Destinations in Greece – my favourites (so far)

During my first trip to Greece in 2012, I immediately fell in love with this country. Ancient ruins, stunning beaches, and an endless variety of landscapes. In this article, I introduce you to my favourite destinations in Greece. 




Breathtaking Santorini, Greece
A blaze of colours in Santorini

Greece - a late Love in my Life

I have to admit that I discovered Greece at a relatively late stage in my life. I always had a preference for Roman countries, Italy and Spain in particular. This has also to do with the fact that I speak those languages (and I am struggling with Greek!). I am grateful that I decided to go to Greece for the first time in 2012 for business reasons. Nine more trips followed until 2019 – a good reason to compile a list of my favourite destinations in Greece.  And I hope that many more will follow since I have only seen a tiny part of this stunning country. One of the things that makes Greece so unique is its islandsa total of 6,000 (YES!), scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas. Only 227 of them are inhabited. This is a truly unique phenomenon for the European continent, apart from those islands' incredible beauty with all kinds of beaches – sandy, pebble, steep rocks, and dark coloured sand of volcanic soil.

Sunset at Lambi Beach on Kos Island
Sunset at Lambi Beach, Kos Island

1) Best for a City Break: ATHENS

Let's start with the capital city of Greece, one of my favourite city destinations. With its long history, Athens may be the historical capital of Europe. In 1834, it became the capital of the modern Greek state. Since then, it has become a beautiful metropolis with an unrivaled location between mountains and the sea. Athens is full of historical monuments and sites. Still, at the same time, the city offers excellent cuisine, authentic modern art and design, and, of course, legendary Greek hospitality. Even in times of economic crisis, you will find bars, cafés, and restaurants full of people. Top attractions include, of course, the sacred rock of the Acropolis with the famous Parthenon temple – one of the best views (if not the best) you can enjoy in Athens. The close-by Acropolis Museum, an impressive building made of steel, glass, and concrete, houses 4,000 finds from the Acropolis monuments. Another highlight is the ancient amphitheatre of Herodeion (built in the Roman times). It is certainly one of the best places to experience a live classical theatre performance. 

Athens - one of my favorite cities
Athens - mountains and the Aegean Sea - @Fly me to the Moon Travel

At the Eastern side of the Acropolis, you find the Plaka neighbourhood, a historic center with narrow streets, ancient monuments, churches, mosques, and Byzantine art and architecture masterpieces. Sip a coffee in the numerous picturesque cafés and buy traditional Greek products in one of the countless boutiques. Tip: Greek designers belong to the best in the world!

Athens, Greece
View of the Acropolis from the 18 Micon Street Hotel (see also "Where to stay") -  @Christos Drazos

Other sites include the temple of Olympian Zeus, the Hadrian's Arch, the ancient Theatre of Dionysos, and the new Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center – just to name a few. Don't miss to enjoy a walk along the seaside in the Southern suburbs with many cafés, restaurants, and clubs (in summer).

Impressive: the Niarchos Foundation in Athens
The ultramodern Niarchos Foundation - @Fly me to the Moon Travel

This is, of course, just a little glimpse of what Athens has to offer. Click here for more information about the city. 

Where to stay in Athens

Asomaton hotel****

A century-old building in central Athens transformed into a boutique hotel. The Asomaton blends historical essence with a contemporary outlook. It is very close to the Acropolis and offers amazing views from the terrace while New York based Greek artist Philip Tsiaras hosts his pop-artworks onsite. 

Highlight: The little indoor pool with the adjacent lounge

Asomaton Hotel, Athens
Indoor pool at the Asomaton Hotel - @Christos Drazos


Award-winning boutique hotel located in a former historic wokshop, close to the Acropolis. Reception and dining area resemble a trendy Athens café. Industrial touches, like walls of cement, wood and brick, paired with distinctive pieces of furniture - very unique.

Highlight: 15 luxurious, modern guest rooms, all in the minimal style but personalised with individual touches.

Award-winning boutique hotel in Athens
Room at the 18 Micon Street - @Christos Drazos

For any transfers and/or excursions you may need in and around Athens, I can highly recommend Greece Private Transfer. This company organizes tailor-made trips according to their clients´needs. Greece Private Transfer cater for single travellers and for groups of up to 12 persons. They also provide visits to destinations involving excursions by sea, enabling access to Greece’s many beautiful islands and coastal areas.

