Wellbeing at its best – the Poseidonion Grand Hotel is a real Hotel Gem

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One of Athens finest boutique hotels

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Amazing Facts you should know about Ayurveda

29.10.2016 |  11 comments

Interview with an Indian Therapist

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TV Star for a Day!

24.10.2016 |  2 comments

My Television Adventure

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Surprising City Break in the stunning Capital of Gran Canaria

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How to explore the unknown spectacular Greece

13.10.2016 |  6 comments

From Monemvasia to Kithira – A multi-faceted experience

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Breathtaking Travel Adventures in Quebec

26.09.2016 |  2 comments

A few years ago I had the pleasure of visiting Canada`s Quebec, “la belle province”, together with two popular German TV actors who have become friends ever since: Claudia Wenzel and Rüdiger Joswig.

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This App shows how to make great Smoothies

20.09.2016 |  8 comments

If you have read a few of my blogposts you may know that I am very much into healthy but yet tasty food. 90% of my nutrition is vegetarian and I am always keen on learning about new products. I came across Filibaba, a set of green apps – and I have to say that I really like it. Interested? Here`s some information.

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My interview with Gonçalo Barriga, a top photographer, sports addict and Lisbon lover

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Spice up your Life … and your Health!

26.08.2016 |  7 comments

The magical Power of Spices

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