Some Food For Thought

May 11, 2015

Less meat on your plate protects your health and our climate! Following are some good reasons to reduce your consumption of meat and animal products.

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Move your Body!

May 2, 2015

Move your a.. ! Sorry for this drastic expression but it nails it down! It is a fact that most of us are sitting to much - in the front of a computer, laptop, smartphone, TV, eating, drinking, chatting. Sitting too much is not only bad - it can also be dangerous for your health!

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She definitely belongs to Germany`s best artists - and since we have been twice to Canada in 2006 and 2007, we have become close friends. Today Katja Ebstein celebrates her 70th birthday!

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Are you planning to visit one of Europe`s most exciting capitals? We would recommend to do so - and have compiled a few recommendations to spend an unforgettable long weekend in Spain`s largest city. Enjoy - que disfruten!

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