learn even more about them. Yoga is a great compensation for our hectic and often superficial daily routine.

KHL: What effects does yoga have on you?

BF: Yoga alone does not make you happy but it is a wonderful way to experience satisfaction and tranquility.

KHL: How do you combine yoga and dancing?

BF: Yoga is a great and healthy alternative for ballet dancing. You need body control and discipline. And you gain more flexibility – but in a more natural way than through ballet dancing.

Photo: One of Bernardo`s stunning street performances (Photo by Gregor Sticker)

KHL: Why do you think so many guys consider yoga as something too soft or inappropriate for them?

BF: I think many of them simply don`t know enough about it. You can adapt yoga to your own needs – whether your goal is more spiritual or to improve your flexibility or even strenghthen your body. You have to find out for yourself.

Exactly my point, querido Bernardo. So how about taking a deep breath and push away all our distracting thougts and just practice some „asanas“? I am so much looking forward to my next lesson with Bernardo. NAMASTE.

Photo: Outstanding whatever he does - Bernardo`s clown performance (Photo by Anne-Marie von Sarosdy

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