Monday Musings from lovely Mylor in Cornwall, UK

A short video clip produced in Mylor, a lovely Marina in the South of Cornwall. A paradise for sailing, walking and relaxing in beautiful nature.



Bird`s eye view of Mylor - ©aerialcornwall

Follow me to a spectacular Marina

I am raving about my time in Cornwall. So many highlights, so much to do and to see. Quaint little villages, stunning beaches and landscapes, history, great food and lovely accommodations with charming hosts. More and more, I am falling in love with this breathtaking destination in the United Kingdom. In this short video, I am showing you a bit of Mylor in the South of Cornwall. Lots of surprises on a beautiful spring day. A lovely marina, excellent sailing facilities and cozy cafés. Have a look:


More about my Cornwall experiences will follow soon, stay tuned!

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