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Published 05.06.2015

It was not really love at first sight. Many years ago I did hotel contracting on the island of Fuerteventura and I never really loved this place, contrary to Tenerife. This has completely changed over the years – Fuerteventura (and to be more specific the North) is now one of my favorite places of all!

Yes, this island is a bit dry. And yes, there are more lovely villages on the neighboring islands. But - „Fuerte“ has the best beaches, and Corralejo clearly is my number one. When you travel from the airport up North (which takes approx. 30 minutes by car), you mostly go by the sea and get an idea of the turquoise colour of the water (I always feel like parking the car, get rid of my clothes and jump into the water!). And all over sudden the almost white dunes of Corralejo can be seen in the background – this is always the moment when my heart makes a big jump! Since 1982, the „Parque Natural de Corralejo“ is a „nature park“ and under protection. The dunes are impressive – when going to the beach, make sure to find a spot where the sea is close to the road – unless you like to walk over sandy dunes (certainly a good exercise for your legs ;-). And by the way – most of the images in my yoga blog were taken in the dunes! For all yogis (and wannabes): Fuerte is offering excellent locations for outdoor yoga!

Photo: Ever seen a better beach?

A dream hotel just close by

I have first visited the Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahía Real*****GL in 2012 and really became a big fan of it. It certainly is the island`s best hotel (yes!). There is hardly any space left at the entrance where all awards have been placed. Holidaycheck, Condé Nast, TripAdvisor, TUI Holly ... and, and, and. The awards are almost countless. Apart from the excellent location and the many amenities the hotel staff is a real asset. Maybe it is because of this little paradise that everyone is smiling at you? Could well be. And nothing better than being woken up by the relaxing sound of the Atlantic Ocean in the morning – with a view to the neighbouring islands of Lobos and Lanzarote. Just go out on your terrace and take a deep breath – the Canary Islands have the best climate in the world! - I know I am raving a bit now, but this is the truth!!!

Photo: Hotel view from the beach

Beach, sports, spa or just chillin’?

A tough choice. As nice as a day at the poolside within a tropical garden can be, you should not miss to walk to the dunes and have a swim in the crystal clear sea. Too cold? Come on. Even in winter the water temperature does hardly get below 18 degrees. I love to go for a swim there and then dry my body in the sun (the salt water does always miracles with my skin). But be careful – the sun is very strong so don`t overdo! You also get a nice tan in the shadow. Maybe walk to the dunes in your first days – because you will certainly see the hotel`s Coco Beach Chillout and then want to stay there!

Balinese beds, cool cocktails and a view which is hard to beat – no better way to chill out and not waste any thoughts about the cruel things in life (such as work... ;-). Should you get a guilty conscience about being too lazy go to the (well-equipped) gym or just jog along the beach.

Photo: How about a glass of champagne in the Coco Beach Club?

Time to spa!

Well, even the spa has been awarded many times. On 3,000 sqm you can enjoy a wide array of massages in a giant pool, overlooking the Atlantic – no better treatment for body and soul. Not sure if you want to get a massage from Daniela - this strong lady from Argentina (maybe she was a cowgirl...) does not save any bone of your body. She wrenches your arms and legs and notices any little problem you may have. - When you have survived that treatment you feel just great – honestly!

The award-winning spa

Photo: The award-winning spa

Art and gastronomy

Another thing which I love about this hotel are the little (and big) pieces of art which you find all over the place. The owners, a wealthy family from Barcelona, have collected art from all over the world. A state-of-the-art food place is the Japanese restaurant YAMATORI. A friendly (Japanese) chef will prepare food at your table, making a big show out of it – yes, let`s call that showcooking ;-)! For those who are not into Japanese food there are other great options such as „La Cúpula“ with international specialties prepared by Chef Carles Gaig who has earned a Michelin star. And I certainly do have to say a few words about coffee! Sipping a „café solo“ on the terrace of the bar MIRADOR with sea and island view should not be missed. I have to confess that I cannot resist a nice piece of cake since my sweet tooth is a bit big – this is just heaven!

Photo: Afternoon treats

The village of Corralejo

You can walk to the village on the beach in 20 minutes. Yes, Corralejo is a tourist place but some parts of it still have the charme of a fishing village. Don`t miss to enjoy nice seafood in one of the many places in the „old“ village close to the beach, with a nice view on the ferry boats which take you to the island of Lanzarote in less than an hour.

Photo: Sculpture in the village of Corralejo with the ferry in the background

So – nothing negative?

Hardly. I have promised you that my blog is sincere and based on personal experiences. What I have said above reflects my stays at this place over the past four years. But yes, there is something negative – a construction ruin just opposite the hotel entrance. A shopping mall that was never completed. This is, unfortunately, not an exception on the island. Real estate speculation and the economic crisis which has hit Spain ... and the Canary Islands. A shame. But believe me – it is just a little downer and should not spoil your stay here.


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