Greece Private Transfer, Athens
Car of @Greece Private Transfer


2) Best for City and Beach: VOULIAGMENI

Athens has a few beach resorts on the Athenian Riviera. Vouliagmeni (a 30-minute drive from downtown) is one of them. If you want to explore the city but at the same time enjoy beaches and tranquility, that's the place to go. Vouliagmeni has a few cafés and restaurants, small beaches, and an exciting lake with undersea caves, blue water, and healing properties for many ailments. The lake (full of all kinds of minerals) is continuously replenished by hot springs beneath it. 

Walking along the beach in Vouliagmeni, Greece
Beach walk in Vouliagmeni close to Athens

The lake is fine for swimming and snorkeling for therapy as well as for pleasure. It is pretty busy in the summer months, but if you travel in the off or shoulder season as I did, you will not have any problem enjoying this natural wonder.

Where to stay in Vouliagmeni

The Margi Hotel*****

A lovely boutique hotel (part of the SMALL LUXURY HOTELS) within walking distance from two small beaches. The Malabar restaurant has won a few awards, that says it all. On Sundays, you can enjoy a Greek brunch and, if you are lucky, spot a few Greek celebrities.

Highlight: The illuminated pool at night.

Pool at The Margi Hotel in Vouliagmeni, Greece
Pool at night - The Margi Hotel

3) Best for History: Monemvasia

No cars can enter Monemvasia's ancient village, which is sitting on a giant rock in the sea on the Southern Peloponnese. You will find old cobblestones, little alleys with authentic boutiques, cafés, and restaurants. Make sure to wear comfy sneakers since you will be going up and down. Vistas over the Aegean Sea are second to none. Monemvasia still is a hidden gem. Mass tourism, Starbucks, McDonald's? I have never heard of that. Here you will find authenticity in a very charming and peaceful environment. Remember that this place was first inhabited in 583 and could not be conquered for a long time. And if you need some more exercise and the Greek sun is not too strong, go up to the Citadel on the top of the rock (194 m) – a marvelous view will make up for the effort.

The ancient town of Monemvasia, Greece
Walking through the ancient part of Monemvasia

The scenic drive from Athens will take a bit more than 3.5 hours. The new part of Monemvasia has a lovely pebble beach with crystal clear water and rock vista. 

Monemvasia in Greece
Highly recommended: a boat tour around the rock of Monemvasia

Where to stay in Monemvasia

Kinsterna Hotel*****

Get pampered at the Kinsterna Hotel, one of my all-time favourites not only in Greece! A historic Byzantine mansion that was turned in a luxury boutique hotel with excellent service and the best Greek cuisine. Learn how to make bread and help with the olive and wine harvest. Enjoy the breathtaking vista from the pool with vineyards and the Aegean Sea in the background. Heaven on earth!

Highlight: A perfect combination of old and new that I have never seen before. 

Sunset at the Kinsterna Hotel, Greece
A place second to none! - @The Kinsterna Hotel


4) Best for party people and lovers of fine boutique hotels: Mykonos 

Mykonos stands for bohemian allure; the island had gay clubs and sunrise parties long before rave culture was invented. It is a preferred place for celebrities from all over the world with the hippest spots to watch people (and be seen).  "Live and let live" – that's the motto of locals. You discover the incredible architecture only at second sight, nice understatement and nothing exaggerated. Obviously, this impressed the famous French architect Le Corbusier who came to Mykonos a long time ago, followed by international designers, models, actors. Fortunately, there are no big hotels on Mykonos; you will instead find charming little boutique hotels. All the buildings are white, which is a nice contrast to the island's colours. Not to miss: the windmills Mykonos is so famous for. The view over the city and the Aegean Sea at sunset is simply stunning! 

Mykonos Island, Greece
Charming Mykonos

Where to stay in Mykonos

Kensho boutique hotels & Villas

Inspired by the endless blue colors of the sky and the sea, Kenshō Hotels combine high-quality services that go beyond the standards for a truly luxurious hospitality experience. The award-winning Kensho properties are perfect for casual and at the same time luxurious holidays on the chic island of Mykonos. Spectacular: the Kensho Cave Spa.

Highlight: A sundowner at rooftop of the Kensho Ornos Sunset Lounge Bar, looking across Ornos Bay. 

