My home city Düsseldorf is definitely one of Germany`s boomtowns! A low debt and unemployment rate, giant construction sites and 620,000 inhabitants – this city keeps growing at an unbelievable pace.

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Monemvasia Rocks

26.10.2015 |  2 comments

A giant rock sitting in the Aegean Sea – and a hidden hotel gem just 7 km away. Greece`s best kept secrets.

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The German capital continues to be one of the trendiest cities in the world – do you know why? Here is my personal Berlin story. Experiences made on a weekend in late September ...

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My ultimate 10 travel tips for one of the most beautiful European capitals - culture, history, wining and dining at its best!

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This guest palace may change your perspective on accommodation. Simply unique and a foam bath for your soul.

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​The Magic of Slow Movement

21.08.2015 |  3 comments

My personal tips to slow down and reduce the stress level in your daily life. Take more quality time for yourself.

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A declaration of love for one of the most exciting cities on our planet! A few personal tips why you should visit London before you die (or go back if you have already been there)

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Funny Characters and endless Nature

07.08.2015 |  4 comments

A memorable trip up to the Yukon in Canada`s North - a real lifetime experience. Pristine wilderness at its finest. Cool guys and flightseeing over gracious glaciers I will never forget!

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More Food For Thought

06.08.2015 |  7 comments

Yes, eating should be fun but think about what you are putting into your body! Here are my tips on how to improve your nutrition and enjoy at the same time. Your body will be grateful!

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​Cartagena, Mi Amor ...

04.07.2015 |  7 comments

Love at first sight with one of the most charming cities in Latin America – a must-see place!

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