Montréal ... c`est si cool!

06.05.2016 |  189 comments

Montréal ... c`est si cool! My ultimate tips for a break in Canada`s second largest city - with some recos of locals.

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Anecdotes and gastro tips from Gustavo, the young chef at the Gran Hotel Atlantis*****GL, Fuerteventura

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Why we need Nature

29.03.2016 |  8 comments

A few facts on one of the easiest ways to increase our personal wellbeing.

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Dubai – Welcome to Tomorrow!

19.02.2016 |  4 comments

Thoughts. Opinions. And my 11 ultimate travel tips to explore the city.

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No time for sports, just too old or other excuses? Frustrated about lack of training results? Read what one of Germany`s best personal trainers has to say – it may change your life!

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Do you love a glass of good wine? Any plans to visit Portugal one day (highly recommendable)? If your answer to both questions is YES, you should read this article by Nelson Carvalheiro, an award-winning Portuguese foodie, wine connoisseur and travel blogger. Nelson is a firm believer in cultural identity through gastronomy. Recently he has published „The Portuguese Travel Cookbook“ which has already become a bestseller. I could not imagine a better person to introduce you to some of Portugal`s best kept secrets – boutique and wine-themed hotels in the Douro Valley, one of the world`s most enchanting wine regions. Cheers!

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New York? It's all about Chicago!

09.01.2016 |  2 comments

Looking for an alternative to New York? Consider the „windy city“. I have visited Chicago in late December and what can I say – I am raving!

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2016 is just at our doorstep – here`s what matters to me and what I recommend to reflect about.

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My home city Düsseldorf is definitely one of Germany`s boomtowns! A low debt and unemployment rate, giant construction sites and 620,000 inhabitants – this city keeps growing at an unbelievable pace.

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Monemvasia Rocks

26.10.2015 |  2 comments

A giant rock sitting in the Aegean Sea – and a hidden hotel gem just 7 km away. Greece`s best kept secrets.

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