Katja Ebstein turns 70!

Published 08.03.2015

  • Katja Ebstein in Canada
    Katja Ebstein in Canada

    Having fun with giant pumpkins in Nova Scotia

She definitely belongs to Germany`s best artists - and since we have been twice to Canada in 2006 and 2007, we have become close friends. Today Katja Ebstein celebrates her 70th birthday!

Outstanding international career

Katja Ebstein is often connected to the European Song Contest. Until today she is the most successful participant of this event with three top three rankings - 3rd in 1970 (her song "Wunder gibt es immer wieder" became an evergreen), 3rd again in 1971 ("Diese Welt") and 2nd in 1980 ("Theater"). Her first appearance at the ESC in 1970 also marked the beginning of an incredible international career with performances in Canada, Latin America, Japan and many European countries. I have a Spanish friend who collects everything related to Katja that he can find!


However, one cannot reduce Katja at all just to pop music. Over the years, she and her late husband, film director Klaus Überall (who was with her on her trips to Canada) developed stage programs for her with very demanding content - chansons of the 20s, recitations of Heine, Tucholsky and many others - Katja always seduced her audience and did not fail to deliver her messages on politics, freedom, environment. She appeared in musicals such as "Chicago" where she could also prove her dancing talents.

Let´s dance!

In 2007, Katja performed in the popular RTL show "Lets dance". At the age of 62 she showed how fit a "best ager" can be. The popular German daily newspaper published a picture of her on their front page, titled "she danced away her age". That says it just in a few words! Katja finished second and her audience fell again in love with her.

Katja loves Canada!

I have had the great pleasure of travelling twice to Canada with her and her husband Klaus. The first time was a trip to Nova Scotia in 2006. Katja admired the beauty of the landscapes on Canada`s East Coast, the friendliness of the locals and the beautiful gingerbread houses. On our second trip to Canada`s West she became a fan of Vancouver Island, the Rocky Mountains and the First Nations who have seduced since her childhood. Images of both trips were published by many German magazines.


I really wish her all the very best, she simply deserves it. In her whole life she has fought for the weak and was never shy to speak up in public - against international concerns and politicians. She has founded a foundation to help disabled children and supported an initiative of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. I deeply admire this lady and great artist and simply say



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