Monday Musings - A remarkable older Lady

An almost life-long friendship with a wonderful person



80 Years and no Signs of Age

A rainy Sunday. Great opportunity to make a phone call. I have known my friend Doris for over 30 years, we have worked together for a tour operator in Tunisia. It is one of the few friendships of those days that has lasted until now. Doris, a slim and elegant lady, turned 80 in November and today she impressed me again with her level of activity and lust for life. Sure, we share a lot of common values – the love for nature, animals, travel and much more. Although we hardly see each other (Doris lives near Münster which is a 90-minute drive from my home town), we regularly keep in touch by phone. Guess what, she is one of those persons who refuse to use the internet. Not that she could not manage it but she simply does not want it. She writes beautiful letters and postcards instead, often together with personalized photos. I love to receive them!

Photo: I received this nice photo for Christmas - sorry for the poor quality...

Helping others makes her happy

And there are a few other things that make her so special – in particular considering her age which you don`t notice. She helps refugees to learn German, she teaches kids to play piano, organizes theatre and dance events for children and drives down to Bosnia to help friends who need it, after having collected useful things like clothes in Germany. And she has already brought a few homeless dogs from her trips down to former Yugoslavia where she worked as tour guide long time ago (she even speaks Serbo-Croatian, apart from English, French and Spanish). For me, Doris is a true hero and inspiration. Talking to her about politics, our activities and the nonsense of multi-tasking (just to name a few subjects) makes me no longer worrying about age. Stay fit by being active – mentally and physically.

Photo: Doris and I in Port El Kantaoui, Tunisia in the 80s - sorry for the even worse quality of the photo...

Our plan for Summer

Since I intend to travel more within Germany (also for environmental reasons), we have agreed on a bike tour to all those stunning moated castles close to her home. „You can drive for hours without even seeing a road,“ she tells me. So, we have a plan! And I have a friend who is very important to me.

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