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Many of us love meat, dairy products and eggs. I gave up eating meat over 20 years ago (for all reasons that exist) but I still enjoy cheese and eggs and – from time to time – fish and seafood. So call me an “ovo-lacto-pesco-vegetarian” ;-)! It is not my intention to convince everyone to become a vegetarian but possibly reconsider the amount of animal products you/we are consuming! - Did you know that the average German eats 60 kg (!) of meat per year? During his/her life, a German consumes 4 cows, 4 sheep, 12 geese, 37 ducks, 46 pigs, 46 turkeys and 945 chicken on average.


There are three reasons for this:

  1. Think about animal torture. You just see the nice steak or sausage on your plate but you hardly see the whole process of meat. Just imagine the guy in the slaughterhouse who is killing hundreds of cows or pigs in a day (on piece rate) and who fails from time to time to kill the animal right away which considerably extends the suffering (and who says animals don`t have the same feelings as human beings is wrong). And that poor animal has most certainly had a miserable life – unless it came from a farm where animals are still treated the way they should be but those are a very small minority.
  2. Rainforests are being clear-cut in order to have more land for animals and to grow crops for them – just to produce more meat. A study in all 27 countries of the EU has revealed that half of the current consumption of animal food product would result in a 40% decrease of nitrogen emissions.
  3. Last but not least, your health can improve by replacing the consumption of animal protein (meat in particular) by crops/veggies which also means a reduced consumption of saturated fatty acids (these can be harmful for your heart). And by eating less meat you will certainly take in less antibiotics which could reduce the risk of antibiotics resistance (a real problem in the world which is expected to even get worse - resistent germs will be one of the big challenges of manhood in the upcoming years).

SO – if you don`t want to become a vegetarian or even a vegan just consider one or two days per week to eat meat – like our grandparents did most of the time. They just had their roast on a Sunday. And today we have so many great alternatives – and chefs who suggest excellent recipes for vegetarian dishes.

Published 11.05.2015


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