Kensho Psarou, Mykonos/Greece
Sea View Junior Suite with outdoor jacuzzi - @Kensho Psarou / D. Poupalos



I am sure you have already seen images of this incredible island, a real heaven for Instagrammers. Yes, it's very crowded in the summer months. Visit Santorini in late September or October and enjoythe breathtaking beauty of this island, which was blown out of a volcanic explosion 3,500 years ago. With its black sand, Santorini is not really a beach destination. Visitors instead gaze at the mesmerizing views dangling on the edge of a caldera, the flooded volcanic crater. Santorini is one of five destinations in the world that is supposed to be the legendary Atlantis. After a walk through the picturesque alleys of Oia, the island's capital city, enjoy a dinner in one of the many restaurants with views that are second to none. 

Santorini, Greece
Breathtaking views in Oia, Santorini


Kivotos Hotel & Villas

This suite and villa only hotel is perched seductively on the crest of Santorini’s famous caldera. KIVOTOS is a charcoal black architectural gem amongst the island’s all-white buildings. Its small but perfectly formed consisting of just four suites and one villa that marry exclusivity, intimacy and impeccable service.

Highlight: The panoramic views of the world’s most famous sunset and sunken volcano.  

Breathtaking views on the island of Santorini
@Kivotos Hotel & Villas


6 designer-chic luxury properties with an all-white minimalistic concept which reflects the meaning of luxury accommodations in Santorini. The spa, transformed from a 17th-century wine cave,  offers a holistic approach, with indoor and outdoor activities. Canaves Oia Santorini is the winner of the "2020 World's best awards" by Travel & Leisure/UK. Perfect for dreamlike holidays!

Highlight: The breathtaking view while swimming in the pool

Canaves, Santorini / Greece
Pool with a view - @Canaves Oia Hotel

6) Best for mystique and hassle-free vacations: Patmos

Lots of history. Right here, apostle John the Baptist had his vision of a revelation in a cave. Today you can visit this religious site. During the time of the Romans, Patmos was a place for banishment. These days, the island is a paradise for tourists looking for quiet vacations. Patmos is of volcanic origin with sandy and pebble beaches. Buildings may only have two stories (so nice!). I love the little village of Ora with its monastery, built in 1088. Wear comfy shoes for a walk up and down the hills. From the monastery hill, you have a superb view over the Aegean Sea and the neighboring islands.  Have dinner in the beautiful tavern Tzivaeri in the picturesque village of Skala. Time to enjoy real Greek food, which is tasty and (mostly) healthy at the same time. 

Monastery in Patmos, Greece
The monastery in Patmos
Cat in Patmos, Greece
Cat overlooking Patmos

Where to stay in Patmos

Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa*****

Located on a sandy beach, the five-star hotel "Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa" is an all-white group of small buildings with gardens and swimming pools in the Grikos bay. Choose between suites with swimming-pool, two-story maisonettes with a private garden and swimming pool, or luxurious rooms.

Highlight: creative Greek cuisine at the award-winning "Apocalypsis" restaurant right on the seaside. 

Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa, Greece
Breathtaking beach views - @Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa

7) Best for Greek Authenticity: Spetses

This little island is a hidden gem in the Gulf of Athens. Spetses is mostly known among locals; not too many international travellers have discovered this charming tiny island. So, please keep this to yourself :-)! You can reach Spetses on a 90-minute boat ride from Piraeus. When approaching the island, you will see its landmark, the stunning Poseidonion Grand Hotel (see also "Where to stay"). Spetses Town is authentically Greek, with hardly any tourist traps or cheap stuff. You will find high-end boutiques and excellent bars and restaurants. My favourite beach is Kaiki, a 15-minute walk from the Poseidonion Grand Hotel. Pebbles and crystal clear water, almost no people in October when it still is pleasantly warm.

Kaiki Beach on Spetses Island, Greece
Kaiki Beach,Spetses

Highly recommendable: a tour of the island by squad to see untouched landscapes and breathtaking views from the mountains. Those who are into history should visit the charming little Bouboulina museum, which informs about one of Greek's most famous female heroes. 

The Greek island of Spetses
Spetses harbour

Where to stay in Spetses

Poseidonion Grand Hotel*****

A beautiful landmark in the style of the "belle époque".  The Poseidonion Grand Hotel is a perfect mix of a building from 1914 with all modern amenities – and full of art. Cool parlors invite you to relax while reading one of the many books and magazines. The restaurant menus include the best food Greece has to offer – and that's quite a lot. Many ingredients come from the own organic farm "Bostani" located in the mountains, a fantastic sea view. 

Highlight: An excellent Greek breakfast on the verandah with sea view - priceless!


Poseidonion Grand Hotel in Spetses, Greece
The majestic Poseidonion Grand Hotel 


A lovely property in a private space, located on a forested cape at the crest of Spetses Island. The Pine Estate belongs to the Poseidonion Grand Hotel (guests can use the hotel facilities) and offers complete isolation in pristine surroundings right on the seafront

Highlight: You cannot be closer to nature!

The Pine Estate on Spetses Island, Greece
Aerial view of the @Pine Estate, Spetses

8) Best for beaches, ancient history, and nightlife: Kos

Kos Town is full of buildings of various centuries which makes up its charm. The island's capital city enthuses with Greek atmosphere, ancient history, and one of the best nightlife in all of Greece. Admire a 2,000-year-old tree. A legend says that it was even planted by Hippocrates, the islands' most famous son, who taught under this tree.

Roman Odeon in Kos Town, Greece
The Roman Odeon in Kos Town - @Manolis Smalios

The "father of medicine" was born in Kos in 460 BC and believed in his patients' self-healing powers. Visit the Asklipion, one of the ancient world's largest health resorts, with its impressive columns, remaining parts of the temples, and a magnificent view. Once you are done with culture, enjoy the many beaches such as Fokas or Lambi (with a beautiful view of the Turkish coast). And don't miss to drive up to Zia, a lovely mountain village with many picturesque restaurants and the islands' best sunset view! A bit touristy but still worth going to. And Manolis Smalios, a local photographer on Kos Island, recommends to ake a long walk at sunset on the beach of Agios Stefanos in Kefalos village opposite the small island of Kastri.

Typical restaurant in Kos Town
Kos Town
Kefalos Beach and the island of Kastri, Kos
Dream beach on Kos with the small island of Kastri - @Manolis Smalios

Where to stay in Kos

Lango Design Hotel & Spa*****

A new luxury design hotel (adults only) with only 55 rooms and suites, next to Lambi Beach (sandy with pebbles here and there). I loved the vast pool with comfy sunbeds and the Greek gastronomy at the KOAN restaurant. Ideal for those looking for a quiet vacation in an ultramodern atmosphere. 

Highlight: The stylish and puristic design

The Lango Design Hotel & Spa
Modern architecture at its best - Lango Design Hotel & Spa

Greek destinations on my bucket list

Sure, I intend to go back to those places I have already mentioned. And I am tempted to visit these ones, too (mostly less known):


Close to Athens, this little island seems to be a perfect place to disconnect and slow down. Would be great to combine it with another city break in Athens. 


I am impressed by the images with cliff-backed beaches and sea caves! Seems to be a fantastic place for hiking and water sports. 

Lefkada in Greece
One of the stunning beaches of Lefkada - ©Myrto Apartments

Two rather unknown islands

Elena Papanicolaou, Elena Papanicolaou, founder of the travel designer company FLY ME TO THE MOON TRAVEL in Athens, has two more recommendations. "I like more the unexplored and authentic places, so I suggest the island of Astypalaia, which belongs to the cluster of the Dodecanese islands. It has great beaches and many desert islands around to explore by boat and has kept a low key, hospitable style. I also like a lot the island of Paxos, in the Ionian Sea - a tiny stylish paradise with emerald waters, sea caves, a vivid Venetian influence and nice crowds."

Hmm - where to go first?

Paxos, Greece
The small island of Paxos - @Fly me to the Moon Travel

Take a long walk at sunset on the beach of Agios Stefanos in Kefalos village opposite the small island of Kastri.

So – what are your recommendations for more travel adventures, stylish hotels and relaxation in Greece? Drop me a line.

Spetses Island, Greece
So very Greek...


Shopping in Patmos, Greece
Boutique in Patmos
The charming island of Spetses, Greece
One of my favourites - the island of Spetses
Enjoying the views in Monemvasia, Greece
Stunning views in Monemvasia


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